Where are Pirelli Tires Made? (US, Italy, or China?)

It’s a good thing that you seek to know where the tires you’re using on your vehicle are made. Most tire manufacturers have multiple production centers in different countries, globally, and Pirelli is one of such companies. But where are Pirelli tires made? In the US, Italy, or China?

Pirelli tires are made in different locations, globally. The company has manufacturing plants in Rome, Georgia; Milan, Italy; Slatina, Romania, and other places around the world. But majorly, Pirelli tires are made in Italy.

However, regardless of where Pirelli tires are made, they are built to a standard – built to serve as premium tires that offer good balance on different roads.

The Pirelli Tire Brand

No doubt, Pirelli tires are among the best options in the market. They are rated as “Premium” tires because they are built to a standard and can be compared with other tops/premium tire brands like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and others.

The brand itself, Pirelli, is an Italian brand, headquartered in Milan, Italy. It produces different types of tires for different vehicle types. It may also interest you to know that Pirelli tires are used in Formula One racing sport.

Pirelli tires are built with advanced tread compounds, bespoke technologies, and formulas that help to guarantee more efficiency in the performance of the tires on all roads, including wet and snowy tracks.

Whether you need a new set of tires for your SUV, truck, sedan, motorbike, or hatchback, Pirelli has a tire series you can buy. But, where are Pirelli tires made?

Where are Pirelli Tires Made?

There are many locations where Pirelli tires are being made; Pirelli currently has 20 plants in 14 different countries, including the US, Italy, Romania, China, Mexico, Russia, and many others. Notwithstanding, Pirelli maintains a standard for its tire manufacturing, regardless of the plant where the tires are made.

Among all Pirelli plants, the one in Slatina, Romania, is sophisticated with cutting-edge tire manufacturing equipment; it is where the company produces its “Premium” tier tire models. The plan was started in 2006; practically all Pirelli’s high-performance tires are made here.

According to Pirelli, the Slatina plant has the “best equipment available on the market,” and the equipment is upgraded patented technologies exclusive to the company.

The following Pirelli tire segments are produced from the Romanian plant: Winter, UHP Winter, High-Performance, Ultra-High-Performance, run-flat, and SUV. Furthermore, Pirelli’s OE tires supplied to some of the top European automakers are produced in the Romania plant.

What More?

Talking of where Pirelli tires are made, they are made in different facilities across 14 countries. However, the main focus is on the Romania plant located in Slatina – this particular plant is where the company makes its finest tires, including its OE tires supplied to top auto manufacturers in Europe.

However, regardless of the place where the tires are made, Pirelli tires are among the best in the market – they are built to a standard comparable with Michelin and Goodyear. Some Pirelli tire models outperform every other tire in their specific ranges.

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