How To Protect Car Windshield From Cracks

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A cracked windshield is never a pretty sight to behold. But it’s not just about aesthetic appeal; a crack or chip in a windshield can have a significant impact on how safe your car really is. So, how can you better take care of your windshield?

What are the things you should be doing, and what are some of the things that are better to avoid?

In this article, we will be looking at how to protect car windshield from cracks and other unwanted issues.

Let’s get started!

Why So Much Emphasis on a Windshield?

Contrary to popular opinion, a windshield is not a mere decorative element in a car. Besides providing an unobstructed view of the road ahead, it also protects you from external elements like stones, wind, dust, and other forms of debris.

Moreover, a windshield also acts as the first level of barrier in case of accidents where the car rolls over upside down or in mishaps involving you getting thrown against the front of the car.

They also play an essential role in the deployment of airbags, thereby softening the impact of the blow and protecting your life in untoward circumstances.

Despite its immense importance, most car owners tend to neglect windshield maintenance, which becomes somewhat of an afterthought. So, what are some of how you can take better care of your windshields?

How To Protect Car Windshield From Cracks

1. Be aware of where you’re parking your car

There’s a real chance of your windshield getting damaged if you aren’t careful where you’re parking your car.

Extremes of weather, for instance, too much-unimpeded sunlight, can expose your fragile windshield to harmful UV rays and cause a crack to form. These directly translate to increased chances of breakage over time.

Make it a point to consciously stay away from trees. While they do provide shade and keep your car from getting too hot, the sap may get stuck onto your windshield, which is extremely hard to get rid of. If that happens, a neat trick is to scrape it off using a razor blade and wash the area with soap and water.

But more importantly, during times of a storm, there are chances of a branch tearing apart and falling on your car, severely damaging the windshield in the process.

2. Clean your windshields constantly

Since your windshield is bearing the brunt of the harsh environment you’re driving in; it’s better to keep cleaning the windshield on a regular basis. Dirt or debris stuck on the windscreen may obstruct your view and constitute an obvious safety hazard.

Cleaning your windshield can help get rid of at least half of such threats. Make sure to use cleaners that are specific to windshields and wipe them down with a soft cloth to prevent unwanted damage.

3. Get chips and cracks repaired immediately

It’s a common trend amongst new car users to ignore minor chips or a crack. But these cracks may give away, leading to more widespread damage, thus further compromising your safety.

So, the earlier you intervene, the better the outcome. Avoid quick-fix solutions and get the issue addressed by actual professionals, irrespective of how small or big the defect is.

But, getting the entire windshield replaced is a time-consuming and capital-intensive exercise. So, does insurance cover repairs for a cracked windshield? Well, that depends upon your insurance vendor and the insurance plan that you’ve chosen.

It may sometimes be covered under liability insurance, but make it a point to figure out if your insurance policy covers windshield repair.

In case it doesn’t, you can always opt for a more comprehensive policy. You’d be shelling out a couple of extra dollars, but it can prove to be extremely useful in case you’re in dire need of a complete replacement.

4. Replace windshield wipers regularly

Windshield wipers play an integral role in clearing away dust, debris, and smaller stones that may end up causing micro-abrasions, thus leading to the formation of chips and cracks.

Furthermore, the outer surface made out of rubber is subjected to a lot of wear and tear and gets gradually eroded away with time.

This inadvertently brings the underlying sturdy metal frame into contact with your windshield, causing unwanted scratches. So, it’s highly recommended that you get your windshield wipers replaced at least once a year.


So, there it is – a fully comprehensive guide to taking better care of your windshield. It’s high time that the misconception surrounding a windshield being a mere ornamental element is done away with, and car owners start to understand its importance in the realm of safety.

Replacing your windshield wipers once a year, learning not to ignore small chips or cracks, and regularly cleaning your windshield are some of the ways you can increase its longevity.

Avoid parking your car too close to other vehicles or under trees in times of a storm, and upgrade to car insurance that covers windshield repair so that you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting it replaced.

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