What States is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car?

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In what states is it illegal to sleep in your car? NONE! Basically, sleeping inside the car has become a normal routine for most drivers that travel long distance.

In most states in the United States, sleeping in your car is not illegal, provided you parked in a safe place – outside the highway entirely.

More so, in some states, there are rest stops and designated parking lots where drivers can actually stop and rest before continuing with their trip.

Now, you might assume that sleeping in your car is not illegal in most U.S. states, provided you’re parked in a rest stop, Walmart parking lot, or any other safe place. However, there are a few states and cities that completely prohibit the act.

What States Is It Illegal To Sleep In Your Car?

What States is it Illegal to Sleep in Your Car

Basically, there is no nationwide law that prohibits anyone from sleeping in their car. The regulations and ordinances towards this act vary from state to state, and from city to city.

More so, in many states, people are only prohibited from parking overnight and/or camping in their cars.

In places like California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, it is safe to park at any safe spot and take a cool nap inside of your car.

However, when doing so, you must adhere to the state’s rules on the length of hours you’re allowed to park at a spot.

But, what states is it illegal to sleep in your car? The simple answer is NONE. Actually, you can sleep in your car in any state in the United States.

However, as said earlier, each state has its set rules and ordinances to how this act could be regulated.

Generally, these are the things you need to know about sleeping in your car in different states.

  • Definitely, parking laws differ from city to city; ensure to know the parking laws of a city or state before stopping to sleep.
  • Apparently, there are designated spots and areas in each state or city where you can park and sleep
  • Overnight parking is outrightly prohibited in most states and cities; if you need to park overnight, find a Walmart or a paid parking lot that supports overnight parking.
  • Endeavor to turn off your car completely before dozing off inside; else, you may be charged with DUI
  • Don’t ever park on highways, whether you want to have a quick rest or a long one.
  • Car camping is not allowed in most states, except you’re parked in a designated place.


Conclusively, in what states is it illegal to sleep in your car? No US state outrightly bans sleeping inside a car; you just need to be conscious of the state’s rules and regulations for its highway usage.

Mostly, you’d find rest areas where you can park and sleep in your car without getting disturbed by anybody.

furthermore, when sleeping in your car, remember to roll up your car windows and activate any anti-theft system available or built into your car.

If you’re intoxicated, it is not advisable to drive at all – if you ever get caught by a cop, you’d definitely have a lawsuit to tackle.

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