Simple Green Vs Purple Power: Which Is Best For Car Wash?

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Choosing between simple green vs purple power car wash can be a bit confusing. Most drivers on auto forums prefer simple green, but that doesn’t make it the best car wash for everyone.

Apparently, what you need is a car wash that won’t damage your paint while removing every dirt that may be on your car’s body.

While simple green and purple power car washes won’t actually cause any harm to your auto paint, choosing between the two points down to their cleaning power and your personal preference.

Some drivers would prefer simple green due to its scent, while others may go with purple power because it seems a cheaper option.

Simple Green Vs Purple Power For Car Wash

From a general point of view, we’d look at the ingredients used in making these car washes, and that could help to point out the one that is actually better.

Starting with simple green, the car wash formula is said to contain the following ingredients:

The ingredients are pretty safe and doesn’t look like something that would cause any damage to your car. Your concern may about the “Mixed Alcohol Ethoxylate” and “Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate” chemicals involved in the formula.

Well, Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate serves as the detergent; it makes simple green car wash to foam, and of course, help in removing dirt from hard surfaces.

The mixed alcohol ethoxylate helps simple green to spread on any surface where it is sprayed (for example, when you spray it on a glass). It also acts as a biodegradable surfactant.

The fragrance and colorant are safe and differs based on the simple green car wash you’re buying. Now, lets consider what’s included in purple power car wash formula.

Actually, the ingredient used for Purple Power car wash are not clearly stated by the manufacturer; the formula is simply addressed as “non-abrasive.” However, from reviews, it is clear that purple green is just the same as simple green.

Which Should You Choose Between Simple Green & Purple Power?

Both simple green and purple power produces different car washes. These car washes are available in different colors and contain varying ingredients.

You’d find a simple green car wash that contains a waxing compound, and you’d also find a purple power car wash that contains a waxing compound, too.

More so, both companies have regular car washes for washing any type of carm regardless of the color. Thus, with all these that have been said so far, it is not entirely proper to finalize that one of these car washes is better.

All we can say is, you need to choose the best car wash for your car, within your budget. Both simple green and purple color formulas are good for black cars, white cars, and other colors.

Ensure to always wash your car carefully, using the right washing materials and clean water.

Washing your car regularly will make your car look like new every day; it is one of the main auto maintenance tips to adhere to.


The argument and comparison of Simple Green vs Purple Power for car wash will always end in personal preferences and budget.

Both companies produce good car wash products and you can get most of their products at an insanely cheap cost. However, simple green is more popular among drivers.

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