Are FJ Cruisers Reliable? (Fj Cruiser Reliability)

The FJ Cruiser is more like Toyota’s most popular off-road capable, rugged SUV. The ride is undoubtedly cool and flaunts a catchy design that any rugged SUV lover would appreciate. FJ Cruisers are also famous for their remarkable performance and durability. But are FJ Cruisers reliable?

Well, the short answer is YES. FJ Cruisers are reliable and can last hundreds of thousands of miles if maintained properly. The FJ Cruiser is one of the finest SUVs Toyota has ever produced; it rivals the infamous Land Cruiser and 4Runner models.

This article explains FJ Cruisers’ reliability and highlights valuable tips on picking the best model year.

Are FJ Cruisers Reliable?

On various auto review websites and forums, FJ Cruiser is rated high in terms of reliability. The owners of this SUV have testified that it is reliable, and various auto experts have given the FJ Cruiser a “thumbs up” regarding reliability.

RepairPal ranks the FJ Cruiser 12th out of 26 SUV models in its category; the FJ Cruiser takes home a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating according to RepairPal reliability metrics. It also ranks above average on J.D. Power and Consumer Reports.

It is safe to say that over 80% of FJ Cruiser owners are satisfied with the overall performance and reliability of the SUV. So, yes, FJ Cruisers are very reliable; you could still confidently buy a high mileage FJ and get a decent performance from the engine.

FJ Cruisers are primarily built for off-road adventures like mountain climbing, driving through rocky terrains, desert tours, and more similar stuff. Hence, the engine and powertrain of FJs are empowered for this purpose. Most models of FJ Cruiser come standard with a 4×4 powertrain (All-Wheel-Drive).

Although discontinued by Toyota, FJ Cruisers still check almost all the boxes for a perfect modern off-road SUV with rugged components that last pretty long. There are seven model years available for the FJ Cruiser line of Toyota automobiles, and all the model years rank high in reliability ratings.

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How Reliable Are FJ Cruisers?

With proper maintenance and good driving habits, FJ Cruisers can go over 400,000 miles; actually, they are predicted to require significant repairs just after 300,000 miles – but some owners confirm that they rode around 400,000 miles before going for major repair and parts replacement.

Now, that’s how reliable FJ Cruisers are – they are built strong and can last you forever, literally. However, there are specific model years you should stay clear of when buying a used FJ Cruiser. Why?

Those models are linked with some severe transmission and engine problems – you wouldn’t want to deal with that.

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain an FJ Cruiser?

One of the important questions to ask when you’re buying a new car (brand new or used) is the vehicle’s maintenance cost.

The lifeline of any vehicle relies heavily on how the car is maintained – FJ Cruisers are not excluded. However, interestingly, Toyota cars are generally affordable – more like inexpensive – to maintain.

The average annual maintenance cost of FJ Cruisers is $530, and the repair frequency is very low – about 1.44%. This means that FJ Cruisers hardly break down – but this does not imply you shouldn’t always take the car for servicing and other maintenance activities.

In other words, you’d spend roughly $6,000 on maintenance within the first 10 years of owning an FJ Cruiser model.

Cons Of FJ Cruisers

Even though a lot of people hype and praise the FJ Cruiser SUV, it has its CONs, which may turn you off and make you consider its similar alternatives.

Firstly the FJ Cruiser line has been discontinued – there hasn’t been any new model produced since 2014, so the FJs out there lack a ton of modern in-car features you may need in a stylish off-road SUV.

Secondly, the FJ Cruiser doesn’t offer enough space for passengers and cargo; it’s a  small, compact SUV. Also, the design makes it difficult for a new rider to clearly see his/her blindspots (unless you’re already familiar with the design).

FJ Cruisers also consume a lot of fuel, and some owners allege that FJs consume more fluids too.

What More?

Are FJ Cruisers reliable? Sure they are; FJs are practically among the best off-road capable SUV you can trust to take across any rough terrain, thanks to the sturdy tires and powertrain. The FJ Cruiser, although discontinued, still ranks as one of the most-reliable Toyota SUV rides.

Also, it is pretty inexpensive to maintain an FJ Cruiser SUV, and the vehicle doesn’t even break down easily. However, when buying a used FJ Cruiser, ensure to inspect the car thoroughly; yes, they are reliable, but some models are linked with critical reliability issues that cost a lot of money to fix.

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