Are Mustangs Reliable? (Ford Mustang Reliability)

Mustangs are very popular in the US, and even outside the Americas, a lot of people still love Mustangs. But are Mustangs reliable? Yes, they are reliable. But the reliability of cars is dependent on many factors, which majorly center on the sturdiness of a car’s components and the driving habit of the owner/driver.

Ford Mustang reliability rating is always above average for all Mustang models ever produced. More interestingly, even with the high-reliability ratings of Mustangs, you’d find great deals for used ones.

Mustangs are classified as both muscle cars and sedans; they typically come with sophisticated features that make driving easy and fun.

Facts About Ford Mustangs

First launched in 1965, Ford Mustang sold over 22,000 units on the first day it was released to the market. Over the years, Mustangs have experienced several revolutions, and have been designed as coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, race cars, convertibles, and muscle cars.

Ford produces Mustangs for the “younger market.”

Mustangs are really attractive, and they deliver so much power, which made many Americans love the “Sports” car. Currently, Mustangs still ranks as the #1 sports car in the US; the build has not changed; however, there are different types (designs) of Ford Mustangs.

With the high popularity of Mustangs, many people want to own a model. Thus, regardless of the number of Mustangs produced annually, they almost get sold off each year.

Also, Mustangs are pretty affordable to own – both brand new and used options. But the main question is in the reliability, are Mustangs reliable?

Are Mustangs Reliable?

Not all Mustangs score high in general reliability ratings, but a majority of Mustangs are “very” reliable, which means they scored high in reliability ratings. Ford Mustangs are built strong – using sturdy materials that last over a long time before showing signs of failure/weakness.

J.D. Power rates Mustangs 77/100 as the average reliable rating for all Mustangs, generally. This means that every Mustang model out there in the market managed to cross a 70/100 reliability rating on J.D. Power. The 2021 Mustang took home a 7.9/10 reliability score from Edmund expert ratings.

On RepairPal, Mustangs have an average 3.5/5.0 reliability score, and they are reported to be less “troublesome” than other “sports” cars; this implies that if you’ve got a Mustang, you won’t frequently take it to auto workshops for repairs.

With these reports from reliable car rating websites, it is safe to agree a conclusion that Ford Mustangs are reliable and safe to drive. Furthermore, the 2019 Ford Mustang was rated 5/5 in the safety category by The NHTSA.

The various Mustang models produced in different years have always taken home high ratings across multiple categories: Safety, Interior, Performance, Reliability, Features, and other categories. Getting a good used Mustang could be a great deal-breaker for you.

Are Mustangs Reliable After 100k Miles?

Sure thing! They are. Mustangs can last over 200,000 without needing major repairs. However, to make a Mustang last that long without major repairs, the owner must ensure sticking to a consistent maintenance plan.

Once properly maintained, a 100,000+ miles Mustang would still be reliable – and a good buy.

Are Mustangs Good On Gas?

Mustangs are somehow fuel-efficient – they won’t save you a lot of gas, but they won’t use much either. So, it’s a kind of balance; Mustangs can go 16mpg in the city and 25mpg on highways. They are not the best fuel-efficient cars, but they’re pretty good with gas usage.

Are Mustangs Good First Cars?

Ford Mustang GT500 or the EcoBoost models are good to own as first cars. These Mustang models are extremely powerful – although not so fuel-efficient – and come with decent modern features that would make you fall in love with driving.

However, the high insurance cost of Mustangs may cause you to have a second thought about making them your first car.

What Are Common Ford Mustang Problems?

After about 150k miles, Mustangs may start showing signs of failure. Some of the most typical problems with high-mileage Mustangs include vibration while driving, rusty drivetrain, peeling body paint, sensor failures, and gasket leaks/failure.

These problems would actually show you signs when they start to occur.

Conclusion: Ford Mustang Reliability

So, are Mustangs reliable? The short answer is YES. However, Ford Mustang’s reliability is dependent on how the car is being driven and the level of maintenance done on the car. A well-maintained Mustang can last over 200,000 miles and still be very much reliable to be sold as a high-mileage used car.

Ford Mustangs score high in reliability ratings on top websites and platforms. They are built to appear classy, attractive, and rugged, and packed with several new features that’d make you enjoy the ride around the city. Mustangs produce a unique sound; whenever a Mustang drives by, everyone around would know.

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