Is Getting a New Engine Like Getting a New Car?

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Is getting a new engine like getting a new car? Well, it depends, getting a new engine is more economical than getting a whole new car. Moreover, a new engine would make your car function like it’s brand new, and of course, it’d save you a lot of money.

But then, if the car is an old car, buying a new engine without replacing other parts that might already be wearing off can turn to be your worst decision ever.

That said, there are factors that should determine if you should opt-in for engine replacement or go for a new car (even a used, a new car might be ideal).

Is Getting a New Engine Like Getting a New Car?

New cars are very expensive, and this can be linked with several new features and systems being embedded into modern cars.

More so, dealerships aren’t making things easier, either, and it’s not advisable to buy a new car through dealership loans; you’d end up paying more than x4 of the car’s worth through such loans.

Thus, someone looking to save morning but still needs a cool, smooth ride can opt-in for an engine replacement. But before you do that, there’s something to note. Not all old cars are worth replacing their engine. Yes, there are some components that may be weak.

Getting a new engine can be the best decision to make if you maintained your old car properly since you bought it, and you’re sure that no other component (including the crankshaft, transmission, axle, or brake system) is bad or wearing off.

More so, if you already got high mileage reading and your engine seems not to be delivering its best performance even with the regular servicing, then you should consider a new engine or a “reman” engine.

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In some cases, getting a new engine requires replacing certain other components that may not be compatible with the newly installed engine.

So, you also need to consider the cost of such additional possible replacements and see how much it saves you compared with getting a new car entirely – even if it’s a used one.

Now, with the explanations so far, choosing between a new car or a new engine depends on cost difference. If changing your current car’s engine would require changing other core components (which are also costly), maybe a new car would be a better option.

In contrast, if every other aspect of your current car is working perfectly fine, except that you’ve driven lots of miles with the engine, and as such, the engine is now weak, getting a new engine would be the best decision to make as you’d save a lot of money.

Benefits of Engine Replacement

Is Getting a New Engine Like Getting a New Car

Apparently, there are benefits of replacing your old engine with a new one, instead of getting a new car. The benefits include:

  • Saves you a lot of money
  • New engine warranty is almost as effective as new car warranties
  • You won’t be making any new registrations
  • A new engine would make your car drive and sound like a brand new one
  • No depreciation concerns

Cons of Engine Replacement

Everything that has an advantage also has its disadvantages. Before rejoicing about saving money on a new engine instead of a new car, consider these demerits.

  • Your existing car parts may not be compatible with the new engine, so you need to change them too.
  • If the car is too old, most of its components would be weak and worn off, and need replacement too.

Benefits of Getting a New Car

Some people would still opt-in for a new car instead of getting a new engine, and the reasons for this includes:

  • You’re adding a new car to your collections
  • You’d enjoy new sets of modern driving features
  • If you got a good discount, that’s great!
  • No worries about components compatibility

Cons of Getting a New Car?

Before settling a buy a new car over a new engine, consider these following factors:

  • You’d need to register the car and get some warranty coverage too
  • Depreciation concerns
  • You may need a loan to complete the payment; most car loans have outrageous interest rates.


So, is getting a new engine like getting a new car? Yeah, it’s almost the same thing, especially if the old car was properly maintained and serviced.

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