Top 5 Harley Road King Years to Avoid and Why

So, you’ve heard about how wonderful of a bike the Harley Road King bike is, and you’re considering getting one. But is the road king really reliable? Yes, this bike is reliable, efficient, and widely used, but some editions are known to have numerous problems.

For most bike lovers, certain things attract them to Harley Road King. However, there are few complaints because Harley is of different brands or types with different levels of efficiency.

This can create a puzzle in your mind about which Harley Road King years to avoid. Like everyone else, we know that you’ll love to choose the right model of the Harley brand, which is what this article will help you to achieve.

Harley Road King Years to Avoid

From experience, most users have issues with years, such as 2014 Harley Road King, 2006 Harley Road King, 2004 Harley Road King, and 2003 Harley Road King.

The limitations observed in the models are so disturbing that a list of the models affected had to be created so that lovers of the Harley brand can get value for money and enjoy the models that will serve them well and because it has some features which they cannot do without.

Getting stuck with a brand that offers no real value can be frustrating.

Although the brand is aware of a list of some of their models that should be avoided, they are conscious of the need to keep improving their product.

These limitations should not be ignored because they affect the bike’s mechanical and configuration aspects. Overlooking them will result in greater dissatisfaction with a brand you’ve heard so much about.

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2001 Harley Road King

There are discrepancies over the 2001 Harley Road King because some are considered substandard. It has been likened to the 2001 model, which exhibits many disadvantages, including the loud noises it produces while driving.

The option for users to get a detached wobble link from the right place to the trunk was equally not tenable as users do not get a good experience using the brand. That’s the issue with the 2001 Ultra Classic model.

2003 Harley Road King

If you have heard about the 2003 Harley Road King, you may remember one or two things about its problems because the issues it has is as popular as the name itself.

Although the model, known as King Davidson, was launched after considering the flaws of other previous models, it still had some setbacks, enough reason for you to avoid it. Notably, it has a faulty fuel system.

Observably, it has an engine problem because the motor does not seem compatible, and it easily gets blocked by dirt.

2004 Harley Road King

The 2004 model has major flaws, such as poor engine function. The stress for users cannot be compared to the expensive cost of the bike.

Nicknamed the Road King Dyna Super glide, it exposes users to the danger arising from the use of plastic parts. It has other lapses in gear capacity and motor efficiency.

The HD Street 500 also falls under this model. Although it ought to be an improvement on other models, it falls short of expectations because the motor and gear still have limitations.

2006 Harley Road King

The 2006 Harley Road King model, also known as Road King Electra Glide, is considered a bad product by many users to the extent that there were calls for its recall. 

There were notable separation difficulties of various parts, and it has the problem of wobble caused by bolt failure. What it has as a fuel trunk is no better than a clingy cylinder of little value.

2014 Harley Road King

One of the best models released with minimal problems is the 2014 Harley Road king. However, it is still worth avoiding because the little problems could cause a big issue for the user.

Aside from its good design, its hydraulic is nothing to write home about because it makes it easily vulnerable to accidents.

Most Common Harley Road King Problems

Below are the most common Harley Road King problems you should know about. This will enable you to fully decide if you want to purchase this bike or not.

Let’s get started!

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1. Engine Failure

Harley Road King engine failure is synonymous with the years 2004 to 2009. Imagine how risky it can be to experience engine failure while riding a bike. If you don’t know, this could lead to a fatal accident.

The cam chain system’s design is probably the primary problem with Harley-Twin Davidson’s Cam engine. The product is poorly designed as there’s usually metal-to-metal contact, leading to metal shavings, which will likely harm the engine.

Now, if you’re unable to detect and tackle this problem, it may eventually damage the entire Twin Cam’s engine, including the engine casings, pistons, and cams.

2. Transmission Problem

The 2009 road king is known to have transmission issues! Some users complained that the transmission was switched from the first gear, but the shift mechanism didn’t work.

This is because the shifter input shaft appeared not to be attached to the transmission’s internals anymore.

3. Bad Fuel System

The 2002 Road King fuel pump isn’t reliable. Once you turn the key, you can hear the pump make a sound, and the whine increases when the start button is pressed.

After riding the bike a few blocks, the motor shuts down. The problem is mainly from the EFI pressure in the 2002 Road King.

4. Ignition Switch Problem

Some Road King model ignition switches do not supply any power in the IGN or ACC positions when you try to activate the stop run switch.

Sadly, your life may be at risk if the ignition switch is faulty. This problem is generally predominant in the 2006 model.

Which Harley Road King Years Should You Buy?

The 2016 and 2017 Harley Road King are the safest models you should buy. The 2016 road king has a beautiful and colorful design, dual halogen headlights, and a robust retractable windscreen.

Additionally, the 2017 model has a vintage and fascinating design that you will instantly fall in love with. Therefore, if you’re looking for the safest and most reliable Harley Road King model to buy, I suggest you check out the 2016 and 2017 editions; you will thank me later!

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Hopefully, you now know which Harley Road King years to avoid! The disadvantages associated with the identified years are enormous and not worth risking.

Unless it is a different year of the Harley model, it is not fit to be your road king!

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