Continental Tire Vs Goodyear Tire: Which is Better?

Okay, a new set of Continental tires on the left, and Goodyear tires on the right, which set are you picking up for your car? Well, don’t make that choice yet until you’re done reading this Continental tire vs Goodyear tire comparison. Pretty interesting, these two brands produce some of the best tires in the market.

Continental tires and Goodyear tires have been in the industry for over a century. Both tire brands manufacture durable and reliable tires for different vehicles types. However, Goodyear tires are more rigorously tested, and as such, most people believe they are better than Continental tires.

Now, let’s quickly learn more about Continental and Goodyear tires and what sets them apart from each other!

Continental Tire Brand

Continental Tire is a German tire manufacturing brand based in Hanover, Germany. It is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers – the fourth-largest, actually. You’d find Continental tires across the globe in international tire markets, and the brand produces different types of tires for different vehicles.

Initially, Continental tires are made in Germany, only, but currently, the company has manufacturing plants in different locations, including Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States. Continental Tire makes tires for SUVs, trucks, vans, limos, and other types of cars.

More interestingly, Continental Tire makes Original Equipment tires for some renowned auto brands like Tesla, Audi, and Porsche. Continental tires have longer tread life warranties compared with most tires within their specific ranges. The brand focuses on producing eco-friendly tires for all road conditions.

Over the years of its existence, Continental Tire has developed exclusive and patented technologies for producing tires that deliver outstanding performance regardless of season (Winter or Summer) and road conditions (wet, dry, snowy/muddy).

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Goodyear Tire Brand

Goodyear Tire is an American tire company that produces different types of tires; the company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling – the headquarters is located in Akron, Ohio. Typically, Goodyear tires do not wear easily, thanks to the exclusive tire wear technologies used by the company.

However, although Goodyear is a US company, its tires are mostly manufactured in Canada. The brand makes both seasonal and all-season tires for SUVs, vans, limos, and other types of cars. Goodyear tires are not as expensive as Continental tires, and they perform very well in different road conditions.

You’d definitely find Goodyear tires in different tire shops/stores globally. They are well-built, backed by the company’s warranty, and provide good comfort. Even so, Goodyear, as a brand is rated high on Consumer Reports and other tire rating websites/platforms.

Continental Tire Vs Goodyear Tire: Compared

Tire BrandContinental Goodyear
Wet Road Performance4.4/5.04.2/5.0
Dry Road Performance4.3/5.04.3/5.0
Tread Life RatingUp to 70,000 milesUp to 50,000 miles
Size VarietiesAll tire sizesAll tire sizes
Road NoiseLess NoisyModerate
PriceExpensiveMore Expensive

This chart is based on the overall performance of Continental tires and Goodyear tires (all models).

1. Dry Performance

On dry tracks, Continental tires and Goodyear tires deliver good traction, grip, and respond to braking swiftly. There is actually no difference between tires from Continental Tire and Goodyear Tire when it comes to dry roads; you’d cruise with ease on tires from either brand.

2. Wet Performance

Even tires from unknown tire brands do perform well on dry roads, but on wet roads, that’s where you know a good tire. Interestingly, Continental Tires and Goodyear tires perform well on wet roads too.

When driving in the rain, Continental tires offer better traction than Goodyear tires, but that doesn’t mean Goodyear tires are bad on wet roads – they are just not as better as Continental tires when it comes to traction and gripping on wet roads.

3. Durability and Balance

In terms of durability, Continental tires typically last longer than Goodyear tires. In essence, Continental tires have longer tread life than Goodyear tires. However, tires from both brands offer exceptional balance while driving on wet, dry, or icy roads.

Thence, while Continental tires promise more durability, tires from both Continental and Goodyear offer good balancing on different roads.

4. Technology and Features

Both Continental Tire and Goodyear Tire have several unique technologies they use in making their tires. Goodyear uses an exclusive FuelSaving Technology and advanced tread compounds to reduce carbon footprints and rolling resistance of their tires.

Also, Goodyear makes its tires with a unique tread design that quickly disperses water; this helps for reduced road noise and swift response to braking on any condition.

On the other hand, Continental tires are also made with unique technologies and features. The brand makes its tires with premium tread compounds and Anti-Vibration Technology to reduce Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH).

Furthermore, Continental’s Eco Plus technology is practically the best in the industry at the moment, it promises longer tire tread life backed by Continental’s tread life warranties. So, Continental tires have more advanced technologies than Goodyear.

5. Road Noise

Continental’s ContiSilent technology remarkably reduces road noise by up to 9 decibels. Goodyear uses SoundComfort technology, which reduces cabin noise by up to 50% – Goodyear tires with this technology are designed with a built-in sound barrier.

Both Continental and Goodyear tires are pretty silent – but after several miles, you’d notice that Continental tires are less noisy.

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What More?

In this Continental tire vs. Goodyear comparison, we have analyzed the price and performance of all tire models from the brands. Generally, Continental tires last longer, offer longer tread life warranties, while Goodyear tires tend to offer more balance on different roads.

Both tire brands produce “premium tires,” and are ranked among the top 5 best tire brands worldwide – with Goodyear taking the higher position.

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