Where are Falken Tires Made? (Falken Tire Overview)

The Japanese tire manufacturer, Falken Tire, is one of the known manufacturers of affordable tires – of various sizes – for passenger cars, light trucks, and medium trucks. But, where are Falken tires made? Are they only produced in Japan? Definitely, no, the tires are not only made in Japan.

Falken Tire has several plants in Japan, the US, Taiwan, and China. While most Falken tires are made in Japan, the brand has been manufacturing Ultra High-Performance tires in its Tonawanda plant, located near Buffalo, New York, United States.

This article lists the various manufacturing plants where Falken tires are being produced worldwide.

Falken Tire Overview

The brand, Falken Tire, is a standalone Japanese tire manufacturer with headquarters in Germany (for its European presence) and in Rancho Cucamonga (for its N.America presence).

Falken Tire produces UHP (Ultra High Performance) tires for global markets and it has distribution locations across different countries.

Falken Tire’s global headquarters is located in Kobe, Japan, where the company also has its predominant manufacturing plant. The current parent company of Falken Tire is Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Falken tires are used in different car racing sports; generally, Falken tires are good and fall among the most durable options out there.

Where are Falken Tires Made?

Falken tires are made in different countries, but predominantly in Japan where the company has three of its major production plants. In Japan, Falken tires are made in Shirakawa, Izumiotsu, and Miyakonoio.

The Shirakawa plant located in the Japanese province of Fukushima is the brand’s biggest plant, employing around 1,632 employees and producing around 10,350 tires for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. The plant was launched in 1974.

Again, in Japan, the Izumiotsu is the brand’s oldest plant – launched in 1944. The plant is located in the province of Osaka, employing 372 staff. Over the years, the Izumiotsu plant has received a ton of modernizations and it now produces about 750 tires monthly, for motorcycles and agricultural vehicles.

The Miyazaki plan in Japan makes around 9,350 tires for cars, trucks, and buses – it is the company’s second-largest manufacturing plant in Japan, employing around 1,400 staff.

Out of Japan, Falken Tire has modernized tire plants in Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, China, the US, and a few other countries. The Turkey plant was launched in 2015, and it already employs 1,430 staff. Sumitomo is seriously expanding Falken Tire’s reach – bringing it closer to its global customers.

What More?

Falken Tire makes its tires with several cutting-edge tire technologies to ensure high efficiency, ultra-performance, durability, and balance. Falken Tire’s technologies include Runflat, Silent Core, Advanced 4D-Nano Design, Sensing Core, and others.

While Falken Tire is a Japanese brand founded in 1983, the brand has already registered a strong presence in European and American markets. It produces some of the most affordable UHP tires for cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Falken tires are used as OE tires for some specific car models from top automakers.

The Sumitomo Rubber USA is the current parent company of the Falken Tire brand, and it’s also the pioneer of Falken tires in the US.

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