Top 6 Dodge Ram Headlight Problems

Headlights are really important in every vehicle, especially if you usually drive at night. Yes, there may be streetlights on the major roads, but you may not find such on street roads. So, you have to rely on the brightness level of your truck’s headlights to see your path clearly.

Dodge Ram trucks come standard with different types of headlights, depending on the model and trim level you’re buying. However, regardless of your RAM truck model, there are some Dodge Ram headlight problems you should be aware of.

Many Ram owners have reported these issues, including dimmed headlights, one headlight stopping to work, intermittent on and off, and more that we’ll talk about below.

Getting these problems fixed is quite easy, but sometimes, it could get complicated, and you would have to engage a professional auto electrician to fix it.

Top Dodge Ram Headlight Problems

Below are the various Dodge Ram headlight problems you should know about:

1. One Of The Headlights Stops Working

Different Dodge RAM truck owners have reported this particular issue, including people who own the 1500 and 2500 models. If one of your Ram truck’s headlights stops working suddenly, it could be a wiring fault, or the headlight bulb is blown/dead.

You need to troubleshoot the faulty headlight to pinpoint the actual reason behind the sudden failure of one of your truck’s headlights.

This may imply inserting a new headlight bulb to see if the light would come on; if the light doesn’t come on, then it’s likely an electrical fault, which an auto electrician should handle.

2. Flickering Headlights

Okay, two of your Ram truck’s headlights haven’t gone out yet, but they’re flickering, and it’s affecting your view? You’re not the only one who has faced such a scenario; flickering headlights seem to be common on Ram trucks, and it’s usually caused due to a blown fuse.

If you can identify the blown fuse when you pop-open the bonnet, then all you need is to buy a new fuse and install it.

However, if this isn’t something you can do, you should have a RAM electrician do it for you. It costs below $400 to replace a blown headlight fuse; the price could be higher in some places.

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3. Dimmed Headlights

In most cases, this is not a big issue – your truck’s headlights are simply dying off as they’ve reached the epic of their lifespan. If you’re using halogen or xenon headlights, the predicted lifespan of these headlight bulbs is 2500h and 3200h, respectively.

Notwithstanding, in some cases, the problem is not the bulbs but probably an electrical fault, improper wiring (especially if the truck’s electrical was worked on recently), or voltage problems. If this is the case, you need to get a professional auto electrician to fix the problem.

4. Both Headlights Won’t Turn On

Did you use the wrong headlight bulb for your truck? If yes, that could be the problem. Also, changing from xenon headlights to halogen headlights or vice versa could be the problem.

Another possible cause of this problem is a burned-out headlight switch or an underlying electrical fault.

5. Headlights Turn On and Off Intermittently

This usually occurs when the headlight bulbs overload the headlight switch; in other words, this problem occurs when you use the wrong headlight bulbs for your truck.

But then, if you’re using the accurate-recommended bulb for your RAM headlights and they both turn and off, then the fault is with the headlight switch(es) – replace it.

6. High Beam Or Low Beam Not Working

There are a number of reasons why either of the beams is not working: bad relay, faulty fuse, burned out high/low beam bulb, and quite other reasons.

You may have to run different troubleshooting to ascertain what actually went wrong and then make the replacement.

What You Should Know

To sum it all up, Dodge Ram headlight problems are caused due to failed relay, faulty fuses, burned-out bulbs, improper wiring, or using the wrong bulbs.

It is important to note that headlight bulbs can burn out prematurely – especially if you’re not using “original” headlight bulbs. Corrosion, dirt, and water getting logged inside the headlight can all cause headlight failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Each Headlight Have a Fuse?

Yes, each headlight has its own components, which usually comprise a fuse,  bulb switch, relay, and the bulb itself. So, when headlights fail, you can replace the fuses separately.

Where Is The Headlight Relay Dodge Ram?

The placement may slightly differ depending on your Ram truck model, but you’d usually find the relay next to the battery; you’d find a covered fuse box, which on the flip side of the box’s cover is labeled “headlamp relay.” Use the owner’s manual to find the exact location on your model.

Can a Blown Fuse Affect Headlights?

For sure, a blown fuse is one of the most common reasons for headlight failure in any vehicle – not just Ram trucks. Once a headlight fuse is blown, it must be replaced before the headlight bulb can turn on.


Dodge Ram headlight problems are mostly due to faulty components in the headlight assembly.

Fixing the problems can be simple, and in some cases, it could be a tough job. The cost of fixing problematic Dodge Ram trucks ranges from $100 – $400.

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