Why Are Mustangs So Loud? (Answered)

Why are Mustangs so loud? Firstly, not all Mustangs are too loud as people may sound. All vehicles are designed to meet certain noise levels. Ford Mustangs are typically loud because of the type of engine and exhaust they feature.

Mustangs are built with great engineering by expert Ford engineers; hence, they typically have a unique sound; you’d know if a Mustang passes by. However, some drivers get to modify their exhaust to sound in a particular way.

If you’re seeking to know why Mustangs sound the way they do, this article explains it in detail. Notwithstanding,  Mustangs are a great buy if you need a high-performance convertible or Midsize car.

Are Mustangs Loud Cars?

Yes, Mustangs are loud cars; except if you’re driving on the highway, you should always drive in Quiet Mode or use the Active Exhaust feature to ensure you don’t annoy your neighbors with a loud noise.

Understanding Fords Mustang Engineering

The engineering of Mustangs is quite different from other Ford models. Mustangs are built as muscle cars but they are not luxury cars. Typically, they come with V6 or V8 engines; as expected, the V8 models produce a deeper sound than the V6 models.

The latest 2021 Ford Mustang comes with a similar engine as seen in some Teslas, Porsche Taycans, and other EVs. Packing a permanent magnet synchronous motor along with a 10:1 gear reduction gearbox, the 2021 Mustang Mach-E is one of the best and most hi-tech midsize vehicles at the moment.

Going back to older Mustangs, the 2008 Mustang with V6 4.0L engine with horsepower up to 210hp (or 300-horsepower) on the V8 4.6L model. The engine of Mustangs is carefully crafted to sound and perform the way they do.

Why Are Mustangs So Loud?

The simple answer is “The Engineering.” Mustangs are loud because their engines are built to be a little louder – and deeper – than regular engines. However, some drivers go ahead to further tweak the exhaust system on their Mustangs to make it sound a particular way.

V6 Mustangs are not really loud; they simply produce a deeper sound than regular V6 engines. Also, Mustangs have built-in modes that control their noise level; there’s the Quiet Mode, Normal Mode, Sport Mode, and Track Mode. Well, the Quiet Mode still produces up to 72 decibels of noise – is that really “Quiet.”

If you switch to other modes, the noise is quite loud and would disturb your neighbors – if you’re driving in a neighborhood.

Ford engineers highlight that Mustangs use computer-controlled valves to control the sound of the car based on the driver’s mood. More so, starting from the 2018 Mustang, a new “Good Neighbor Mode” was integrated to curb the loudness of newer Mustangs.

In summary, Mustang modes work with the exhaust; the mode you choose determines the level of noise the exhaust would deliver. Ford is actually working on reducing the noise level of Mustangs – but they’d always have that deep – roar – sound, which is arguably patented for Ford automobiles.

How Many Modes Do Mustangs Have?

Ford Mustangs have four modes, typically. The modes are Quiet Mode, Normal Mode, Sport Mode, and Track Mode. However, newer models feature a new “Good Neighbor” mode, which reduces noise by 10 decibels.

Why Do Mustangs Sound Like The Fastest Cars Ever?

It’s simply a product of the patented engineering of Ford Motors. Mustangs are built with computer-controlled valves paired with a unique stock exhaust that has been fine-tuned to sound differently in different modes.

While they may sound like the fastest cars ever, they barely do 450hp (even on special editions).

How Can I Make My Mustang Quieter?

You should switch to Quiet Mode if you want your Mustang to be less noisy. However, newer models from 2018 feature a new “Active Exhaust” option that allows you to control the noise level of the exhaust.


So, why are Mustangs so loud? They are loud because of the engine design and tweaks done by the engineers. You can reduce the sound by driving in Quiet Mode or using the Active Exhaust feature.

Mustangs are among the best American cars you can drive at the moment and they are packed with sophisticated features.

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