Can You Replace Hid Headlights With Halogen?

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So, you want to replace your xenon HID headlights, and you’re looking at switching to halogens? That’s not so bad to think of, but can you replace hid headlights with halogen?

Well, xenon headlights are not compatible with halogen bulbs. You’d need a conversion kit to switch your car’s headlight type.

Halogen bulbs are entirely different from HIDs, and they use a different headlight socket. If your car comes with halogen headlights as standard, you’d need a conversion kit if you wish to switch to HIDs, and if HIDs are standard on your car, you’d need to convert to use halogens.

Well, it’s not as simple as it read; hereunder is everything you should know about using HIDs and halogen bulbs.

Can You Replace Hid Headlights With Halogen?

The simple answer is NO. You can only replace HID headlights with HID bulbs and halogen headlights with halogen bulbs. Trying to switch between the two without converting the socket and lightning circuits can lead to pretty scary scenarios, and the bulb(s) would likely die off immediately after the connection.

The thing is, although HIDs – which are mainly xenon lights – have a lot in common with halogen bulbs, they work in different ways, and as such, you can’t use the same fitting and installation for both bulb types.

That said, you would need a conversion kit to convert your stock HID headlights to halogen fitting before installing the halogen bulbs.

HIDs Vs. Halogen Bulbs

Can You Replace Hid Headlights With Halogen

Halogens and HID bulbs consume almost the same amount of energy. You’d find the halogen headlights on older vehicles and HIDs on newer vehicles; notwithstanding, there are halogen headlights in some newer car models.

While xenon (HID) headlights use “xenon” gas to produce light beams, halogen bulbs use filaments.

Basically, HID bulbs are brighter and whiter than halogens; they produce clearer light beams for night driving; hence, many people prefer xenon lights to halogens. But then, a lot of people would still go with halogen lights because they somehow last pretty longer – and equally produces less harmful light beams – than HIDs.

Also, it is important to note that HID headlights, even if you use the best conversion kit, may never work on some vehicles built to use halogen headlights.

Also, HID is prohibited in some cities due to its high level of contrast, which is why most people look to convert their HID headlights to halogens – halogens are legal in all cities and regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

HIDs and Halogen Lights, Which Lasts Longer?

Apparently, HID lights last longer than halogen lights. The estimated average lifespan of HID lights is 2,000 hours – of course, some last way longer – while that of halogen lights is just 1,000 hours. If you need headlights that will last you for a longer time, you already know which to choose.

How do You Convert HID Headlights to Halogen?

HIDs are installed with a ballast and custom sockets; these won’t fit halogen bulbs. That said, you have to purchase a halogen conversion kit before you can use halogen headlights. But it is a 50-50 game, in the sense that, in most cases, after converting from HID to halogen, your headlights won’t come on.

The possibility of your headlights working after conversion using aftermarket kits is higher when you’re converting from halogen to HIDs, than the other way around.

Are Halogen and HID Bulbs The Same?

Obviously, no, they are not the same but may look similar in design. HID bulbs, which are actually xenon bulbs, are high-intensity bulbs that are powered by “xenon gas.” The acronym, HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge; HID bulbs produce light from the sparks created inside the HID bulb by the xenon gas.

What More?

So, can you replace HID headlights with halogen headlight bulbs? The simple answer is NO. If your car comes with stock HID headlights, each time the bulb burns out or dies, you need to buy HID or xenon bulbs to replace the dead one(s).

However, if you really want to step down to using halogen bulbs, then you must get a conversion kit. Also, you must understand that there are chances your car’s headlights won’t power after converting from HID to halogen. Hopefully, this article was helpful for your search.

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