Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car?

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Many times, when you read articles regarding how to wash a car or apply wax on a car, the authors typically recommend the use of microfiber cloths or towels. But can I use a regular towel to dry my car?

Well, the simple answer is “Yes.” There is nothing wrong with using a regular towel to dry your car after a wash. But, if you really care about glossiness, then you should think about using something else (any of those recommended below) to clean the car.

This article will explain the reason(s) why regular towels are not recommended for drying your car’s body after wash.

Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car?

Almost any cloth or towel can be used to dry a car after it is washed. A towel is used to dry the water droplets on the body of a car (after wash) to avoid water spots.

However, when you make use of certain towels or clothes to dry your car, you may end up messing the body of your car with little fibers from the towel used, which would dent the appearance of the car you just washed.

Also, overtime, using a regular towel to dry your car may cause scratches and/or paint swirls to appear on the car’s body. Thus, to avoid such scenarios as explained so far, it is advised that you make use of microfiber towels, chamois, or air dryer.

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Best Ways To Dry A Car

The Best Ways To Dry A Car

Basically, there are three (3) common ways to dry a car after a wash. You can try them out on any vehicle, irrespective of the design and models.

1. Air Dry

The method of drying a car after a wash is achieved using pressurized air, leaf blowers, or other similar home gadgets/tools. The air drying tool will simply push water droplets until they dry off. It takes lesser time to dry a car using this method.

2. Chamois

Chamois is a soft cloth that can be used to dry a car. It is almost the same with microfiber towels. This cleaning cloth is recommended because it would not scratch your car’s paint or cause swirls to appear on the body. Most chamois cloths are made from animal leather (goat or sheep).

Interestingly, chamois isn’t expensive to afford, and it is better than using regular towels. Simply turn the cloth and wipe down to dry the entire car’s body.

3. Microfiber Towels

Here comes the infamous microfiber towel, which is usually recommended on most auto blogs and channels. A microfiber towel is different from a regular towel in the sense that microfiber towels have no lint, but regular towels do have lint.

Microfiber towels are very smooth and soft; they will dry up all water spots without messing with your car’s finish. Yes, this is practically the best material to use in drying your car after a wash. More interestingly, microfiber towels can be used to wipe down a car after waxing.

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Can I use a regular towel to dry my car? Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. You may not notice the swirls caused by the regular towel until after some months. Also, you should not resort to leaving the car under direct sunlight as a means of drying it.

Sun-drying can cause water spots to appear, as well as lead to other damages. So, we’d strongly advise that you choose either of the three methods listed in this article to dry your car. Finally, you should wash your car with clean/distilled water if you want to avoid water spots.

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