How To Remove Bosch Wiper Blades (3 Easy Steps)

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Looking for how to remove Bosch wiper blades to replace new ones or clean them properly? Well, the procedure to remove wiper blades is pretty tricky and differs based on the type of wiper blade you’re using. This article focuses on Bosch wiper blades – all lengths and designs.

Bosch wiper blades typically feature a similar type of clipping technique. So, all you need is to pop the clip loose and slide the wiper blade down to get it out of the stock wiper blade base that is installed into your car’s engine bay. Well, it’s quite a straightforward process, explained below.

How To Remove Bosch Wiper Blades

Bosch wiper blades are not the easiest to remove. But that doesn’t mean it’s tough to get them out; hereunder are the steps to follow.

Step 1:

Gradually pull the wiper blades from the windscreen/windshield; pull the wiper blade until it can stand on its own without being pulled back to the windscreen.

Step 2:

Look closely to the point of intercession between the wiper blade and the (arm) base – which is built into the vehicle you’d find a somewhat flexible clip, which is press-able.

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Step 3:

Pinch/press the sides of the clip to pop up the enclosure. Once the enclosure is popped, slide the wiper blade down through the opening – slide the wiper blade downward until it leaves the arm/base.

That’s it! You have removed the Bosch wiper blades. These steps apply to removing Bosch wiper blades on the front or rear windshield (for vehicles with wiper blades at the rear). To install new blades, or reinstall the old ones after cleaning them, follow the steps below.

How To Install/Reinstall Bosch Wiper Blades

  • Pull the wiper blade arm/base and make it standalone – away from the windshield.
  • Put the Bosch wiper blade on the top edge of the wiper blade arm (on the hook of the arm)
  • Press the sides of the blade to open up the clip
  • Slide the wiper blade into the hook of the wiper blade’s arm/base, then release the clip.
  • Once the clip is closed, it locks the wiper blade into the housing.
  • Lower the wiper blade gently until it touches the windshield (Note: don’t push the wiper blade to retrace itself – the force at which it’d retrace may cause visible damage to the windscreen).

That’s all, installing and uninstalling Bosch wiper blades is all about locating the clip, which is typically pressable. If you have to install or remove dual wiper blades, do it one after another.


The Bosch wiper blades are among the best options to get on the market; hence, it is popular. This article explains how to remove Bosch wiper blades; regardless of the Bosch wiper blade you got, look out for the clip/adapter, press the sides and you’d see an open place to slide into the wiper blade arm/base on your car.

When installing or removing wiper blades, always be careful not to allow the wiper blades or the base/arm to retrace by itself and hit on the windshield grass; the force might crack the windshield. You may also need to put a towel on the windscreen during the wiper blade change.

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