How To Wash A Black Car Without Water Spots

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Black car owners are more careful when they wash their cars because scratches and paint defects appear clearer on black paint vehicles. If you are looking for a detailed guide on how to wash a black car without water spots, you’re reading the right content on the internet.

However, before we go on to explain the steps to washing your black car in a way that water spots won’t appear after the wash, it’d be great to highlight the various possible causes of water spots.

Inarguably, there are different things that could cause spots on your car’s finish; avoiding them would be better than trying to remove them after they have appeared.

What Causes Water Spots On Cars With Black Paint?

Water spots are among the commonest things that make car finishes look messy and ugly. They are basically caused by three factors:

  • A bad car wash practice
  • Acidic rains
  • Dirty water splashes

We’d be explaining how these three factors contribute to water spots appearing on your car’s paint after a thorough wash.

1. Bad Car Wash Practice

Most car owners do not know that there’s a proper way to wash their cars, and not just to pour out any cleaning agent into bucket water and then use a rag to start cleaning the car. There are some car wash practices that could cause severe paint damages or leave deep scratches on your car’s finish.

When you wash your car under the sun, the water you pour on the car will dry quickly. Thus, when you wash and do not rinse off almost immediately, the dirty water would dry into your car’s paint, and this can leave etched water spots when you finally rinse after a while.

When you wash your wash with regular soaps or laundry detergents, they could leave spots when you rinse, which is because they are not basically formulated for car paints.

2. Acidic Rain

It is not big news that most people park their cars uncovered in open spaces overnight. Well, it doesn’t actually seem bad to park your car in open spaces, but it is advisable to use car covers when you park in such a manner – and it’s going to be for a long time.

Sometimes, acid rains do fall, and if it falls on your unprotected car, the acidic compositions will sit on the paint overnight or for a long time.

Apparently, acid molecules would react on any surface they touch; thus, when your car’s finish has residue acid molecules on it, you’d likely find spots after washing the car.

3. Dirty Water Splashes

This is the commonest cause of water spots; when your drive along the roads and streets, there’s every possibility that another driver is going to splash water on your car, or you could drive into a porthole filled with dirty water.

Now, as you drive, the dirty water would dry into your paint, and sometimes, unless you use a specially formulated car wash compound , the marks/spots caused by the dirty water won’t easily clean off your car’s paint.

How To Wash A Black Car Without Water Spots

What Causes Water Spots On Cars With Black Paint

Having seen the possible reasons why there are lots of water spots showing on your car’s paint, let’s show you how to wash them off while washing the car.

This article focuses on washing “black cars” without water spots showing up after the wash; however, the steps could be applied to wash other cars that are not painted black.


  • It is best not to wash a car under the sun to avoid faster drying
  • Use the best car wash products for your car
  • Be gentle when scrubbing your car’s paint with a microfiber towel, car wash mint, or any rag you’re using.
  • Rinse as you wash, don’t wait until you clean the entire surfaces

1. Get Your Car Wash Gears

Firstly, you need to ready some essential car wash gears. These gears include your favorite car wash soap for black cars, buckets of clean water, chamois/microfiber cloth, and other equipment/tools you love using to wash your car (probably a pressure washer or foam gun/canon).

It’d be great to use distilled water for the wash. Hard water won’t let you achieve the best results you wish, so you have to ensure that you’re using hard water. Remember to park the car under a shade or somewhere that’s not directly under sunlight.

2. Start Washing

It’s time to get started; which tool are you using? Read the instructions on the cleaning agent you choose to use. However, generally, you should pour out the car wash soap/shampoo into the bucket of water and upset the water to create foams/suds.

Now, you can kick off with the washing – don’t apply force, and always pay attention to any sound you hear while moving the cleaning mitt or microfiber towel on the car’s paint.

When you wash a spot/part/section, rinse off immediately and inspect for spots. Continue by washing the car section by section until you’re done.

3. Dry Your Car

Now is the time to dry the car; this is a crucial moment in washing cars (in general). How you dry your car could cause water spots to appear or to appear.

Having that in mind, you should dry the car using a microfiber towel or chamois cloth. These cloths are soft, smooth, and perfect for drying cars.

However, if you used a good car wash soap, you shouldn’t be bothered about seeing water spots on your car after a wash. Most car wash soaps are well-formulated to bring out the best of your car’s finish; hence, they contain polymers that ensures that water spots don’t show up after you rinse off the suds.

What More?

If followed keenly, these tips will prevent water spots from appearing on your car’s finish after each wash. It all points down to the car wash materials you used in washing the vehicle; regular household cleaning materials would definitely affect your paint in one way or another.

What To Do When Water Spots Appear On Your Black Car

What To Do When Water Spots Appear On Your Black Car

If you already see some annoying water spots on your car’s paint, you don’t have to bother so much; it is something you can deal with in a matter of minutes.

  • Purchase a water spot remover compound
  • Follow the instructions provided in the product’s label
  • Apply it on your car (use it to (re)wash the car)
  • Rinse off and check for the watermarks again

Apparently, they should be gone by now. But, choosing a water spot remover isn’t that easy as it sounds. We’d recommend that you go for a product that other people have used and written reviews about.

That way, you can easily figure out the PROS and CONS of the product, how it works, and the type of spots it removes.

How To Prevent Water Spots From Appearing On Black Car?

There’s basically one way to protect your car’s paint from damage, and that is by applying wax. Car waxes or sealants remain the best ways to protect your car’s finish from so many damages. Interestingly, applying car wax does not take a long time, and it’s something you can do on your own.

When your car is waxed, the water spots would only appear on the wax layer, which is easy to remove. Waxing also saves your car’s paint from minor scratches too.


Still looking for how to wash a black car without water spots? Just use the right car wash materials and tools – that’s basically all you need to wash your car frequently, having the confidence that you won’t find spots anywhere.

Also, we’d love to say that the tips and guidelines provided in this article are liable to work for/on all cars regardless of the paint color. You can go ahead to detail your black car to enhance its shininess and transparency. Truly, black cars look stunning if appropriately maintained.

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