Ford Mustang V6 vs V8: Fully Compared

Does Mustang have V6 models? Yes, of course, there are Mustangs with V6 engines, and they perform very well, still. It is a generally agreeable maxim that V8 engines are better than V6s, but in the actual sense, and depending on the application, some V6 engines are “sinewy!”

So, how do Mustang V6 models and V8 models compare? V6 Mustangs are pretty good, affordable, and have cheaper insurance costs, but “hard cord” Mustang fans would always want V8s for more power and “showoffs.”

In this Ford Mustang V6 vs V8 comparison, we’d discuss all factors that distinguish Mustangs with these engines.

Mustang V6s Overview

V6 Mustangs are cheaper and less noisy, and they are the favorite of Mustangs lovers who are on a budget. Yes, they deliver decent power – up to 305hp (as seen in the 2012 V6 Mustang, base model). The truth is that V6 Mustangs from 2011 seem very powerful and reliable.

The 2017 Mustang V6 model also delivers up to 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. It is a light ride with every cool feature you’d expect to see in a modern Mustang model.

Over the past 10 years, V6 Mustangs have proved to be worth their price tags and they go toe-to-toe with their counter V8 models.

Mustang V8s Overview

No arguments, V8 engines are more powerful and designed to be more sturdy. However, Mustangs with V8 engines are more expensive in the lot, and off lot (maintenance cost). V8 Mustangs deliver well above 300 horsepower, along with 250+ torque.

V8 Mustangs are heavier and don’t actually look different – in design and appearance – from the V6s. The most iconic Mustang, in terms of performance, Shelby GT500, comes with a 5.8L V8 engine, and outputs a whopping 662hp and 631 lbs/ft of torque; it is the highest horsepower Mustang to date.

Mustang V6 vs V8: The Comparison

1. Price

V8 Mustangs are costlier than V6 Mustangs, and the reason is quite simple; vehicles with V8 engines are sold at a more expensive than V6 alternatives.

While the average cost of V8 Mustangs is $30,000, the average for V6 Mustangs is $26,000. Notwithstanding, Mustangs are among the “cheapest” muscle cars in the US.

2. Engine Power

If you need a Mustang for everyday driving, occasional weekend curvy road trips,  and affordable maintenance fees, a V6 Mustang delivers just enough power for such driving and trips.

On the other hand, if you need more speed, power, and rigidity from a Mustang (probably for racing or similar driving), or even driving in the snow, then you need a V8 model.

Hence, in the simplest term, V8 Mustangs give you more engine power, and if there’s a need to replace a faulty engine component, V8 engine parts are more expensive.

3. Fuel Economy

Here comes where V6 Mustangs win over the V8s. Apparently, you’re getting higher fuel efficiency with a V6 Mustang than with a V8 Mustang. Well, this is not endemic to Mustangs; V8 engines typically consume more fuel than their V6 counterparts.

4. Insurance and Maintenance Cost

Another thing to be concerned about when making V6 and V8 comparisons is the cost of maintenance and insurance. The cost of insuring V8 Mustangs is higher than the cost of insuring V6 models.

Similarly, the cost of maintaining V8 Mustangs is higher than what you’d spend on V6 models. On average, the annual maintenance cost of Mustangs is $700 (but for V6s, you may spend below this average), which is slightly above the industry’s average for cars in its categories.

5. Noise Level

It is a general belief that when a Mustang drives by, you’d know, thanks to the uniquely deep sound produced by the engine.

V8 Mustangs produce a deeper “Mustang” sound when driving. The V6 models also produce the Mustang sound, but not as deep as the V8 models.

Other Mustang Related Questions

Are V6 Mustangs More Powerful Than The V8s?

Not really. V6 Mustangs can output a lot of horsepowers, but they typically do not beat the V8 models in power. Inarguably, V8 Mustangs are more powerful than V6s, but you can still get decent power and torque from a V6 model.

Which is Better Mustang GT or V6?

Mustang GT series have the most potent Mustang models; the GT Mustangs can deliver well above 400 horsepower – they are fine-tuned as “sports” rides and deliver monstrous all-around power.

Is a V6 Mustang Good On Gas?

V6 Mustangs are more fuel-efficient than V8 models, but they are not as fuel-efficient as the EcoBoost models. So, in this context, V6 Mustangs are good on gas compared with the V8 models.

Which Produces Better Sound, V6 or V8 Mustang

When you try to accelerate or rev a Mustang it produces a unique “throaty” sound that most people find to be interesting – they call it the “Mustang Sound.” However, V8 Mustangs seem to produce much better – and deeper – sounds than V6 models.


Mustang V6 vs V8, which is the best option for you? Choosing between two comparable options is based on a lot of factors, but majorly “individual preferences.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with V6 Mustangs if you’re looking for an everyday ride that won’t consume much fuel. However, the V8 models would give you more power, and deeper throaty sound, and they’re good for showoffs.

Ford Mustangs are arguable “very affordable” in the US, and you could get a perfect deal on a used one.

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