Why Is Mustang So Cheap? (Explained)

Mustangs are among the best muscle cars you can own in the United States; they are also among the best sedans to own in the country. But why is Mustang so cheap? Well, brand new Ford Mustangs are not really cheap, especially if you’re buying them outside the United States.

On the other hand, used Ford Mustangs may be sold at a “cheap” price because there are many of them out there – from different sellers (both individual owners and dealerships).

Mustangs are pretty reliable and can last up to 250,000 miles if well maintained. If you’re getting a used Mustang at an “insanely” cheap price, ensure to carry out thorough inspections on the car.

Are Mustangs Good Cars?

Generally, Mustangs are good and really, and they can last for a long time before needing a major repair. Many people love the Mustang series because of the unique sound you hear whenever a “mustang” zooms off.

So, Ford Mustangs typically come with powerful engines that give you a decent amount of horsepower for “sporty” driving.

However, the cost of maintaining Mustangs is a little bit high; RepairPal estimates that the annual maintenance cost of Ford Mustangs is $709, and major repairs are “uncommon” with Mustangs within their first 10 – 15 years of service life.

A Mustang can really go up to 20 days with good maintenance; hence, they are slightly costly for brand new models, and for used ones, you’d always find a great deal.

Why Is Mustang So Cheap?

Why Is Mustang So Cheap

Talking of Mustangs being “so cheap,” you must be referring to the “Used Mustangs” you see on auto listing platforms or dealerships.

Brand new Mustangs are simply “affordable” and not really “cheap” because they are packed with newer features, in-car techs, and pretty many modern features you’d look out for in a new sedan/muscle car.

1. There Are “Too Many” Mustangs Out There

Used Mustangs are sold “cheaply” because there are just too many people out there who want to sell theirs. But, make no mistakes, because there are a lot of people selling their Mustangs doesn’t mean the car isn’t reliable.

The predicted reliability of Mustangs, generally, exceeds the average of 3.0/5.0; they are really a “Good” ride.

Mustangs are produced in large numbers every year, and they are priced in the mid 20 thousand; a brand new Mustang costs between $24,000 – $31,000 in the US; of course, the price may be higher outside the US due to tax regulations and import duty charges.

2. Brand New Ones Are “Affordable”

With a brand new Mustang being priced in the mid 20 thousand category, used ones could be available for as low as $8,000 – $15,000, depending on the year, model, in-car tech & features, mileage count, and location.

Also, if you’re buying a used Mustang directly from the previous owner, you’d be buying it off at a way cheaper price than dealerships would ever offer; it doesn’t mean the car is “crap,” it’s simply because you’re buying from the previous individual owner, so, some dealership-unique costs won’t apply.

3. They Depreciate Faster

Well, not really so “Fast” as you may interpret; every car does depreciate, but the Mustangs depreciate faster because of their “steep” starting prices. A 5-year-old Mustang is predicted to depreciate up to 42%, approximately.

So, a lot of Mustang owners may want to sell off theirs when they feel they could still get a good “bid.”

4. Mustang is an “American” Car

Ford Mustangs are among the most popular cars in the US; many Americans just want to own a Mustang. Hence, Ford produces Mustangs in large numbers, and they almost get sold out each year.

So, there are many Mustang owners out there placing theirs for sale – that’s why you can always buy a used Mustang at a cheap price.

Related Questions

Are Mustangs Luxury Vehicles?

No, Mustangs are not generally classified as luxury vehicles, but they do come with a ton of “premium” features, similar to what you’d get from a “luxury” vehicle. The in-car techs in Mustangs are pretty “high-end” and you’d enjoy them. Definitely.

Are Mustangs Fast?

The popular Mustang GT model(s) can go from 0 to 60mph in 3.3secs and 1/4th miles in 10.7secs. Also, the engine installed in Mustangs is pretty powerful and delivers over 400hp depending on the model you’ve got and the engine configuration.

Are Mustangs Good Long-Term Cars?

Pretty yes! Mustangs can last for a very long time, up to 15 years, or 250,000 miles when maintained properly. Also, generally, the Ford Mustang series sits above the average reliability score of 3.0/5.0 by RepairPal; they are rated 3.5/5.0, and on the J.D. Power platform, Mustangs take home a reliability rating of 86/100, on average.

Is a Mustang a Muscle Car?

Yes, Mustangs are muscle cars, although some models look pretty much like sedans. Ford Mustangs are easily ranked among the most powerful muscle cars to buy in America; thanks to their powerful engines and distinctive body designs.

Which Mustang is the Fastest?

The Mustang GT500 is considered the fastest Mustang ever built, and it is also considered the “most powerful” street legal Mustang. Particularly, the 2022 GT500 can go 180 miles per hour and accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.3 seconds.


Summarily, why is Mustang so cheap? Mainly, used Mustangs are cheap because there are a lot of people willing to sell their older models to get a newer one, or for other reasons.

Also, brand new Mustangs are relatively affordable to the extent that some people view them as “Cheap” cars. I so much love the car, especially because of the loud noise, which usually sound like music to my ears.

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