Cummins Vs Powerstroke Reliability: Major Differences

When it comes to diesel engines, there are two top competitors globally, Cummins and Powerstroke. Cummins diesel engines are primarily used in Ram trucks, while Powerstroke engines are available in Ford trucks.

Both Cummins and Powerstroke produce highly powerful diesel engines for heavy-duty applications. But what is the difference between Cummins vs Powerstroke reliability?

There are quite many things to consider when evaluating the reliability of diesel engines. However, Cummins engines tend to have higher reliability scores (rated by users) than Powerstroke engines. Notwithstanding, Ford trucks with Powerstroke tend to last longer than Rams with Cummins.

That being said, this article clearly compares Cummins and Powerstroke diesel engines, detailing the differences and similarities. But before we proceed, who makes these engines?

Who Makes Cummins Diesel Engine?

Cummins Inc. is an independent American manufacturer of diesel-powered engines for different automakers. Founded in 1919 and currently headed by Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins is one of the top global manufacturers of truck engines. The company’s diesel engines are majorly used in Ram trucks.

Also, Cummins has made several models of its diesel engine across five generations for Dodge Ram trucks. Over the years, people have compared Cummins engines to Duramax and Powerstroke, which are the company’s top competitors in the truck diesel engine market.

Who Makes Powerstroke Diesel Engine?

Powerstroke is a nameplate for series of heavy-duty engines produced for Ford vehicles by Ford and Navistar International. You will find Powerstroke engines in Ford’s truck; the engines are sturdy, well-built, and engineered for tougher situations across terrains.

Ford also uses the Powerstroke engine for its medium-duty trucks; there are V8 models available too. The Powerstroke engines tend to deliver more horsepower than other diesel engines in the market, but they don’t typically produce as much torque as Cummins.

Cummins Vs Powerstroke Reliability

Found in Dodge/Ram TrucksFord Trucks
Cylinder HeadCast IronAluminum
Turbo PowerSupportedSupported
SizeVaries by modelsVaries my models
Reliability HighNormal
PriceMore expensiveMore affordable


Both Cummins and Powerstroke diesel engines deliver optimal performance on various tracks. The 7.3L and 6.7L models are the most popular and also the most powerful models from both manufacturers, each delivering over 400 horsepower and 1,000+ pound-feet of torque.

If you’ve driven a Ram with a Cummins engine and a Ford with Powerstroke, you’d easily agree that both engines are top-notch. However, the Cummins engine typically gives you more power than the Powerstroke – it’s just a slight difference, and not everyone can notice that.

Towing and Hauling

Different Cummins and Powerstroke engine models have different towing and payload capacities. That notwithstanding, the newer models have higher reliability and capacity.

Taking into consideration the popular 6.7 models; the 6.7 Powerstroke has a rated 935ft-lbs of torque, and the 6.7 Cummin has 1,000ft-lbs.

Yes, Powerstroke engines produce more horsepower than torque compared with Cummins engines, which makes Cummins engines more suitable for towing heaving loads (with or without attaching a trailer). Also, in the long run, Cummins engines are more reliable because they are “lighter.”

Reliability and Maintenance

When you compare the best medium-duty diesel engines for trucks, Cummins will make the list alongside Powerstroke and Duramax. Also, when you make the list of best “Heavy Duty” diesel engines for machines and heavy equipment, Cummins would make the list while Powerstroke wouldn’t.

This sends a subtle message that Cummins engines are more reliable for heavier conditions – tougher jobs – than Powerstroke engines. Cummins, as a diesel engine manufacturer, has been around for over a century, producing diesel engines with constantly improved technologies and raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cummins vs. Powerstroke, Which Is Better?

Both engines are good and reliable, but when you talk of the “better” one, it has to be Cummins. Even diesel truck enthusiasts easily agree that Cummins is a better option than Powerstroke, but this doesn’t mean the Powerstroke is not a “good” engine for various kinds of applications.

Which Diesel Engine Has Least Problems?

Any well-maintained diesel engine would give fewer problems in the long run, regardless of the manufacturer – Powerstroke or Cummins. However, many sources rate the 7.3L V8 Powerstroke as the forefront diesel engine with the least problems.

Who Makes Cummins and Powerstroke Engines?

Cummins engines are made by Cummins Inc., and they are majorly used in Ram trucks. Powerstroke engines are manufactured by Navistar International for Ford Motors, and they are used on select Ford vehicles, mainly Ford trucks.


Cummins vs. Powerstroke reliability is debatable, but Cummins takes an edge and is the preferred choice of most diesel-engine enthusiasts. You can’t find Cummins engine factory-fitted into a Ford truck, and you can’t find Powerstroke factory-fitted into a Ram.

Powerstroke and Cummins remain the top two giants in the diesel engine market, with other manufacturers such as Duramax coming right behind. Finally, with Cummins, you get more torque; with Powerstroke, you get more horsepower – which do you prefer to have?

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