Where are Hankook Tires Made?

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Hankook tires are good and among the best options in the global tire market. One of the reasons Hankook tires are popular is because they are sold at affordable prices. But where are Hankook tires made? Are Hankook tires made in the US or South Korea?

Hankook is a South Korean tire manufacturer; however, the company has a manufacturing facility in the United States – launched in 2017. So, currently, some Hankook tires are made in the US, while most of them are being made in S.Korea.

Well, they are not the highest-rated tires across tire review platforms and websites, but Hankook tires offer a really good bang for your bucks.

Hankook Tires Overview

The company, Hankook, has quite a long interesting history. It was founded in 1941, in South Korea – making it the first Korean tire manufacturing company. Hankook is the seventh-largest tire manufacturing company in the world. The headquarters is in Seongnam-si, South Korea.

Just like Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli, most Hankook tire lines are used as Original Equipment on new vehicles. Hankook tires are popular in the market and are being chosen over other big names due to their “Affordability,” which tallies with the acceptable performance the tires deliver on different roads.

Whatever type of tires you need, Hankook has several tire lines that cater to different purposes.

Where are Hankook Tires Made?

The Tennessee manufacturing plant opened in the United States is Hankook’s eighth plant worldwide. Hankook has manufacturing plants scattered across the world – in South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Indonesia, Hungary, and the US.

The brand also has technical centers in Daejon, Korea; Hannover, Germany; Akron, Ohio, USA; Osaka, Japan; and China. Hankook tires are made in the company’s manufacturing facilities across continents, and that includes the United States.

That said, Hankook tires are made in the US, and also in South Korea, China (People’s Rep.), Indonesia, and Hungary. However, regardless of the plant where the tires are made, Hankook tires are generally built to a standard – even with affordable price tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hankook Tires Made in USA?

Yes, some Hankook tires are made in the company’s US manufacturing facility in Tennessee. However, Hankook tires are made in other facilities in other countries too, including the company’s main headquarters at Seongnam-si, South Korea.

Notwithstanding, Hankook tires are of good quality and have longer tread life than most other tires from renowned “Premium Brands.”

How Long Do Hankook Tires Last?

Most Hankook tires have a tread life warranty within the 60,000-mile range. However, some of the brand’s passenger tires models have up to 90,000 miles (as reported by Automoblog). You can drive on Hankook tires for up to 5 years, and they’d still look good – perform well.

Are Hankook Tires Good In Snow

Yes, Hankook tires are good in the snow – but not all models. Particularly, Hankook i*Pike RW11 resists hydroplaning excellently and delivers good traction on snow and icy roads (according to Consumer Reports testing). Other Hankook tire models still perform well in snow, too.


Where are Hankook Tires made? They are made in Hankook manufacturing facilities in the US, China, South Korea, Hungary, and Indonesia. Hankook tires are very much affordable and they deliver good traction on various road types. They are also less noisy than most “Premium” tires.

Hankook offers good tread life warranties for its tires – Hankook tires are available worldwide. Interestingly, Hankook makes various types of tires suitable for different types of cars, including trucks and vans. The brand is not considered a “Premium tire brand,” but the quality of its tires competes with that of the models from “Premium” brands.

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