Key Harley-Davidson Headlight Problems

Harley-Davidson seems to have the perfect replacement LED headlights you need on your motorcycle. The company, Harley Davidson, is an American motorcycle and parts manufacturer; it has been around for over a century – founded in 1903 in Wisconsin, United States.

No doubt, Harley-Davidson motorcycles look classy, sturdy, rugged, and very much appealing; if you love motorcycles, you’d definitely love Harley-Davidson models.

However, there have been complaints about Harley-Davidson motorcycle headlights. Thus, this article explains the most common Harley-Davidson headlight problems.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Bikes

Shortened as H-D or Harley, Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in the U.S. The company also produces motorbikes and motorcycle parts. There are several Harley-Davidson motorcycle models, and they all look decent with sturdy components.

As a company, Harley-Davidson has survived several financial and ownership crises. Still, the company stands strong as one of the most-reliable motorcycle and parts manufacturers globally.

While headquartered in Wisconsin, U.S., Harley-Davidson bikes and motorcycles are sold in many countries globally.

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Harley-Davidson Headlight Problems

It seems Harley-Davidson automobiles typically have headlight problems. A lot of Harley-Davidson motorcycle and motorbike owners have complained of different headlight faults.

The issue became worse with the 2010s and 2020s Sportster models; the company had to recall most of them: XL1200CX (2019-2020), XL1200C (2019), XL1200NS (2019-2021), XL1200XS (2019), XL1200X (2019-2021), XL883L (2019), and XL883N (2019-2021).

For the models mentioned above, it is alleged that the headlight unit didn’t comply with the Unites State’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) policies. Hence, they are being recalled to have the headlight unit reproduced with probably a glossy/chrome-finished bulb shield.

The current bulb shield in the models listed above is fragile and can start to crack/melt when heated, which could affect the filament(s) and cause the lights to go out.

Categorically, the most common problem with H-D headlights is that they go out. Below is the commonest Harley-Davidson Headlight Problem you may face and how to fix them.

Harley-Davidson Headlight Won’t Come On

This is mainly caused by faulty connections or the headlight relay being corroded. So, in most cases, this DIY practice could get it all fixed.

  • Remove the headlight bucket and check for corrosion in the headlight plug and harness.
  • Try to check the passing lamp switch and its harness too. If everything looks fine, plug back the headlight but don’t completely fix it back into the bucket – let it hang loose.
  • Turn on the ignition switch; tug on the related wiring harness – this should make the light go out. If it doesn’t, pull and poke the harness while playing with the hi/low switch and passing lamp switch.
  • If the issue isn’t fixed, you should have an electrician handle it from here.

Well, it’s either the headlight is not coming on, or it flickers; these are the two commonly reported problems with Harley-Davidson headlights. Mostly, you can fix these problems by replacing the relay or cleaning out the corrosion in the harness and other close components.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Troubleshoot a Harley-Davidson Headlight?

If you’re facing issues with your Harley-Davidson headlight, the best thing to do is to consult the owner’s manual to see how you can troubleshoot the malfunctioning headlight. Typically, you may need to loosen the headlight, disconnect the fuse(s), and replace it with new ones that have the same voltage/amp rating.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of a Harley-Davidson Headlight?

Yeah, you can clean the inside of your H-D headlight using rubbing alcohol or vinegar. You just need to remove the headlight, pour the vinegar or rubbing alcohol, and swish for a few seconds.

What Is The Most Common Reason For a Headlight Failure?

Faulty fuse, relay, or module; if any of these three things are not functioning properly or installed correctly, the connected headlight will most likely fail (go out). Wiring/electrical faults can cause headlights to fail too.

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What More?

This article tries to explain the most common Harley-Davidson headlight problems: faulty headlight relays and improper connections. A lot of people fix their Harley-Davidson headlight problems themselves by following DIY guides.

However, if the problems seem so complicated for you to handle, invite a professional motorcycle electrician to troubleshoot and fix the issue with your Harley-Davidson headlight. Hopefully, this article helps your search.

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