Do Teslas Have Transmissions? (Explained)

If you’re a car freak, then you must have wondered about the type of transmission system Telsa uses. But do Teslas have transmissions?

Yes, just like every other car, Teslas also have transmissions. In fact, for a car to work, a transmission or gear system must be present; however, with the continuous improvements to automobile technologies, there are various types of transmissions that exist.

Even electric cars need a transmission/gear system to drive. Teslas drive with an electric motor paired with a specially-designed transmission. Yes, the transmission is different from what you see on conventional (diesel/gasoline) vehicles that use Internal Combustion Engines (ICE).

In this article, we’d clearly explain how Tesla vehicles drive, and the type of transmissions they use.

Do Teslas Have Transmissions?

Do teslas have gears?

Put simply, Teslas have and use transmissions, but it’s a special type of transmission – structured for electric vehicles. Well, no one would expect that electric cars and gasoline cars would use the same drivetrain. Practically all Teslas come with the same type of transmissions – single-speed transmissions.

However, in the real sense, what is considered the transmission system in Teslas is actually a “gearbox” with a fixed ratio of around 9:1. It (Tesla’s gearbox) is generally accepted as a transmission because it performs like the typical transmissions system on ICE vehicles.

Initially, Tesla vehicles were made with a 2-speed transmissions system, but since the transmissions system couldn’t handle “Instant Torque,” the company switched to using a single-speed gearbox, which is currently considered the transmissions in Teslas.

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Typically, Teslas don’t require multi-speed transmissions so they can reverse efficiently. They also have a maximum 0 RPM torque – Teslas can go beyond 155 MPH with greater efficiency.

There’s no need for regular transmissions on Teslas, but they have a gear system that transmits torque from the electric motor(s) to the wheels – that gear system is what you can hold as the transmissions system.

Sounds interesting?

It should!

Why Does Teslas Use Gearboxes?

Teslas use a one-speed automatic gearbox because they drive with electric motors, which do not require varying gear ratios. In essence, every Tesla model shifts one gear, and nothing more. Well, that’s how they operate because electric motors generate 100% torque at very low speeds (0 RPM).

Typical of all EVs with electric motors, an increase in speed would result in a decrease in torque and an increase in power; this is the inverse of conventional vehicles with multi-speed transmissions. The Tesla Model-3 can quickly go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

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Conclusion: Do Teslas Have Gears?

Teslas are arguably the best electric cars you can own; they are built with sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies, and are aesthetically striking. If you were wondering if Teslas drive with transmissions, the answer is YES and NO – depending on how you view it.

As explained above, Tesla models are built with a single-speed gearbox, which also acts as a transmission system. However, some drivers don’t agree that the “gearbox” is a transmission – they’d insist that Teslas don’t use transmissions.

Different views by different people, but the summary is that Tesla models have a replica system that does the work of multiple-speed transmissions on ICE vehicles.

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