Top 8 Cars Similar To FJ Cruiser (With Photos)

Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of Toyota’s best off-road vehicles, and it is the closest (in terms of sturdiness) to the legendary FJ40 Landcruiser that reigned in the sixties and seventies.

The rugged appearance of the FJ Cruiser is one of the most attractive features of the car. Well, these alternatives have a rugged appearance too.

Unfortunately, the FJ Cruiser series didn’t last for a long time; the production only lasted for seven (7) years (2007 – 2014). The last FJ Cruiser model was released in 2014, but currently, Toyota is looking to revamp the series with a focus on EVs.

Now, if you’re a fan of the FJ Cruiser, we’ll show you some other rugged cars similar to FJ Cruiser!

Cars Similar To FJ Cruiser

1. Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler is a series of compact SUVs built for off-road tours, and they usually come standard with 4WD. Currently, the Jeep Wrangler series is in its fourth generation and has been in production since 1986.

Well, Jeep Wrangler would always be the number one closest alternative to Toyota FJ Cruiser; the appearance of Jeep Wrangler is actually more “rugged-looking” than FJ Cruiser. Wrangler models flaunt a distinctive appearance, which is the main attractive feature of the Jeep.

Yes, Jeep Wranglers are suitable for off-road driving; with retro-style, compact design, every FJ Cruiser lover would definitely love Wranglers too. However, despite the vintage appearance of Wranglers, they are packed with loads of modern features, and you can choose between V6 and V8 for some models.

Interestingly, Wranglers are not expensive to maintain and score high in reliability ratings. Overall, Wranglers are good off-road SUVs to buy as alternatives to FJ Cruisers.

2. Suzuki Jimny

The Suzuki Jimny is yet another impressive ride that comes pretty close to FJ Cruisers. Jimmys look pretty much like Jeep Wranglers, and they are built for off-road tours – having high clearance and a well-balanced drivetrain.

However, Suzuki stopped selling its Jimny SUVs in the UK in 2020 but resumed sales in 2021; the new Jimny was designed as a car-based van.

Over the years of production, Suzuki Jimnys are sturdy and can survive any off-road environment. The interior design s top-notch, and they are equipped with modern features.

Of course, all Suzuki Jimny models are available as 4×4; they are nicknamed “serious off-road machines” due to their impressive performance on rugged paths. You can get a new Suzuki Jimny for below $30,000; they are generally reliable and last for a long time.

3. Jeep Renegade

Another Jeep product? Yes, Jeep produces more 4×4, off-road vehicles that appear rugged and superior. The Jeep Renegade is another series of off-road SUVs from the automaker; this series is much cheaper than Wranglers yet sturdily built.

Jeep Renegade looks similar to the FJ Cruiser, but it has four doors instead of two (as found in FJ Cruisers). The Jeep Renegade has an auto transmission with V6 and V8 engine options.

Newer models of Jeep Renegade appear much more appealing than the older models, but the design concept remained the same.

Well, most people love Wrangler’s appearance more than Renegade’s, but the two series are among the closest you can get as alternatives to FJ Cruiser. With the more passenger space offered by Renegade, it also makes a cool ride for the family.

4. Subaru Forester

In design and appearance, the Subaru Forester doesn’t look as rugged as the FJ Cruiser. But in terms of performance, Subaru Foresters can easily go through any off-road paths. Foresters are full-size, versatile SUVs you could use for various purpose; yes, it provides decent space for families.

The roomy interior is well-designed to catch the “fancy” of anyone that loves “luxury.” Subaru Forester lets you drive smoothly in any condition with decent fuel economy. You’d get to love Foresters because they typically come with the latest in-car tech features as at the year they’re built.

If you’ve driven an FJ Cruiser, the Subaru Forester feels pretty much like you’re driving a “bigger” size FJ Cruiser.

5. Toyota 4Runner

Okay, let’s say you love Toyota and wouldn’t love to switch to another brand, the closes Toyota series feels like the FJ Cruiser series or 4Runner. Toyota 4Runner is the automaker’s heavy-duty off-road SUV with a lot of space for everything you’d want to pack in.

4Runners are more expensive than FJs, which is justifiable because they are much bigger, have better balance, and are sturdier. Well, the Toyota 4Runner doesn’t exactly look like the FJ Cruiser, but it is pretty rugged in its distinctive design.

But inside the hood of 4Runners lie similar engine configurations as found in most FJs: 4L V6 engine, 5-speed auto transmission, and 4WD powertrain.

You could also use 4Runners for towing and hauling (up to 4,700 LBS). Generally, the Toyota 4Runner series delivers almost the same performance as FJs. The interior of 4Runners is well-thought, plushy, and spacious to contain up to 5 passengers.

6. Chevrolet Trax

Still looking for cars similar to FJ Cruiser? The Chevrolet Trax comes pretty close. This is a “city-smart SUV” with loads of impressive new features; it is one of Chevrolet’s newest auto series.

Yes, Trax doesn’t look like the Toyota FJ Cruiser in appearance, but the on-road (city driving) performance is almost the same.

Chevrolet Trax has both manual and automatic transmission options. The engine produces enough power for any type of driving.

This compact crossover SUV is suitable for use as a family car; it can take you through any route and get you back safely. Unfortunately, this SUV is not suitable for towing.

7. Ford bronco

Now, here comes another off-road beast that gives you the feeling of riding an SUV. First off, Broncos flaunt a retro-style design just like Wranglers and FJs. Then again, they typically feature a convertible top like Wranglers, and inside the hold lies a powerful V6 engine.

The interior is decent, with slight luxury, with all the possible features you’d expect from a car of such design and purpose. Two engine options are available for Broncos: twin-turbo V6 or a turbo V4 engine; whichever one you choose, you’re getting an AWD configuration.

Another interesting reason to choose Ford Broncos is that they come with advanced safety features and technologies. Broncos are equally good for on-road driving and off-road tours.

8. Nissan Xterra

The Nissan Xterra comes very close to Toyota 4Runners in terms of bodily design. However, when you down Xterras and FJs to off-road tours, both would deliver almost the same performance.

Nissan is a close rival to Toyota, and the Nissan Xterra is a close alternative to FJs (if you’re not really interested in sticking with Toyota).

Another reason you may love the Nissan Xterra is the large cargo area, which can contain a lot of stuff. Actually, Xterras are truck-based SUVs and are no longer being produced. The last one was the 2015 model, which was pretty decent all around.

Related Questions

Is Toyota Coming Out With New FJ?

There hasn’t been any new FJ Cruiser produced or sold in the US since 2014. However, speculations are that a new FJ Cruiser would launch pretty soon, but it won’t be like the old ones – it’d be an EV/hybrid.

How Good is The FJ Cruiser Off-road?

There has been no other Toyota vehicle that would beat the FJ Cruiser in off-road performance. Additionally, the FJ Cruiser is the only Toyota vehicle rated as the best off-road SUV by many users.

Are Toyota FJs Reliable?

Generally, FJ Cruisers are reliable; the average Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliability Rating is 3.5/5.0. However, you won’t get to fix much on your FJ, and it costs below $510, on average, to maintain an FJ Cruiser annually.

Why is it Called FJ Cruiser?

Apparently, the “J” stands for the “Jeep,” while the “F” indicates the engine designs. The first generation of FJs was called BJ because they had a “B-shaped” engine. The Cruiser means the vehicle is designed for smooth driving in any climate condition.


The best cars similar to FJ Cruiser? Jeep Wrangler comes very close, and then the Ford Bronco and Suzuki Forester. There are other decent off-road SUVs that do not look like the FJs but deliver almost the same experience when you’re on the roads.

Currently, FJ Cruisers are no longer being produced, but there are hints of an EV/hybrid version that may launch soon.

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