How To Remove Stickers From Inside Rear Car Window

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Rear car window stickers are cool until you get over them and you start looking for ‘how to remove stickers from inside rear car window’.

The rear car window stickers can come from a phase in your life, your kids entertaining themselves during a long trip, or just them wanting their favorite cartoon character on the window or even state park registration stickers.

The annoying thing is that they get old and old stickers, in general, can become an eyesore and also a problem when it is time to sell your car. Do not worry, because there are safe and effective ways to remove them.

How To Remove Stickers From Inside Rear Car Window

Rear car window stickers are much easier to put on than they are to remove. This is because the stickers have been exposed to alternating hot and cold temperatures.

The process of the sun heating the adhesives on the sticker and then alternating with the cooler night temperature causes window stickers to adhere tightly to the window glass, making it nearly impossible to remove without a struggle.

Different methods can be used in removing stickers from rear car windows. These methods include but are not limited to the use of the following:

  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Baking soda and cooking oil
  • WD-40
  • Razorblade
  • Adhesive remover
  • Hot water
  • Ice
  • Heat

The use of the following can be useful in removing stickers from inside rear car windows, but we only recommend that you use a razor blade and adhesive remover.

These two methods are recommended because they are both safe and very effective. The other methods may cause damage to the car window and trim if not used appropriately.

These damages can cause even more problems than the rear car window stickers that you are trying to remove.

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How to Use Adhesive Remover to Remove Rear Car Window Stickers

How To Remove Stickers From Inside Rear Car Window

Get an adhesive remover of your choice, read labels to ensure it is safe to use on a surface like a rear car window and the car, in general, to be sure it won’t damage paint and window tints.

Use a car glass cleaner and microfiber towel to remove any dirt and grime on the window. Apply adhesive remover liberally or as recommended by the manufacturer on the sticker and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Use a plastic scraper that can be found in your kitchen to scrape off the sticker once it has been softened enough by the adhesive remover. Use a non-marring one.

If you do not have a non-marring plastic scraper, you can use a folded paper towel to scrub the sticker. If you are using a folded paper towel, start scrubbing from a corner, then gradually work your way toward the center.

Keep scrubbing or scraping until the sticker and remaining adhesive is completely removed. Then use a micro-fiber towel and car glass cleaner to clean the area again and buff the glass to shine.

This method isn’t the most comfortable as in many cases, it leaves a sticky mess as it dissolves the sticker, but it is safe and effective. You have to be patient to use this method, as you can see that it requires a lot of scraping, scrubbing, and cleaning.

Since the stickers are being removed from inside, a surface test should be done so as not to damage surfaces such as car seats and door with the adhesive remover.

Better yet, an old cloth or towel can be placed over the surface to prevent the adhesive remover from touching the car.

If you are not very patient and do not want to deal with all that stickiness, then you should try the next safe method, which is the use of razor blades.

Do not fret; it isn’t as scary as it sounds.

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How to Use Razor Blades to Remove Rear Car Stickers

  • Get a clean and unused razor blade. It must be unused because any impurity such as rust on the blade, can scratch the glass, causing more damage than the sticker you are trying to remove.
  • Thoroughly clean the glass with a car glass cleaner to remove dirt that may cause scratching.
  • Apply a generous amount of glass cleaner to the area of the sticker to lubricate the surface and make it easier for the blade to slide across the glass. Reapply glass cleaner if needed.
  • Hold the razor blade against the glass at an angle most convenient for you, and a 45-degree angle is recommended, and slide towards the sticker. Start at a corner and carefully work your way to the center. The razor blade will separate the adhesive backing off the sticker from the glass.
  • Once the sticker is gone, reapply the glass cleaner and use the cleaned razor blade to remove the adhesive. Then use a microfiber cloth and a little glass cleaner to clean the area for the last time before you buff the glass to a shine.

As scary as using a razor blade on your precious car looks when imagined, it is the most effective and easiest way to remove stickers from the rear car window. Be careful not to cut yourself. It is advised that you use the type of blades used in box cutters.

Do not use the razor blade method of sticker removal if the rear window has a tint applied to it. This will likely damage the window tint by scratching it.

Be careful not to let the blade touch the inside surface of the car as it may cut through the fabric, leather or any material it is made of.

The other methods that can be used to remove rear car window stickers mentioned above can still be used even though we don’t recommend as some of them can cause more damage than they are worth.

On the other hand, we also cannot completely kick them because some people may want to use those methods as items such as baking soda, cooking oil, ice, and hot water is always readily available in the home.

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Other Rear Car Window Sticker Removing Methods

Other Rear Car Window Sticker Removing Methods

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Clean the glass, apply rubbing alcohol, and peel away the sticker from the glass. Reapply to remove adhesive from the glass altogether then give it a final clean. Use the flip side of the cleaning to towel to give the area a buff for a shine.

If rubbing alcohol is not properly diluted, it can permanently damage car paint and other surfaces. Ensure you use the recommended concentration.

2. Baking Soda and Cooking Oil

Thoroughly mix baking soda with cooking oil of your choice and apply generously to the sticker. Dry off with a paper towel and scrub until the adhesive loosens and the sticker comes off.

Clean area with micro-fiber towel and glass cleaner then buff to shine.

3. WD-40

Gently peel away as much of the sticker as you possibly can. Spray WD-40 on the remaining sticker pieces and the adhesive residue then wait for a few minutes. When the set time is up, swipe the spray away with a damp cloth. Clean the area if required.

4. Ice

The simplest things can go a long way, right? Would you have thought of ice as something that can remove a sticker from a car window?

Hold a pack of ice to the rear car window for a few minutes as you would if you bumped your head or injured any part of your body, I am sure you get the drift. This cools off the adhesive and makes it easy to peel away.

Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the surface down until every bit of the adhesive is off.

5. Hot Water

Mix a few drops of liquid soap with boiling water and pour it into a bottle or any available container. Pour the piping hot water on the sticker a couple of times and let it soak for a while.

Keep pouring the hot water on the sticker until the adhesive loosens and then you gently peel the sticker away. Use a clean towel and car glass cleaner to wipe the surface clean and buff to the desired shine.

As much as this method is cost-effective and readily available, I do not recommend as one can easily get scalded by hot water. Burns are not easy to manage.

6. Heat

All you need for this method is a hand dryer, warm water, and paper towels.

Turn hand dryer on to the highest setting. You can also use a heat gun if you have one. Hold it over the sticker for about a minute or two. Peel the corner of the sticker quickly, then gradually pull away from the surface of the glass.

Use warm water and paper towels to remove the residue.

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Stickers will always find their way to your rear car window, so effective ways of removing stickers from inside a rear car window is a necessity.

Most of the methods discussed in this article are safe and effective, and very easy.

Be careful with some of them as they can cause irreparable damage if misused.

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