Where are Bridgestone Tires Made?

Bridgestone is a world-famous tire manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company has manufacturing plants in different countries, and their tires are considered among the “best” in the market. But where are Bridgestone tires made?

The Bridgestone tires are primarily made in the company’s headquarter in Japan. But then, Bridgestone tires are also made in other countries, including the United States, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, China, etc.

This article gives an overview of Bridgestone Tire as a brand and where the tires are manufactured globally.

Brigdestone Tires Brand Overview

At the moment, Bridgestone is the largest tire manufacturer globally. It stays ahead of Michelin and other top brands when it comes to capacity. Bridgestone tires have been around for a long time – the company produces different types of tires for different vehicles.

Even so, Bridgestone tires are used as OE tires by some top auto brands. Customers have validated that Bridgestone tires really perform well on all road times, including snowy tracks. The company uses special technologies and compounds to fortify its tires for heavy-duty applications.

All Bridgestone manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge equipment for producing different types of tires.

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Where are Bridgestone Tires Made?

The tires are made in official Bridgestone manufacturing facilities in different countries. Bridgestone has manufacturing plants in over 47 countries – yes, that’s pretty massive. The company has manufacturing plants in at least three countries in each continent.

However, some of the plants are not yet functional – they’d be opened in specified future years. In numbers, Bridgestone has 19 raw materials plants, 40+ active tire plants, 29 tire-related plants, and 4 technical centers.

The countries include Belgium, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, France, Brazil, China, Hungary, Canada, India, Italy, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Poland, Mexico, Japan, Portugal, the United States, Taiwan, Spain, Venezuela, Thailand, Turkey, Colombia, and Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bridgestone Own Firestone?

Yes, Bridgestone acquired Firestone in 1988. So, currently, Firestone tires are made by Bridgestone. The acquisition of Firestone included the brand’s manufacturing plants of Firestone in the US.

Are Bridgestone Tires Made in the US?

Bridgestone has a number of approved tire plants in the US where it produces tires’ enmass. Yes, Bridgestone tires are made in the US, but that’s not the only place where Bridgestone tires are made.

Is Bridgestone an American Tire Brand?

No, Bridgestone is a Japanese tire brand headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The brand, however, has an established presence in the US and makes tons of tires in its US tire plants.

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What More?

So, where are Bridgestone tires made? They are made in Bridgestone’s manufacturing plants shattered across many countries in Europe, America, and the African continents. All Bridgestone tires, including the ones made outside the US, are tough and durable.

Typically, Bridgestone tires are among the most reliable options in the market; there are a lot of varieties to choose from, and the tires are also considered “Premium.” Bridgestone tires are pretty affordable – less expensive than Goodyear tires – and they drive well regardless of road conditions.

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