Is Mean Green Safe On Car Paint? [Don’t Use It Until You Read This]

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Which car wash is safe on paints? When asked this question, different people will mention different car wash soaps. But is mean green safe on car paint? Yes, mean green is safe on car paint, but you need to be careful while using it to avoid damaging your paint.

Mean Green Cleaner and degreaser is a versatile cleaning agent; it can be used in cleaning the home and many other surfaces. However, when it comes to using it for car wash, you may be concerned about how it may affect your vehicle’s paint.

While we understand that there are several reasons that can affect one’s choice for a product, it is important to say that some products are better than other ones, and thus, you should consider them prior.

Is Mean Green Safe On Car Paint?

Yes, just as other degreasers and cleaning agents, Mean Green degreaser is safe on car paint. It helps to lift staunch dirt, loosen grimes, oil, and other containments on a surface.

It is generally a good cleaning agent for washing all kinds of cars, especially if your car is stained with oil or you could see lots of greasy dirt.

But, Mean Green degreasers could possibly damage your car paint if you pour it directly on the paint without diluting it in water.

Most degreasers are more reactive than regular detergents, and thus, if you let them sit on your car paint for a long while, chances are that they could eat up the paint on that area.

In contrast, if you dilute the degreaser in water, those reactive chemicals become less effective, and won’t cause any damage to your paint.

Mean Green can be used in cleaning car interior; it is an ideal cleaning agent to use in cleaning your car carpets and even your dashboard.

More so, it is important to note the Mean Green is a brand name; the brand, Mean Green, actually produces various products for cleaning different surfaces.

Here, we’re talking about the “all-purpose” cleaner by Mean Green, which works just like the name. You could use this cleaner to clean all parts of your car.

Furthermore, when you want to wash your car, you need to know a lot of things. Firstly, regardless of the car wash, you’re using, you shouldn’t wash under the sun; this will help to avoid water spots from appearing on your car’s paint after the wash.

Also, you should use soft water (not hard water) and always be careful not to allow dirty water to dry on your paint (rinse as fast as possible). Using Mean Green on your car poses no harm if you followed car wash etiquette.

Mean Green is preferable when you’re washing your car engine; apparently, the engine bay is usually very dirty and greasy, as a degreaser, mean green will do a good job here.

Particularly, Mean Green Auto & Garage cleaner performs greatly when used to clean car tires and carpets. While watching your engine bay, pay attention to the vulnerable parts that do not need to be watered.

Can You Use Mean Green on Car Paint?

Talking about using Mean Green on car paint, it’s quite a tricky question. However, it is not advisable to spray Mean Green directly on your car paint.

Instead, pour it into a bucket of water and make the water foam. You can now pour the foamy water on your car and begin to wash.

Hence, you can use Mean Green on car paint, but it is advisable to mix it with water before doing such. If you’re washing your car window, you can spray Mean Green directly on the windows – the same also applies to washing your car tires and carpets.

How To Wash A Car Using Mean Green

First things first, don’t let the compound touch your bare hands; it is quite reactive. So, you should put on hand gloves, or just be careful.

Step 1: Dilute it

Dilute Mean Green in a bucket of clean, soft water. Trouble the water until it foams. The quantity of Mean Green to use depends on the amount of water you’ve got inside the bucket.

Step 2: Pour it on your car

Pour the foamy water on your car and start washing; focus on one section at a time. Don’t wash the entire car at once before you start to rinse.

Step 3: Rinse your car

Always keep another bucket of clean water in proximity. After you have washed a side, rinse it off immediately to avoid water spots.

Step 4: Dry the car

Dry with microfiber towels to prevent paint scratches or swirl marks that may occur if you use regular hand towels.


So, is Mean Green safe on car paint? Yes, it is safe on car paints, but must be diluted. However, you can directly spray Mean Green on your carpets and tires while washing them.

Mean Green can be your perfect car engine bay cleaner; it works well in removing grease and oil dirt.

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