How To Protect Car From Sun In Open Parking

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Maybe you do not have a garage in your home, or you usually park your car in open spaces at the office compound. Since it is not advisable to leave your car unprotected from the sun and other elements, you’re now looking for how to protect car from sun in open parking?

The answer you seek is explained in this article, and we have provided other essential tips you should know about open parking.

Firstly, parking your car under the sun and uncovered will affect the paint and wax coating. If this continues for a long time, you may not like the appearance of your car due to disturbing color warps that are visible on the car’s body.

Why Protect Your Car From Sun In Open Parking?

To explain this question explicitly, we will need to put you through the consequences of parking your car in open spaces.

There are times the sun even gets too harsh on your skin that you need to find a shade or an umbrella to cover you from the scorching rays. Now, think about your car if left under such violent rays for not just some hours, but days, and probably weeks or months.

There should be a defect, although it may not appear too evident at first, excessive exposure to UV rays from sunlight will definitely damage your car (starting with the paint).

Although people apply certain waxes to increase their cars’ paint sturdiness and resistance to roadside pollutants, the UV rays from the sun can destabilize these waxes and mess the paint.

It is evident that cars can heat up to a very high temperature, which is not suitable for some of its components. The combination of ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) from the sun with the intense heat generated by your car can damage things that would cost you a lot of money to fix.

Some people think that exposing cars to sunlight will only affect the exterior; that’s a blunt fallacy, don’t listen to such sayings. Besides, you don’t want your car paint to look so messy.

When it comes to how to protect cars from the sun in open parking, there are quite many things to say, but they all orbit around a few main points. So what are these main points? They are not strange, and you must have heard about them quite frequently.

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How To Protect Car From Sun In Open Parking

Protecting your Car From Sun In Open Parking

These tips will help you to safeguard your car from the scorching UV rays and other harmful elements that can cause severe damages to your vehicle.

1. Always Look Out For Shades

There is no better way to protect your car from the sun other than driving into a shade and park it there. When the UV rays are not directly touching your car, the generated heat isn’t enough to cause any serious problem to your vehicle.

Common sense will tell you this, but most times, laziness won’t allow you to obey. Also, when in a hurry, some people could drive into any space and park without being bothered about the sun effect.

Your car is already hot because you’ve driven the car for some time; leaving it under the sun is a potential disaster you should avoid.

Irrespective of how difficult it may appear, find a shade where you can park your car. If it requires, you’ll pay to park your car in the shade, which could be economical because the subsequent damage that could be caused by steadily exposing your vehicle to the sun will cost more than what you will pay to use a shade.

But if you couldn’t find any shade around, there are some fittings and/or actions you can take to protect your car from direct sunlight.

2. Use Sun Protectors for Your Windows

You can find a sun protector covering for your car windows. Each car has its own. So, it’s up to you to look out for them, purchase them, and add to your vehicle. Although sun protectors do not cover your entire car, they try to cover the windows.

The commonest sun protector used today is the windshield sun protector. It can help to keep your car at a good temperature and avoid excessive heat that could cause damage to your car interior. This can serve as a reliable alternative to using tarpaulins.

3. Get Seat Covers (Use Conditioners For Leather Upholstery)

If you have to leave your car parked in the open while you stay at the office for long hours, you should consider installing seat covers. When this is done, the harshness of the sun will not directly hit your seats, which will make the fabric or leather last longer.

In contrast, if you allow the sun to directly hit your seats, over time, the fabrics will start fading, paving the way for wear and tear. Additionally, the regular application of conditioners can cause your car seat’s leathers to last longer.

These are valuable tips on how to protect car from sun in open parking. Irrespective of the car model, year, and type, these tips still apply.

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4. Tarpaulins and Car Covers

Why Protect Your Car From Sun In Open Parking

Think about getting tarpaulins and car covers for your car. Either of these can always help out if you frequently park your car in the open for long hours.

For example, if there’s no reserved space in your home/office compound to have a garage, car covers can be an excellent deal since your car will be parked outside for so long.

Interestingly, every car has a suitable tarpaulin/car cover. They can be bought in auto stores (online or offline), and usually available in different colors.

With a tarpaulin covering your car, the painting will be untouched, irrespective of how hot the weather seems to be. Also, your car interior will never be affected due to direct sun rays.

Practically, every benefit you’ll seem to enjoy by parking your car in a garage is the same you will enjoy when you use car covers frequently. However, there’s an exception here – do not wear on a car cover when the car is wet.

It could cause molds and other stuff you won’t like to deal with. Wait for the car to dry up before covering it with a cover or tarpaulin.

5. Waxing Is Still a Valid Idea

Yeah, waxing is still a good idea when it comes to protecting your car paint from various elements, including sun. However, waxing does not guarantee formidable resistance to UV rays; in fact, it doesn’t stop the adverse effects can could be caused by excessive exposure of your car to sunlight.

But, it does help generally, especially when you don’t park your car under the sun for too long – may be at a grocery shop or a saloon.

Applying a layer of wax to come in-between your car’s finish and UV rays will offer some level of protection. Also, you’ll have to regularly wax your car for this protection to remain effective. If you wax the car once in a while, then you shouldn’t be parking under the sun.

The summertime is usually when people face this challenge; the sun can be hot during this time. At this time, in the absence of tarpaulins, car covers, or a shade, waxing can help to protect your car paint. Still, you will need to cover the interior (upholstery) to keep them looking good.

6. Paint Protection Films

This is not the same as waxing your car, but the function is virtually the same. A paint protection film is a tiny invisible film that is usually used acrylic headlights; however, it can be applied to the entire car’s body to protect the paint from UV rays.

Films also protect your car from scratches, grimes, dust, and other stuff. It is an alternative way to protect your car from the sun; thus, making the paint last longer.

7. Think About Tinted Windows

Tinting your glasses can prevent these rays from hitting your car interior, while a wax or paint protection film protects the exterior. Studies have proved that tinted windows block up to 70% heat and still allow natural light to penetrate the car.

However, in different states, there are rules that regulate the tinting of car windows. Kindly check out that regulations for your state and consider it as a way to save your car interior from the sun.

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All tips shared in this article are verified and would help out anyone looking for how to protect cars from the sun in open parking.

We strongly recommend parking your car in a garage or under a shade; that’s the most reliable way to protect both the car’s exterior and interior components.

Alternatively, car covers and tarpaulins can be handy and more accessible in the absence of a garage or shade. So, you should get a car cover for your vehicle.

Don’t underestimate the capability of ultraviolet rays from sunlight; they can cause expensive damages to your car. As the popular saying read, “prevention is better than cure.”

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