2015 Ford Taurus Transmission Problems

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The transmission is a very important system in any automobile (cars, especially). When the transmission system is bad, the car is subject to high risks.

Over the years, we’ve seen Ford manufacture great cars for various purposes, but the 2015 Ford Taurus triggers a lot of concerns due to its transmission problems. Here, we will analyze the 2015 Ford Taurus transmission problems, recalls, and other stuff.

If you currently own or would love to buy the 2015 Ford Taurus, it is important that you read through this article carefully. Ford Taurus transmission problems have been reported even in older models of the car, which makes it an issue of great concern for car buyers.

2015 Ford Taurus Overview

Cost of Fixing 2015 Ford Taurus Transmission Problems

This Ford model is categorized as “Large Car” by US News; it has a lot of room for family purpose, as well as enough space for cargo. The car has a 2.0-liter engine that is very fuel-efficient and packs a bunch of safety features expected from a modern car of its class.

It is a 5-seat sedan sold at an average of $17k (based on several listings). The 2015 Ford Taurus comes standard with a 288-horsepower, V6 engine, or you can opt for a 240/365-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

However, irrespective of the engine on a Ford Taurus, they’re all paired with a smooth-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is optional, while front-wheel drive is standard on all 2015 Ford Taurus editions.

There have been four recalls on this particular Ford Taurus model, mostly regarding the fuel system and suspension.

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2015 Ford Taurus Transmission Problems | Brief History Of Ford Taurus

In the 1980s, Taurus was one of the best-selling sedans in the United States. However, its reputation started dropping when newer models (manufactured from 1996s till the 2010s) continually faced transmission problems. The last Ford Taurus was made in 2019, and the company has stopped sedan sales in the US.

Some owners of Ford Taurus, 2015 model, have reported that their sedan had transmission issues after hitting some miles above 6000. The most common 2015 Ford Taurus transmission problem is hard shifting.

Several reports have it that the 2015 Ford Taurus transmission shifts hard at low speed or when switched to sports mode. The reports were shared on Ford Taurus forum.

Before the 2015 model, the Ford Taurus sedan has a history of transmission issues. It all started with the 2003 model. 2003 Ford Taurus is reportedly the model with the worst transmission problem. Subsequently, the 2004 & 2005 Taurus had transmission problems, too.

In the 2003 Taurus, it is reported that the transmission failure usually occurs after 90,000 miles, and it costs an average of $1,900 to be fixed.

We all thought that Ford would work on its Taurus models and deliver an excellent ride for its customers, but here we go again, dealing with the same transmissions problems on the 2015 Taurus.

Cost of Fixing 2015 Ford Taurus Transmission Problems

2015 Ford Taurus Overview

We can’t tell the exact amount it would cost to fix your 2015 Ford Taurus transmission problem. However, based on various factors, we can tell the average cost you could spend on such repair.

Generally, the average cost of repairing or replaced a car’s transmission is $1800 to $3000. In contrast, if you are going to rebuild the transmission, it costs around $1100 to $2800. While installing a reman transmission could cost from $1300 to $3400.

These are merely estimated prices; the actual cost might be higher if the car is an older car or high mileage vehicle. Now, talking about Ford Taurus sedans, the average cost of fixing transmission failure on this vehicle is $2,000.

Mostly, Taurus transmission problems kick in after the car has been driven over 90,000 miles. Have you passed 90k miles on your Taurus? It’d be best to check on your transmission and confirm that it is still in good shape.

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Irrespective of the 2015 Ford Taurus transmission problems, it is still a decent sedan for family. The car has enough room for every need. More so, it is relatively affordable and packs a bunch of features. Ford Taurus is no more. The last one was made in March 2019.

Buying the 2015 Ford Taurus as your next ride isn’t bad – you just have to closely monitor the transmission once you drive over 90,000 miles.

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