Why Are Cars So Cheap On Facebook Marketplace?

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When you decide to tour Facebook Marketplace to search for some used cars you could buy, you’d be surprised to see “clean” cars listed at unbelievable prices. This may prompt you to ask, “Why are cars so cheap on Facebook?”

At the first instance, it looks like the people listing these cars are “Scammers” who would request full payment before sending you the car; and then, when the car arrives, you see an entirely different thing.

But on the other hand, Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm is a “mess,” and a lot of people end up listing used cars at the wrong prices. Well, there is pretty much stuff to discuss about this – let’s talk you through the details – in this article.

Why Are Cars So Cheap On Facebook Marketplace?

Basically, when it comes to used cars, private sellers offer cheaper prices than dealerships. Many platforms allow private sellers to list their cars for sale, and Facebook Marketplace happens to be one of the best free options.

Listing cars on Facebook Marketplace is free, and there’s no limit to the number of cars to list. This makes the platform pretty clouded by a lot of private sellers. On Facebook Marketplace, you can state the final price of any car you need to list.

However, due to the slightly-complicated interface of the listing page,  most sellers tend to enter the wrong figures in the wrong boxes.

Notwithstanding, some sellers do state the actual/asking price of the listed vehicle in the description box. Now, below are reasons why Facebook Marketplace cars are cheap.

1. Sold Directly By The Owners

Although dealerships also list their cars on Facebook Marketplace, the majority of cars you’d see on the platform are listed by private individuals; people who are the direct owners of the cars, and that’s why the cars are cheap. Since the seller is an individual, dealership costs won’t apply.

2. The Seller Made a Mistake

Often, when you see a car listed at $1,000; the actual price could be $10,000 but the seller omitted the last “0.”

This mistake is common with the sellers on Facebook Marketplace; so the cars are not really as “Cheap” as you thought; they were simply listed at an inappropriate price.

3. It is “SCAM”

Probably what you’ve wanted to hear all these while, right? Yes, the Facebook Marketplace is not completely monitored or secured against “Scams.”

Some scammers may list cars at insanely cheap prices to lure victims and rip them off! So, you’ve got to be careful when buying used cars from Facebook Marketplace.

4. The Car is Junk

Of course, Facebook doesn’t go to inspect the cars listed on its platform, so some people could still list junk cars. Most of the $200 – $2,000 cars on Facebook are junk cars. Buying them is like inviting a new problem that’d rip off your savings.

Again, you really should be careful and follow your instincts when trying to buy used cars off Facebook Marketplace.

5. The Listed Price Is Installment

Sometimes, the price you see as the “List Price” is simply what you’re expected to pay in installments. This usually applies to “Classic” cars listed for $2,000 or $3,000, or within the range.

The actual price for the car might be $20,000 – $30,000, so you’ve to pay $2,000 – $3,000 in installments. Well, always message the seller(s) to confirm this.

6. It’s a Distress Sale

Here’s another possible reason why some cars on Facebook Marketplace are sold at incredibly cheap prices. Maybe the seller needs some quick money; hence, he lists the car at a cheap price.

But, this usually applies to “Clean” cars listed for $4,000 – $10,000, and such sellers would allow you to come for physical checks on the car.

Is It Safe To Buy Cars On Facebook?

Well, it’s not entirely safe, especially if you cannot meet the seller physically to inspect the car. If you’re going to buy a used car off Facebook, request to meet the seller physically and conclude the deal after you have inspected the car (with your mechanic).

If the seller rejects a physical meeting for inspections and checks, then it’s safe to assume the listing is a scam or the car is junk. So don’t just pay to buy a car from Facebook because the listing price is tempting and “looks good” for a used car – you be getting into a “Scam.”

Why Do People Sell Cars For So Cheap On Facebook?

They are cheap because the actual owners – not dealerships, are the ones selling them. But, of course, when you buy a car from a dealership, you pay higher than when you buy from a private seller (who owns the car being placed for sale).

But then, most cheap cars on Facebook isn’t real; they’re either junk or scam.

Are Facebook Marketplace Cars Authentic?

It is almost impossible to checkmate spam listings on a free marketplace. For example, Facebook Marketplace allows Facebook users to list any item for free. Unfortunately, while some listings on the Facebook marketplace are genuine, a higher number of those listings are fake.

Yes, Facebook Marketplace cars can be authentic, and may also not be authentic because there are no strict rules to checkmate fake listings. When you decide to buy a car from the marketplace, request a physical meeting with the seller, and go with a professional mechanic.

What More?

Why are cars so cheap on Facebook? It could be a distress sale, an installment payment pattern, or a scam. The many “Cheap” cars on Facebook are usually fake, but there are some genuine sellers there. To be on the safe side, tell the seller you’d pay immediately after physically inspecting the car.

Notwithstanding, Facebook Marketplace’s algorithm for listings is a mess, and since the platform is open to everyone, many scammers have decided to haunt victims through the marketplace.

It’s quite sad, but that’s what to expect from a platform that offers 100% free access to everyone (verified and non-verified).

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