What Eats Car Paint The Fastest? {15 Car Paint Eaters}

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Apparently, the paint on your car won’t last forever. But, there are things you can do to elongate the durability of your car’s paint.

Most drivers apply waxes or sealants to protect their vehicle’s paint from damage and oxidization; however, there are many elements that yet damages car paints. Hence, some drivers seek to know what eats car paint the fastest.

In today’s post, we will be looking at the various things that are known to eat car paint fast and how to deal with them.

Let’s get started!

What Eats Car Paint The Fastest?

Chemical fluids can remove paint from surfaces if not cleaning immediately. Similarly, there are quite a couple of fluids and liquids that tend to eat car paints faster; therefore causing oxidization to occur earlier than expected.

Also, collisions can cause deep scratches, which would apparently scrap out paint on the affected areas. With much said already, let’s discuss what takes paint off a car fast.

What Takes Paint Off A Car Fast?

What Eats Car Paint The Fastest

Here, we will review the actions and elements that tend to eat or remove paint off your car’s body quickly. We also provided the possible solutions to the paint damages you may face due to the various elements or substances listed as what could eat your paint fast.

1. Salt

Now you know, salt can eat your car’s paint faster than any other acidic or reactive substance/liquid. Salt is highly acidic and reactive. It is a powerful substance, insomuch that in some areas in the United States, salt is used to keep out ice from pathways during winter.

If you leave in such areas where road salt is used for one or more purposes, you will need to wash your car frequently if you don’t want the paint to oxidize sooner than expected.

How to prevent road salt from eating your car’s paint

The foremost thing to also do is to wash your car regularly. Do not allow the salt to sit too long on your paint, else; it’d trigger oxidization. Also, you may consider applying wax to your car to further protect the clear coat layer from damages.

We’d also advise that you consider waxing as part of winterizing practices. If you don’t like using waxes on your car, you can use sealants or other auto car compounds that tend to offer additional protection to your car’s paint. However, if the damage is already done, you need an auto repair kit to fix things up.

2. Coffee

Almost everyone loves taking coffee daily or at intervals. Let’s say you are going to the garage with coffee in your mug so that you can sip it as you warm up the car to prepare it for the day.

Now, on getting to the garage, the coffee in your mug spilled and poured on your car’s body; if not cleaned immediately, it could eat your car’s paint.

Yes, coffee is one of those things that eats car paint very quickly. But, if you cleaned it off immediately, it poured on your car – there’s nothing to worry about.

It is shown (in some auto test labs) that coffee can damage car paints because of its acidic level and also, the presence of sugar.

How to fix car paint damage due to coffee spillage

If you noticed the spillage earlier, simply clean it off and wash the area with clean water. That’s enough to deal with the mess.

However, if the coffee has stayed long on the surface already, you should consider re-polishing the surface or apply touch-up paint if the paint has been deeply affected (eaten off).

The instructions to apply the touch-up paint you bought should be written on the product’s label or manufacturer’s manual. Ensure to follow the guidelines for the best results.

3. Soda

Just like coffee, sodas have a high acidic level, capable of eating off your paint when they stay longer on the surface.

Often, you may park and decide to take soda with some friends while sitting close to the car. For one reason or other, the soda may spill and touch on your car’s paint – this can harm your car’s paint.

How to fix car paint damage due to soda spillage

The fix is almost the same as what you’d do in the case of coffee spillage. Simply clean off the soda as soon as possible and wash the surface with clean water.

Also, if the soda had stayed for long and dried into the paint, you should consider to sand the area and repaint or apply polisher.

4. Acid Rain

The name says it all; yes, acid rain does fall (though not always). When you frequently park your car uncovered under the rain, someday, the acid rain would come and drench the car. When this happens, the acidic molecules will dry into your car’s paint, and over time, cause the paint to peel off.

It is not obvious that paints and acidic molecules aren’t compatible; thus, when they both come in contact, the painted surface would always react.

How to protect your car from acid rain

It’s pretty simple, always park your car(s) inside your garage, or can make a shade (canopy) where you can always park. Not only would this practice save your car from acid rain, but it’d also save the paint from sun damage, bird chippings, and other damages.

However, if you notice that your car’s paint has started cracking or peeling out, get a DIY auto repair kit and fix the paint damage.

5. Chemicals, Fluids, and Liquids

Some people leave remnant fluids (which they use on their car) in the garage. Someone else might get into the garage and kick these fluids accidentally; thus, causing the liquid to spill everywhere and also your car’s body. This can be a serious issue if not taken care of immediately.

It is not obvious that chemicals will surely eat off your car’s paint – most of the fluids and liquids people use on their vehicle contain chemical additives, which are actually meant for specific purposes.

However, if these fluids or liquids pour on your car’s paint, those chemical additives will react with the surface and possibly eat off the paint around that area.

How to fix chemical paint damage

Chemical stains are among the worst car paint stains you can deal with. They can’t be instantly washed away using water and soap. Such stains require the use of special car wash detergents before they can be removed properly.

Hence, we’d recommend that you add vinegar or baking soda to water and use it to wash the car. Also, you can use special car wash compounds that are specifically meant for chemical stain removal.

Most importantly, chemical/fluid spillage should be cleaned as soon as possible before it starts reacting to the paint.

6. Shoe Polish

As awkward as it may sound to you, shoe polish can eat your car’s paint. The annoying part is that shoe polishes can’t be easily cleaned off when they dry up on painted surfaces.

More so, when shoe polish touches your shinny car paint, it reduces the shininess and gradually eats into the paint itself.

How to fix car paint damage due to shoe polish

If you were able to detect shoe polish earlier, you can add any detergent to water and clean the surface immediately. But, if the polish has been there for a long time, you should purchase a car polishing compound to shine your car again.

7. Collisions

car collisions

As mentioned above, collisions that leave deep scratches on your car’s body, apparently removed some paint. The scratched areas will appear whitish – those spots are proof that there’s no paint on those surfaces.

However, irrespective of the severity of the scratch, it can be fixed, and your car’s body will return to its normal shiny state.

How to fix paint damage from collision

You need to purchase an auto repair toolkit, which typically consists of an orbital sander, filler/polishing compound, and scratch repair compound.

Following the instructions on the manual or label to fix the scratches and apply the necessary compounds to fill up the removed paint.

Some people use touch-up paints to fix this kind of scratches or paint damage. Touch-up paints work with color codes; so you need to know your car paint’s color code to get the perfect touch-up paint for your vehicle.

8. Shaving Creams

The shaving cream you use to treat your body hair can actually eat your car’s paint if it falls to the surface. Probably, you were shaving and watching your face on your car’s mirror – there’s the possibility that the cream may drip and land on your car’s paint.

How to fix car paint damage due to shaving creams

Use clean water to wash the surface immediately. You can add detergent or any other cleaning agent to the water if the stain proves stubborn.

What Destroys Car Paint Instantly?

what destroys car paint instantly

If you are also wondering what destroys car paint instantly, below are a few of them:

9. Dust

In case you don’t know, an accumulation of dust, when left for long, can ruin your car’s paint. This dirt, when it mixes with rain, can create an acidic compound that can destroy the surface of the car, leading to rust.

Therefore, you will want to wash your car every now and then and take care of its appearance. This will help you retain its value in the long run.

10. Bird Droppings

Surprisingly, bird excretion is another thing that damages car paint the most. Bird droppings are acidic and thus, can leave a lasting mark on a vehicle. They harden onto the car paint when baked on under the sun.

How do you protect your car paint from bird droppings?

Pay attention to your car and don’t allow the droppings to dry on the paint. Use a wet rag and mild detergent to get rid of them as soon as possible.

And when cleaning the excretion, avoid rubbing the spot because grit and seed particles in the excretion can scratch the paint.

11. Using Dirty Towels and Rags

Most car owners often make the mistake of cleaning their car with dirty rags and towels, but what they don’t know is that such towels grits and particles that can ruin the car paint instantly.

If you must clean your car with rags or towels, you want to ensure that it’s clean enough. Also, avoid setting the towel on the ground in between uses as it easily can pick up dirt that can scratch the surface of your car.

And if you can, get a microfiber cloth that is specified for car wash and always ensure it’s neat before using. Avoid using a regular towel to wash your car.

12. Bugs

Another thing that ruins car paint instantly is insects. Just like bird droppings, insect body fluid is very acidic and can easily dissolve your car paint.

While insects might not eat your car paint upon initial contact, they can ruin the paint if left on your car for long.

So, whenever you notice insects on your vehicle, remove them immediately and clean the surface with a cleaning solution.

Let the solution sit on the surface for about 30 seconds or so before using a clean towel to wipe the area gently.

13. Tree Sap

What ruins car paint instantly

Tree sap can also eat car paint the fastest. If left for a long time, tree sap can ruin your paint’s clear coat, leading to discoloration and staining. It can even get worse if it’s hot outside.

How to get rid of tree sap from your car paint:

Funny enough, tree sap can be difficult to remove from a car, especially if you don’t act sooner. To get rid of it, get rubbing alcohol or your preferred cleaning solution. Soak a washcloth and drop it on the surface with the sap, and leave it there for about 30 seconds.

Then, use the cloth to rub the affected area gently until the sap is no more. If sap hasn’t gone out completely, repeat the process until its gone.

If sap is on your windshield, you can use this same process—just be sure to avoid using your windshield wipers until the sap is completely gone.

14. Silly String

Spraying silly string onto a car is a bad idea as it can stain the car. Silly string has resins and colorants that if allowed to get dried, could cause further paint damage.

How to clean silly string on a car:

To clean silly string from your car, go for a full car wash or spot clean with soap in water if the mess is smaller. After the cleaning, you can remove any remaining residue using WD40 or any good spray product.

15. Vandalism

Sadly, vandalism is another common thing that can ruin car paint instantly. Be it graffiti or scratches, you may successfully file a claim with your auto insurance.

If your car paint is damaged due to vandalism, the first step is to take it into a collision repair shop to have it inspected by an expert who can advise you on the necessary steps to be taken to restore your car to its original form.

Conclusion | What Ruins Car Paint Instantly?

So, what eats car paint the fastest? Salt, chemicals, fluids, shaving creams, and coffee are some of the know substances that could take paint off a car fast.

To prevent these possible damages is simple; always wash your car with detergent, vinegar, or baking soda mixed with water.

Also, it is advisable to wax your car to prevent it from minor damages that may occur to the clear coat.

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