How To Sleep In The Front Seat Of A Car {7 Easy Tips}

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Life as a camper is all-fun, and you get to try out different ways to get a lot of things done. Often, you may need to sleep in your car; this can make you think of how to sleep in the front seat of a car. Well, the exciting thing is, you can sleep comfortably in the front or back seat of a car.

There are some sleeping gears you can add to your car’s front seat to enable you to sleep comfortably when there’s a need for that. However, whether or not you have such gears, here are some handy tips on how to sleep in the front seat of a car.

How To Sleep In The Front Seat Of A Car

These tips apply to both sleeping in the front seat and sleeping in the back seat.

1. Prepare Ahead For The Night

Except for if you were caught in an emergency, preparing ahead would make you sleep comfortably inside your car. In preparing ahead, you can purchase a sleeping bag and a knit cap. These gears will help to keep you warm while sleeping inside the car.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a sleeping bag and a knit cap, you can resort to getting sleeping blankets. Blankets are cheaper to afford; so, you can get two or more. However, for hot temperatures, you do not need a sleeping bag or blankets; instead, you can get a mesh.

A mesh will allow air into the car and keep out insects and bugs. This implies that you’ll have to roll down a window and hang the mesh. There are other sleeping gears you may love to get to make you feel comfortable while you sleep in your car.

Other stuff you can get to make your sleep comfortable include a flashlight, pillow, eye mask, headphone, etc.

2. Find a Cool, Safe Space To Park Properly

You won’t want to be disturbed when you finally fall asleep in your car – the police knocking at your window and pointing a flashlight to your face – that can be very disturbing. If you’re on a road trip and start feeling sleepy, you should find a safe place to park and stop.

Getting a place to park your car and take a nap can be challenging. In some areas, it is illegal to sleep inside the car. However, you can drive into churches, 24/7 stores like Walmart, or any other similar environment where you won’t be suspected for parking too long.

You just have to be careful and read up all signposts you see around the environment where you wish to park. Ensure that the space you want to park allows for longtime parking; else, your sweet sleep may be cut short by the security or concerned individuals.

You may also wish to consider parking close to a public toilet or bathroom so that when you wake up, you can freshen up in the gents.

3. Allow Air Into The Car For Some Minutes

When you’ve found a safe place to park and sleep, ensure to turn off the car completely. It would also help if you cracked down the windows a little bit to allow fresh air to penetrate the car.

After riding the car for a long time, it must have heated up, and so you have to let in air and also turn off the engine to avoid overheating.

Usually, this practice should last about 10 – 20 minutes, and then the car is safe for you to sleep inside. Do not open up your window too much to avoid mosquitoes from getting in.

4. Adjust The Front Seat

How To Sleep In The Front Seat Of A Car

It is almost impossible to sleep in a car and feel as comfortable as sleeping in your bedroom. This is because a car (except for some customized cars) has little space. So, to enjoy the best possible comfort while sleeping in the front seat of a car, you need to adjust the seat.

Use the adjustment clips to adjust the seat until you have enough comfortable space to enjoy a night-long nap. Find a way to deal with the seatbelt strap so that it doesn’t discomfort you while you sleep.

5. Play Soft Blues If You Can’t Sleep Naturally

If you’re finding it difficult to sleep inside your car, put on an eye mask to eliminate any sort of light that may be penetrating your eyes. Also, you can put on soft music (Blues) and listen with your earbuds or headphone.

Do not play the music on your car’s audio system; it can attract passersby’s attention. If there are other things you think to make you fall asleep, try to do them. Sleeping is almost inevitable when the body is totally at rest.

6. Remove Some Clothes and Get A Shower (If Possible)

If you can’t still sleep after trying all that has been said here, maybe you should remove some of the clothes you’re putting on. Sometimes, too many gears can make the body feel unrest, and you can’t sleep if your body is feeling unrest.

More so, if you were able to park in an environment with accessible public gents, maybe you should have a quick shower – this can help to put you to sleep a lot quicker after a long day.

7. Politely Communicate With People When You Get Bumped Into

There are chances that you may be approached by a park ranger, the police, or even a concerned individual. When such a scenario occurs, try to tell a good story and sound very polite throughout the conversation.


Hopefully, these tips will satisfy anyone looking for how to sleep in the front seat of a car. It’d be best if you purchase the sleeping gears (recommended in this post) and always keep them in your car, just in case you may want to sleep over the night due to an emergency.

Most importantly, ensure that you park in a safe environment to avoid several uncomfortable experiences. You will likely develop bad posture if you don’t stretch yourself very well and sleep constantly inside a car.

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