Is It Illegal to Sleep In Your Car In Chicago?

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Getting a knock on your window by a cop? The residents of the neighborhood calling the cops on you? Getting charged with a lawsuit?

What are the possible situations to experience when you sleep in your car in Chicago – is it illegal to sleep in your car in Chicago?

Every driver is always cautious of road usage rules and regulations, especially when driving through a new city or state.

A lot of drivers have been charged with lawsuits for flaunting simple rules from a state’s Department of Transportation. Well, in Chicago, it is not actually illegal to sleep in your car, but then, you need to know this.

How Long Can You Park In Chicago

The number of hours you can park in a lot depends on the lot. Mostly, parking in Chicago is limited to a 2-hour increment.

Regardless, there are places you can park for free and even park overnight. It all depends on your location and the area.

Chicago also has rest areas for drivers who are on a long trip and wish to rest at intervals.

These rest areas are provided by the Chicago Department of Transport and there are private rest stops too. You can get into a rest area and park your car to sleep (if allowed).

Is It Illegal to Sleep In Your Car In Chicago?

Is It Illegal to Sleep In Your Car In Chicago

No, it is not illegal to sleep in your car in Chicago – as long as you’re parked in a safe area that allows such convenience.

For example, you could find a safe spot in a neighborhood, park there; roll up your windows, turn off your car completely, and then enjoy your sleep.

In the same way, you can park in designated rest areas to have a quick nap. However, the rest areas in Chicago provided by the CDOT do not allow overnight parking, but they are open for 24 hours.

This means that you can come in at any time to park and rest, but you’re not allowed to stay overnight.

In the same way, there are private parking lots that support overnight parking; however, you will have to discuss with the security in charge, or the owner of the space – you may have to pay a certain fee.

Also, you should be careful and look out for unsafe places where you shouldn’t park.

Except you have parked for so long in a particular spot, the residents living around the area may not be concerned about you. In contrast, concerned residents may call on the police when you’ve stayed too long in that spot.

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So, is it illegal to sleep in your car in Chicago? Just like most other cities and states in the US, the Chicago government does not frown at drivers sleeping inside their vehicles – you just have to know the rules of the area you’re located in, and stick to them.

Most importantly, when sleeping in your car, always remember to roll up your glasses and turn off the engine completely; else, you may be facing a serious suit.

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