How to Remove Inspection Sticker From Windshield to Reuse

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A wrongly applied car inspection sticker is a nightmare for every car owner. This is why you must know how to remove inspection sticker from windshield to reuse.

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at how you can remove an inspection sticker from a car windshield without damaging the sticker or the windshield.

How to Remove Inspection Sticker From Windshield to Reuse

Before we start, I will like to point out that this largely depends on the kind of sticker. You will have little or no luck with paper-based stickers as they are fragile and have no reuse value.

For other sticker options, such as plastic car inspection stickers, the following methods can carefully remove them for reuse.

1. Apply Heat

Using heat from a hand dryer or a heat gun loosens the adhesive on the sticker, making it easy to peel off.

You can also use the tip of a razor blade to aid the removal process. You can do this by inserting the end of a razor blade under one corner of the sticker.

Press the car inspection sticker’s loosened portion against the razor blade, then slowly lift both the blade and the sticker. If at any point the sticker starts to tear, reapply heat and start removing it from another corner.

Using a blade in this method is safer than pulling the sticker off with just your hands. For one, you eliminate ruining the adhesive on the sticker with your fingers.

If needed, use an adhesive on the removed car inspection sticker to improve adhesion on the new windshield you want to use it on.

2. Use Gasoline

Apply a small amount of gasoline on a cloth rag. Rub the surface of the sticker gently and very lightly with the rag. Repeat this over and over again until the sticker comes off.

You can speed up the process if it doesn’t work initially by applying flame to gasoline. I do not recommend this as gasoline is highly inflammable and can cause a lot of damage.

Gasoline has a very strong smell, so keep your car door open after you do this. Use an adhesive remover to remove any sticky residue, then use a towel to buff the surface for shine.

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3. Use Multipurpose Lubricant

Multipurpose lubricants such as WD-40 help loosen bonds. To use this method, gently lift the sticker’s corner with your fingers, then spray a small amount of WD-40 or any multipurpose lubricant of your choice directly on the point of contact.

Spray the lubricant repeatedly as you peel to ensure you do not tear the sticker. Apply adhesive; a spray adhesive will suffice to the removed sticker before applying it to the new windshield or surface.

Soak a cloth with hot water and use gentle pressure to wipe away the WD-40 or any other lubricant you use.

4. Apply Hairspray

As unconventional as this sounds. It works when combined with a razor blade.

Oils generally loosen adhesives, and hairsprays are made with a lot of oil for sheen. For this method, simply spray the sticker with hairspray and let it sit for about five minutes.

After it dries a bit, use a clean, preferably brand-new razor blade to avoid scratching the glass and damaging the windshield to scrape off the sticker.

Starting from the corner, work your way into the middle of the sticker. You can reapply the hairspray if needed.

To clean off the adhesive residue, use any adhesive remover of your choice to wipe the surface till there is no more residue.

5. Use Shaving Cream

I would roll my eyes too if someone brought this a solution when I am freaking out over a wrongly placed car inspection sticker, but it works.

You just have to be generous with the shaving cream and your time. The shaving cream method requires a lot of both if the car inspection sticker is well glued.

Apply a generous amount of your preferred shaving cream to the sticker. About an inch thick and leave for about an hour.

After an hour, you loosen the edges, remove that layer of shaving cream, and apply another layer to the car inspection sticker.

To avoid wastage, you can use the removed shaving cream to shave and maybe ask one of your buddies to shave with the next layer. I am just kidding.

You have to repeat the process for as long as is necessary. It takes a whole lot of time, but it works

6. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is an excellent tool for removing car inspection stickers from the windshield, especially when you want to reuse it. The good news is that it is readily available in your home.

It works by dissolving the adhesive backing of the inspection sticker to enable easy removal.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton balls and press on the sticker. Leave the wet paper towel or cotton ball for a few minutes to loosen the adhesive.

Use a razor blade to gently pull the from the edge of the sticker until it comes off ultimately.

Apply adhesive to the car inspection sticker before you reuse it. Use a clean towel to wipe off the remaining adhesive residue.

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7. Try Ice

How to Remove Inspection Sticker From a car Windshield

All you need for this method is a bag of ice and a razor blade.

Hold the bag of ice over the car inspection sticker on your windshield. The use of ice cools and hardens the adhesive. This makes the glue less sticky and easy to remove

Remove the ice and gently use the razor blade to peel of the car inspection sticker. Ensure you hold the razor blade at an angle to avoid scratching the glass.

Let me also reiterate the point you have to use a new blade to avoid damaging the windshield.  Razor blades that have been used before may contain impurities such as rust, which can irreversibly damage the windshield.

Removing car inspection stickers from your windshield can be done quickly using any of the following techniques discussed above. All that is required is a little patience, especially when it is to be reused.

After you remove the car inspection stickers, use a good auto glass cleaner to thoroughly remove the adhesive residue as they can be an eyesore if not removed.

Household items such as nail polish remover, paper towels, and razor blades can remove the sticky residue.

Simply soak some paper towels in nail polish remover and gently rub it over the adhesive residue until the area is saturated.

Use the razor blade placed at an angle as described earlier, to push the sticky residue off the windshield or any other glass.

Repeat until the residue is completely gone, then use a clean towel, micro-fiber, preferably to buff the area for a shine.

Nb: Before you apply your car inspection sticker to the windshield, stick it to your pants or fabrics that do not have a lot of lint or wool.

Doing this will make the adhesive a lot less sticky. It will still hold to the windshield, but it will make it easy to pull it off when you want to remove it.


How to remove a car inspection sticker for reuse may not sound like such a big deal until you mistakenly put your car inspection sticker on your wife’s car and hers on yours.

The methods listed above are safe and effective and the tools used are readily available in your homes.

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