Is Chevron Gas Better? (Is It a Top Tier Gas?)

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Every driver would want to use the best fuel and motor oil for his/her car. However, there are many companies and brands that offer these services, which makes it a bit challenging to figure out the company or brand offering the best quality.

Chevron gas is certified and ranked in the TOP TIER category; this means that Chevron gas is tested to outperform gas from brands that are not ranked in the TOP TIER category. But, is Chevron gas better than gas from other TOP TIER brands?

Firstly, most of the words used by top gas stations are simply “Marketing Jargon.” This article demystifies the common myth of “Best Gas,” “Better Gas” believed by a lot of people.

Chevron Gas Overview

Is Chevron Gas Better

Chevron Gas is owned and operated by Chevron Corporation, an American multinational energy corporation. You’d find Chevron Gas stations in over 180 countries. The brand indeed offers what you’d call “Good” gas in all of its stations, thanks to the patented Techron additive added to the gas.

With the Techron additive and other patented technologies launched by Chevron, the brand met, and exceeded, the requirements to be in the Top Tier category of gas retailers. The standards were enacted by a consortium of automakers and the EPA, United States.

No doubt, Chevron gas is good and suitable for all kinds of gasoline engines, but when you talk of the “BEST” or “Better” gas, there is actually no such thing as that!

Is Chevron Gas Better?

“Techron,” Chevron’s primary additive for purifying its gas to make it achieve higher octane levels and to contain more detergents that are poised to keep the engine clean and running more efficiently, is the reason why most Chevron loyalists insist that the Chevron gas is better than others – Amoco, BP, Shell, Texaco, etc.

But, in the real sense, all gas, both the ones in the “TOP TIER” category and “Regular” ones, contain detergents inside to keep the engine clean and running efficiently. However, the additives in top-tier gases perform better, and as such, the gas you’d buy from a top tier gas retailer would be more beneficial to your gasoline engine.

So, while Chevron gas is quite a good one, it is not better than gas from its competitors in the TOP TIER category. These top brands spend a lot of money on marketing – trying to make their patent formulas and technology appear better than what their competitors are producing.

Also, it is important to note that all gas stations get their gas from a particular supplier. This is to say that Chevron, Shell, Amoco, Texaco, BP, Exxon, and every other gas station you know all get the gas they sell in their stations from the same place.

If that is so, how would Chevron gas be better than Shell gas or BP gas? The answer is simple – “Additives.” Each top brand has an additive they add to their gas, and each brand advertises its additive as the BEST – a BETTER – option over its competitors, while in the real sense, all those additives perform at the same efficiency.

Is Chevron a Top Tier gas?

Yes, chevron is one of the many Top Tier licensed retail brands in the market alongside, Mobil, Costco, Shell, and Sinclair.

These brands use additives in their unique mix, such as friction reducers, detergents, and corrosion inhibitors, which may help to prolong engine life.

What More?

Is Chevron gas better? Nope, it is not better than Shell gas, Amoco gas, and the rest. Don’t be tricked into buying gas at a higher rate because you’re told it is the “BEST” gas, and it’s coming from a renowned brand.

All gas retailers get gas from the same station and their additives are fairly the same in terms of performance and efficiency. Don’t take the risk to drive additional miles (when you’re running low on gas) just to buy Chevron gas while you could quickly drive into Texaco gas or BP gas. Yes, they’re all practically the same.

Have a great day!

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