Wix Vs Motorcraft Oil Filter: Key Differences

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The brand names, Wix and Motorcraft, are household names for car owners, mostly Ford customers.

Motorcraft is the official brand recommended by Ford for its vehicles, but that’s because the Motorcraft brand is owned by Ford Motor Company. Wix, on the other side, has positioned itself as a top premium brand in the automobile parts market.

In this Wix vs Motorcraft oil filter comparison, we’d look into the difference in design and technology used by these two top brands in making motor oil filters.

Motorcraft mainly uses yellowish paper/cellulose media for its oil filters, which are made in the USA, while WIX typically uses a similar material but about 3x thicker.

Wix Oil Filters Overview

Wix is a popular brand that produces a wide range of automobile parts and fluids. The brand is currently owned by MANN+HUMMEL, the German manufacturing giant. One outstanding fact about Wix oil filters is that they are deeply pleats – about ¼-inch deeper than filters from most other brands.

If you disassemble Wix oil filters, the media is usually crimped with a metal strip – that’s for durability, by the way. Also, it is important to note that WIX filters are built to OEM specifications; they are highly recommended for GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. Notwithstanding, you can put Wix filters on any other vehicle they can fit into.

WIX oil filters are majorly made in North Carolina, United States, but some versions are made in other countries, including China. However, being made in China doesn’t affect the reliability of Wix filters – they are still among the best-performing options in the market.

Motorcraft Oil Filters Overview

Motorcraft is one of the leading auto brands in the market; its specialty is producing OEM-standard oil and air filters for Ford Motor Company.

Although Ford owns the brand, its products are recommended and can be used on other vehicles that are not produced by Ford. The Motorcraft oil filter is made in the United States and sold relatively cheaply.

Motorcraft oil filters typically have a glued media with light-deep pleats. No doubt, Motorcraft oil filters offer good protection, but they are not so efficient; in fact, the efficiency rating is just 80 percent, and quite a lot of online reviewers have criticized the brand. Compared with Wix oil filters, Motorcraft oil filters score lower.

Wix Vs Motorcraft Oil Filter

Filter BrandWixMotorcraft
Mileage5,000 – 15,0005,000 – 12,000
Filter MediaHigh Density, Multi-FiberHigh Density, Multi-Fiber
Anti-Drain Back ValveSilicone anti-drain back valvesSilicone anti-drain back valves
Production LocationNorth CarolinaUSA
OwnerMANN+HUMMELFord Motor Company

WIX and Motorcraft oil filters typically last from 5,000 miles to 12,000 miles or more, depending on the filter model – both brands make a variety of oil filter models.

Ford owners would advise you to stick with Motorcraft oil filters, but in the real sense, Wix oil filters appear to be much better and more effective in keeping out dirt from the engine.

Motorcraft oil filters have poor efficiency and can’t filter out thinner contaminants, but Wix filters can keep such stuff out. Well, Motorcraft oil filters are cheaper than Wix oil filters in most stores, and being that Ford Motor Company backs up the brand, most people would buy them anyway.

Tearing apart most oil filter models from these brands, you’d find out that Motorcraft’s center support tubes have a larger diameter than Wix’s, and probably that’s because Motorcraft’s oil filters’ media pleats are not as thick as that of Wix’s.

Nevertheless, both were equally strong, made from perforated sheet metal with a spiral seam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wix Oil Filter Better Than Motorcraft Oil Filter?

No, not really. It is not “so” true to say that Wix oil filters are better than Motorcraft offerings. The thing is that Wix oil filters look much better in terms of design; however, both Wix and Motorcraft oil filters seem to improve oil flow and engine performance at almost the same rate; they are almost equally efficient – forget the manufacturers’ efficiency rating.

Wix vs. Motorcraft Oil Filter 6.7 Powerstroke?

Using Motorcraft on your Powerstroke 6.7 isn’t a bad choice – that’s even the brand Ford recommends you use. But based on design and sturdiness, Wix oil filters look to be a better option for your Powerstroke engine, even though Motorcraft is a brand of Ford.

Where are Motorcraft and Wix Oil Filters Made?

Wix oil filters are manufactured in Gastonia, North Caroline. Notwithstanding, Wix filters are also made in other countries outside America. Motorcraft oil filters are made by Purolator Filters LLC, which is also headquartered in North Carolina. So, basically, Wix and Motorcraft filters are made in the USA.

What More?

Overall, both Motorcraft and Wix make good quality oil filters fit for different vehicle types, but the Wix options just seem better.

The main difference between oil filters made by these brands is the “Media.” WIX’s media is more superior to the Motorcraft media; well, some people may agree otherwise.

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