Where are Michelin Tires Made? (Explained)

Yes, Michelin tires are touted to be the best overall tires worldwide because of their exceptional performance on various roads across continents. But where are Michelin tires made? A lot of people would guess they are made in the US, but that’s not true.

Michelin is not an American brand, it is a French multinational brand; so, its tires are made in different nations in Europe and America. Majorly, Michelin tires are made in France, but the company has manufacturing plants in about 6 other countries.

In this article, we’d clearly explain the locations where Michelin tires are produced, and how to know where the Michelin tires you bought were manufactured.

The Michelin Tire Brand

Michelin, the second-largest tire manufacturer worldwide – coming after Bridgestone, is a French multinational tire manufacturer founded in May 1889. It is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France but has other headquarters and manufacturing facilities in different European, Asian, and American countries.

Tires from the Michelin brand are considered the best for all kinds of vehicles; the brand is a household name, and yes, it produces some of the “very best” tires you’d find in the market. Michelin has different tire series/ranges for different car types.

The brand makes seasonal and all-season tires. In 2019, around 20% of total tire sales in North America were Michelin tires.

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Where are Michelin Tires Made?

Currently, Michelin tires are made in the following countries across the European, Asian, and American continents: France, Poland, Thailand, Germany, Serbia, India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Italy, and other countries.

The brand previously had a manufacturing facility in Ota, Japan, but the facility was closed on 15 January 2010.

In the United States, Michelin tires are made in Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Arkansas; these are the locations where Michelin has manufacturing plants in the US. Michelin bought the Uniroyal-Goodrich company in 1989.

How to Know Where Your Michelin Tires Were Manufactured

In the US, all tires made in the US come with a code that looks like this – DOT XX XX XXX XXX. The DOT stands for Department of Transportation, the following letters or numbers indicate the year and week the tire was made.

The first two numbers after the DOT represents the week of the year the tire was made.; thus, the number ranges from 01 to 52. So, a tire with a number code like 2407 means the tire was made in the 24th week of the year 2007 (07).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Michelin an American Company?

Michelin is a French multinational company. It is not an American company but has manufacturing plants in different US states where it makes tires that strictly comply with the US DOT’s regulations for tire manufacturing.

Are Michelin Tires Made in US?

Yes, most Michelin tires are made in the company’s plants located in Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Arkansas. The company also makes tires in China and other locations globally.

Are Michelin Tires the Best?

Michelin tires are among the best; there are some other tire brands that produce excellent tires that outperform Michelin tires in different aspects.

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What More?

So, where are Michelin tires made? The majority of Michelin tires are made in France; however, the company has manufacturing plants in different countries globally, including the US. In essence, most Michelin tires are made in the US.

You would find Michelin tires in different tire stores globally. They are among the best-quality tires in the market. Furthermore, although Michelin tires are expensive, there are still other tire brands that sell more expensive tires. If you’re looking for American-based tire brands, Goodyear is one of the best.

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