Is It Illegal To Sleep In Your Car In Indiana?

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It could be tiredness, it could be related to a health condition, but sometimes while driving, you’d feel like you should really pull over and catch some good sleep.

It’s not a bad idea, but it could be a wrong decision if you do not adhere to the highway rules of the state or city you’re driving in.

If you’re driving through Indiana, you may want to ask, “Is it illegal to sleep in your car in Indiana?” Well, sleeping in your car is not an illegal act if you parked in a good space and with the consent of the security or people staying in that area.

Indiana Rest Areas / Parking Rules and Regulations

Well, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) did not stipulate any guidelines regarding the use of its rest areas, generally.

Regardless, in most rest areas you’d find across the state of Indiana, you’d see a sign-post that clears states that overnight parking is not allowed.

There is not limit to how long you can stay in a rest area in Indiana – you just should stay for the whole night – that’s what the rule says.

Since all you needed was a place to stop and rest your head before continuing with your journey, 3 – 4 hours in a rest are should enough for you to get a good sleep.

Well, you may not see the overnight parking prohibition sign post in all the rest areas.

For places where you don’t see the signposts, it is safe to assume that you can actually stay overnight, but then, you have to conscious of the environment as regards to criminal activities.

Is It Illegal To Sleep In Your Car In Indiana

Apparently, from all that we’ve said so far, it is clear that sleeping in your car in Indiana is not illegal. You can actually find a place that you believe to be safe, and then pull over to enjoy a good rest.

However, you should know that the occupants of the area you may be parking (if you’re parked in a street) may call the police on you, especially if the area is not so secure for in inhabitants.

While overnight parking is not allows by the INDOT, its rest areas are open for 24 hours, which implies that you can come in and rest at any time, including evening and nights.

You shouldn’t park at the side of the road to sleep, that’s not advisable in any sense. Find a street or parking lots that allow such activities.

When you check on forums, you’d find a number of persons recommending 24-hour Kroger lots.

Yes, they are a good place to pull over and sleep, especially in the surbuds. Some churches in Indianapolis may also allow you to park in their space while you get a quick nap.

Not to forget, some privately-operated parking lots may allow you to use their space; however, you may be paying for this.

You should never park at a private space without the consent of the owner, manager, or the security in charge.

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In summary, for the question, “Is it illegal to sleep in your car in Indiana?” The simple answer is NO. The US state of Indiana is generous with its road usage rules and their rest areas are open 24 hours.

It would be best not to exceed 5 hours when parking at a space, otherwise, concerned people in the neighborhood may notify the security in charge of the area or you could get a knock on your window from a cop.

Finally, ensure that your car is completely turned off before you start sleeping in your car, and you may need to consider sleeping on the front passenger seat instead of the driver’s seat.

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