Will Coconut Oil Damage Car Paint?

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You’ve heard and read that certain oils can be used to clean car interior, but you’re not sure of which oil is best to use? Also, some people use oils to clean out tar from their car’s exterior. But will coconut oil damage car paint?

Probably, you’ve looked around the house and all you could see is a small bottle of coconut oil; thus, you’re planning to use it on your car. Well, coconut oil will not damage your car paint, but there are other things to keep in mind, which we’ll talk about below.

Why Use Oil For your Car?

There is no doubt that oils can make your car shine (especially your dashboard), but that is not enough reason to pour out any oil you see to a rag, and then apply it to your car. By using a little oil from your kitchen, you can revive your dirty car dashboard.

Well, any oil can just work for cleaning your dashboard, whether it is coconut oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil. It is safe than using chemical compounds that may change the color of your dashboard. Also, oil can remove the stench caused by some chemical cleaners you previously used for your dashboard.

Furthermore, it is quite cheaper to purchase oils than most car cleaning compounds. Simply put, oil is a great cleaning tool for car interior (mostly the dashboard/center console). But can we say so for your car’s paint? Is it safe to use oils on your car’s paint?

Will Coconut Oil Damage Car Paint?

This isn’t a tricky question per se. But, it is actually safe to use coconut oil to clean out those hard water spots on your car windows. Oils work great on car windows and even your windscreen. However, the recommended oil(s) for this type of cleaning is “Essential Oil.”

Coming down to our main topic – the use of coconut oil. Some car owners who used coconut oil to clean their car alleged that it caused a foul smell after a while. Also, coconut oils are poised to stain clothes and liable to damage the clear coat layer.

Having that in mind, it’d be best to ditch coconut oil and switch to essential oils, if you must use oil to clean your car exterior. If you were looking to make your car paint shine and look stunning, there are special car exterior cleaning compounds you can use to achieve that.

Whether you need to remove surface containments such as scratches or swirl marks, there are special car paint repair kits that work for removing scratch paint damages.


So, will coconut oil damage car paint? Using coconut oil will clean stains and make your car shine, but it is not the best cleaner to use on your car paint (to be on the safe side).

There are good household cleaners that perform better than most standard car wash soap/shampoo; you can use them to clean your car paint, instead of using coconut oil. Always be careful about what you apply to your car paint.

Thanks for reading.

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