Can You Use Simple Green On Car Exterior?

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There are a lot of car wash soaps out there, but quite a lot of drivers prefer to use Simple Green formulas. But can you use simple green on car exterior? Yes, it is totally safe to wash your car exteriors with simple green formula.

Basically, you can wash your car exterior with any non-abrasive formula or detergent; however, for a careful driver, or car owner, that cares so much about his car paint, choosing the best car wash solution is a priority.

Simple Green is advertised and marketed as an all-purpose cleaner, which literally implies that it can be used to wash or clean any surface, including your vehicles.

However, you don’t have to trust marketing adverts and all that; hence, user reviews are really important if you want the best car wash for your vehicle exterior.

Can You Use Simple Green on Car Exterior?

Generally, yes, you can use Simple Green to wash your car exterior and nothing is going to happen to your paint.

The ingredients used in making Simple Green all-purpose cleaner are safe and not corrosive. Regardless, you must have to dissolve the car wash before using it to wash your car.

Yes, a lot of car wash soaps out there need to be dissolved in water before poured onto your car paint. This is because they may contain certain reactive chemicals that may eat up your car paint if you pour out the formula directly to your car without dissolving.

Among the many causes of car paint damage, car washes are among the commonest causes.

When you use the wrong car wash for your car, and you wash the car regularly, it won’t be too long and your car would need a repaint due to so many stains and damages that are quite appalling to look at.

As regards using Simple Green to wash car exterior, below is a quick guide on how to use this cleaning agent on any automobile.

Does Simple Green Damage Car Paint?

Does Simple Green Damage Car Paint

Apparently, any car wash left to dry off on a car’s paint would leave a stain, and sometimes, such stains are not easily removable, leaving you with the only option of scraping the area to repaint it.

If you allow Simple Green to dry into your car’s paint while washing, it could lead to paint damage, especially if you frequently allow such to happen.

If you dissolve simple green in water, it becomes safe to use on your car, but you shouldn’t let the foamy, dirty water dry on your car. For this reason, it is best to wash your car under the shades so that the dirty water won’t dry up quickly due to sunlight.

That is to say, simple green does not damage car paint unless it is left to dry up on the paint, and this has to happen many times before damage is feasible.

How To Wash A Car Exterior With Simple Green

There are many car wash soaps and solutions produced by Simple Green; here, we’re talking about the “All-Purpose” cleaner, which is pretty common in most homes.

  • Wet the car (rinse the entire body)
  • Pour out your Simple Green cleaner into a bucket of clean soft water and make it foam
  • Dip your washing soap or towel into the bucket and start washing
  • Focus on one part at a time, and when you’re done washing a particular part of the vehicle, rinse off immediately before moving to another side.
  • Don’t allow the dirty foamy water to sit too long on the car paint
  • While drying, use microfiber towels

This applies to manual washing. If you prefer washing your car with a pressure washer, ensure that you’re using the right nozzle, pour Simple Green into the foam cannon and start washing.

Note: while using a pressure washer, be careful how to spray water on your engine (if you’d be washing the engine too) to avoid damaging some components that do not need to come in contact with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simple Green safe for car wash?

Yes, simple green is 100% safe for car wash. The formula is gentle enough for delicate car surfaces and is designed to cut through dirt, grime, and bug residue to deliver a super clean, polished and protective shine, without scratching the paint.

Can I use regular Simple Green in pressure washer?

Absolutely! You can use the Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner in pressure washers and on all washable surfaces. This formula will easily get rid of tough dirt and grime without using caustic chemicals.

Can you use Simple Green on rims?

Yes, you can use simple green on wheels.


So, can you use Simple Green on car exterior?  Yes, you can use Simple Green just as you use regular car wash soaps. It can only cause damage if you do not follow the best car wash practices.

For as long as you’d rinse it off immediately, it is completely safe to use on your car, your car paint color notwithstanding.

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