Does Shaving Cream Ruin Car Paint?

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So you just found out that your shaving cream poured on your car’s paint, and you’re wondering how long it would stay before it causes any damage. But does shaving cream ruin car paint?

Well, there are many fluids, liquids, and substances that ruin car paints, and yes, shaving cream can ruin your car’s paint if left for a long time.

Also, some people have asked if shaving creams would cause any damage to their windows, too. Chances are you’re not shaving inside your car, but some persons may use shaving creams to leave prank messages on your car while you’re away.

When this happens, how long would it last before your paint gets affected?

Let’s quickly figure that out!

Does Shaving Cream Ruin Car Paint?

Shaving cream can leave a permanent ruin on your car’s paint. However, what shaving cream does is to discolor the paint; so, you’ll notice that some part of your car’s paint is showing a different color. The composition of shaving creams is a bit acidic and can change the color of any painted surface.

That said, you should always keep out your shaving creams from the garage to avoid someone accidentally applying them to your car for whatever reason.

Also, when you attend ceremonies, try to park in an area where people would not write prank messages on your car using different substances.

While it is now obvious that shaving creams can ruin your car paint, it’d be great to let you know about other things that can also ruin your car paint.

The other things that could ruin your car paint include brake fluids, some car wash compounds, coffee & soda, bird droppings, shoe polish, etc.

These above-mentioned substances can cause serious damage to your car paint. So, the best thing you can do is to avoid and prevent them from touching your car’s paint.

How To Protect Your Car Paint From Damages

How To Protect Your Car Paint From Damages

There are quite a couple of practices that’d protect your vehicle’s paint from damage or oxidization.

1. Waxing

Applying waxes to your car adds a protective layer that protects the clear coat from minor scratches and paints damages. Waxing a car doesn’t take long; however, you need to use a good car wax compound that won’t react/harm your paint.

More so, while waxing a car, ensure to park under a shade or inside your garage to prevent sunlight rays from drying up the applied compound before it cures.

2. Use Car Covers

Car covers are important, and it’s necessary that every car owner has one. When you park in open spaces, you should use car covers to prevent passersby from scratching your car’s paint, as well as keep out bird chipping and tree saps, which are among the commonest things that damage/eat off car paints.

3. Wash Regularly

Another way to protect your vehicle’s paint is by washing the car regularly. When dirt is allowed to sit over a long time on a painted surface, it tends to discolor the surface or cause other damages. Hence, we’d recommend this practice as a way of protecting your car paint from damage.


So, does shaving cream ruin car paint? Yes, it does, but that’s if you allow it to site for a long time. If you noticed earlier and washed it off the paint surface, it’d not harm your car.

Nevertheless, some people even use shaving creams to clean their glasses – it is a good cleaning agent for windows and glasses.

In summary, routine maintenance, regular washes, and waxing will keep your car’s paint glowing and shining forever. Also, be proactive when it comes to issues regarding your vehicle; a little issue could become a big one if not solved/fixed as soon as possible.

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