Top 8 Mexican Car Brands (With Photos)

There are over 20 car manufacturing companies in Mexico. Well, not all of them are still active to this day – a good number of them have stopped functioning or got sold out to other automobile manufacturing companies in other countries.

Notwithstanding, millions of new cars are produced out of Mexico annually. All brands listed here originated from Mexico and have their headquarters within the country. Mexican cars are pretty cool, reliable, and sturdy.

It’s just that they are not as popular as Japanese, South Korean, German, and British cars. So, are you ready? Here’s a list of the top Mexican car brands you should know about.

Top Mexican Car Brands

1. DINA S.A.

Photo by ERPN via Wikimedia

Diesel Nacional, S.A. (English: National Diesel), abbreviated as DINA S.A, is a Mexican original equipment manufacturer that produces buses and trucks.

The company is located in Ciudad Sahagún, Hidalgo, Mexico – it was founded by the Mexican government in 1951 but is currently owned by Grupo Empresarial G (since 1989).

DINA S.A., over the years, has produced several bus and truck models, partnering with companies like Renault, Fiat, Marcopolo S.A., Cummins, Flxible, Chrysler, Perkins, Caterpillar, MCI, Scania, Škoda, and others. Currently, DINA S.A. produces sophisticated buses for urban domestic and foreign use.

The DINA S.A. truck and bus models are sold in different countries, including the U.S. and Canada. DINA S.A. is one of the notable automobile manufacturers in Mexico.

2. Solana Cars

Photo by Xe1yjs via Wikimedia

Not the crypto Solana you know; this is Solana Cars, a cottage Mexican manufacturer of performance automobiles, including sports cars, racing vehicles, and kids’ vehicles.

Solana Cars is a family-run company established in 1936, and since then, the company has only made fewer than fifty cars – most of which are one-offs.

Solana Cars is intensely involved in motorsports. Most of Solana’s early cars were built using small single-cylinder engines, so the intended users were children. Solana Cars are still regarded as an automobile manufacturing company because it has quite a number of regular cars adults can drive.

3. Zacua

Established just a few years ago – 2017 – Zacua is practically the newest Mexican automobile manufacturing brand. It is based out of the Mexican City and focuses on producing electric cars.

Upon its launch, Zacua became the first Mexican automotive company in history to introduce, produce, and sell Mexican-made electric cars.

Zacua currently has only two models, the MX3 and MX2 coupe variants. The company has quite a promising future and has continued to partner with international companies to achieve more success.

4. Inferno Automobili


It might not be as popular as other models from top supercar brands, but the Inferno Exotic Car is a dead-beat hypercar capable of going from zero to 62 mph in less than 2.7 seconds; the car also possesses 1,400 horsepower; it’s a great rival to popular models from brands like McLaren, Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, and Pagani.

Inferno Automobili built the Inferno Exotic Car as an ultra-luxury hypercar with a race-hungry engine. The car was designed by Dozerek and LTM Hot Spot and produced in Mexico as a two-door coupe sports car.

However, the Inferno Exotic Car franchise was acquired by McLaren to produce the car in Italy, owned by the Opac Group.

5. Mastretta

Photo by davidgsteadman via Flickr

Founded in 1987 by an industrial designer, Daniel Mastretta, the Mastretta automobile manufacturing company is one of the gearheads in the country.

Based out of Mexico City, Mastretta Cars produces different kit car models under Tecnoidea and Unediseño brands. However, the company’s 2010 MXT hit the international commercial markets.

Mastretta is allegedly Mexico’s first mass-production automobile manufacturer to hit international commercial markers.

Initially, Mastretta was a design studio by Daniel Mastretta before it got transformed into a car manufacturing company. Mastretta vehicles are sporty, classy, and decent-looking – packed with good technologies.

6. Mexicana de Autobuses (MASA)

Photo by Steve Morgan via Wikimedia

Mexicana de Autobuses, S.A., abbreviated as MASA, is a bus and coach manufacturer based out of Tultitlán, Mexico. The company was owned and managed by the Mexican government until 1988, when it got privatized.

MASA was Mexico’s second-largest bus manufacturer as at when Volvo bought it in 1998 – the acquisition saw the name change from MASA to Volvo Buses de México.

MASA was first established in 1959, when the state-owned investment bank, SOMEX, acquired Sheppard Hnos. The company built its headquarters in Tultitlán in 1972 and further expanded the facility in 1980 before the Volvo era.

MASA produces trolleybuses, buses, and highway coaches. Also, MASA had been owned by DINA S.A. before the Volvo acquisition.

7. RON Automóviles

RON Automóviles is a new automobile manufacturer based in Mexico. The company approaches the automobile manufacturer industry in a different style. Similar to Inferno Automobili, RON Automóviles de México focuses on producing exotic sports cars and has already had a flagship model, the RXX.

While RON Automóviles is not yet popular among sports car riders, its R7 and RXX models are pretty good. RXX is the company’s flagship sports car, but they had built a quite-stunning R7 model, inspired by the Lotus 7.

RON Automóviles’ flagship RXX is available in three different versions, the base RXX model, the average RXX-S model, and the killer RXX-R trim.

8. Elfi Motors

Elfi Motors is a Mexican automobile manufacturing brand that focuses on the local market; this implies that the company is focused on selling to Mexicans. It produces small cars that are environmentally friendly and run with electricity.

So to say, Elfi Motors produces electric vehicles for the Mexican automobile market. Currently, Elfi’s lineup comprises only two models – the Jimmy KR and Moto Taxi TA3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cars Has Mexico Made?

Popular automobile manufacturers like Audi, Nissan, Ford, Honda, and many others have manufacturing plants in Mexico, where some of their models are produced. The BMW 3 series, Audi Q5, Chevrolet Equinox / GMC Terrain, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Honda HR-V, and Infiniti QX50 are all made in Mexico.

Does Mexico Have Car Manufacturers?

Yes, Mexico has a few automobile manufacturing companies, but these companies hardly produce vehicles driven worldwide; most of them are focused on the local market. Popular Mexican car manufacturers include Zacua, Solana, DINA S.A., and Inferno Automobili.

Does Mexico Make Vehicles?

According to a 2017 report, Mexico was the second-largest automobile manufacturing nation in the Western Hemisphere, following behind the United States. The country was said to have produced four (4) million vehicles in 2017. However, most cars produced in Mexico are not made by Mexican auto brands.

What More?

There are actually not many Mexican car brands that are still active to this day. Most of them are now defunct, and some have been bought over by international companies.

These eight (8) brands still produce cars in Mexico – for local and international markets. They are not so popular but produce different vehicles of acceptable quality.

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