Why Do Tacomas Cost So Much? (Explained)

Sometimes, when you tour dealerships or car listing websites, you’d discover that Toyota Tacomas, even though with over 100k miles, are listed above $25,000. Isn’t that crazy how a supposed high mileage truck is being sold at almost the same price as a brand new one?

Now, that takes us to the question, “why do Tacomas cost so much?” Well, the simple answer is “RELIABILITY.” Yes, Toyota Tacoma trucks are very reliable to an extent that even if you found a 200k miles Tacoma above $28,000, it is worth it.

But, don’t get this all wrong, when buying a used Tacoma truck, there are a lot of factors to consider – even if the Tacoma was listed for a price within your budget range.

This article explains everything you should know about why Toyota Tacomas are so expensive, even though with high mileage.

Facts About Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck series being manufactured since 1995. It is a sturdy truck with decent features on all models. Although Tacomas haven’t been around for so long as the Ford F150s and RAM models, they (Tacomas) have enjoyed high praises from the owners.

The Tacoma series is in its third generation (2015 – to date), and so far, all models in the series are notably highly reliable. Well, Toyota is remarkable for making highly reliable vehicles; from 4Runners to FJ Cruisers, and then Tacomas. You could drive the Toyota Tacoma across any terrain, including off-road terrains.

Modern-day Tacomas are equipped with powerful engines capable of producing over 200 hp (depending on the configurations you got). Majorly, the Tacomas from 2015 feature a 2.7L I4 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission.

There are some models with a 3.5L V6 engine and a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. These particular Tacomas with V6 engines come along with Toyota’s D-4S system, which allows the engine to switch from port injection to direct injection depending on driving conditions.

For newer Tacoma trucks, there are six (6) trims to choose from: the base SR trim, mid-level SR5 trim, TRD Off-Road trim, TRD Sport trim, Limited, and range-topping TRD Pro.

Of course, the most expensive is the “TRD Pro” trim. Also, it is important to note that Tacomas can be used to tow up to 6,800kg weights.

Why Do Tacomas Cost So Much?

Tacomas are pretty expensive because they are such a reliable “beast” of a truck. When you’ve got a Tacoma, be rest assured you won’t be needing a new truck for pretty many years ahead, except if you want to sell it off and get a newer model.

Hereunder are the main reasons behind the “high cost” of Toyota Tacomas.

1. Unmatched Reliability

Ever since the Tacoma series started producing in 1998, there has not been any other Toyota series that comes close.

The FJ Cruisers would easily beat Tacomas in many aspects, but Toyota has stopped making FJs. Toyota Tacomas have shown a long history of outstanding reliability among owners and testers.

Most models (2013, 2014, and 2015) take home 5/5 reliability scores, which is very impressive and convincing. Toyota Tacomas aren’t just high-quality trucks, they are dependable; you’d feel much more confident owning a Tacoma than any other mid-size truck in its category.

2. Though and Sturdy

Another reason you’d find Tacomas selling very high even with hundreds of thousands of mileage on the odometer is that they are built tough. Toyota Tacomas are built strong for on-roading and off-roading (particularly the TRD trims).

The drivetrain and suspension systems used in Tacomas are top-notch and very sturdy. You could hit any road even with the basic trim. Also, the engine gives enough power for any kind of driving.

3. High Resale Value

You could buy a 100k miles Tacoma at $27,000, drive it for a few years – adding another 80k – 10k miles to the odometer – and still sell it off at $27,000 or even more.

Yes, that’s how pretty much how Tacomas can hold up their value; they are just like the “Truck” version of 4Runners.

4. High Demand

Just as 4Runners, the demand for Toyota Tacomas is very high; everybody wants to own a “Tacoma,” literally.

Not really like the Toyota Tacomas are the best-looking trucks out there, but they look good, and a lot of people (especially people who love heavy-duty rides) want to own one.

Related Questions

Is Tacoma Worth The Price?

Many people would tell you that Tacomas are worth any price tag because they can last “forever.” Well, “forever” in this context doesn’t mean Tacomas do not fail, but they really last for many miles – up to 400k miles – before showing up serious repair signs and symptoms.

Why is Tacomas So Popular?

Toyota Tacoma is very popular and high in demand because it is very reliable, dependable, and “good-looking.” Tacomas are easily the best mid-size trucks you can ever own. Yes, they have high price tags, but the prices are justifiable when you consider the performance and reliability of Tacomas.

Is Tacoma a Good Investment?

Getting a new or used Tacoma is a good way to invest in a truck. Tacomas hold high resale value; you can possibly sell your Tacoma at almost the same price you bought it – or even at a higher price because the demand in the market is greater than the supply.

How Long Does Tacomas Last?

Although there are a lot of factors that can affect the durability of a truck, Tacomas are remarkable for long-lasting durability. A Tacoma can last well above 300,000 miles; many Tacoma owners allege their trucks are still delivering top-notch performance at over 400k miles – the secret is, Maintenance.

Summary: Why is Toyota Tacoma So Expensive?

So, why do Tacomas cost so much? They are very expensive because the demand is high, and Tacomas have a long history of unwavering durability, dependability, and sturdiness.

Many people would still consider a Tacoma with 100k miles as a great deal at $25,000 or a slightly higher price. Ensure to inspect the truck and check the ownership history before completing the deal for your new Toyota Tacoma.

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