4 Common Ram eTorque Problems + Fixes

eTorque is an innovative technology that allows a vehicle to use “regenerative” energy to start and stop the engine. Trucks with eTorque engines do not have an alternator, and they’re powered with a 48-volt battery in place of the 24-volt batteries used on other vehicles.

You’d find eTorque engines in RAM trucks, and just like every other regular engine, they also get faulty. The most common problem with Ram eTorque is the engine shutting down automatically, and the fix is turning off the car for a few minutes and turn it back on.

Here, we will look at the common RAM eTorque problems and how you can deal with them!

Ram eTorque Problems

The eTorque engine option is available on newer Ram truck models, and many people want to get it on their truck. But then, this new “advanced” engine reportedly has a lot of problems you may not want to deal with; hereunder are the commonest ones.

1. eTorque Suddenly Stops Working

Some Ram truck owners that got the eTorque engine option on their “beast” allege that the engine motors suddenly stopped working, most especially if the truck was parked for a seemingly long time.

However, this problem has been traced down to the battery; the eTorque battery dies completely if the truck is left idle for a long time. So, the simple fix is replacing the battery or recharging it fully.

Solution: Get a new eTorque battery or charge the old one to full.

2. Wrong EVIC (Electronic Vehicle Information Center) Reading

The EVIC system shows quite a lot of handy information, one of them is the eTorque battery voltage. However, some Ram eTorque owners claim that the EVIC system shows the wrong battery voltage reading.

This problem is usually caused due to electrical glitches and can be fixed by an auto electrician.

Solution: Have an auto electrician fix the issue with your Ram’s electrical system; you may need to replace the batter connector cables.

3. Automatic Shutdown

Ram eTorque engines seem to typically shut off automatically, and when this happens, the engine mode switches from “Run” mode to “ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)” while you’re still driving.

Because the engine switches to AAC mode, usually, this eTorque glitch doesn’t lead to major accidents, but of course, it’s a serious glitch. One of the signs of the problem is engine stalling while driving (mostly at top speeds). You can fix this without needing a mechanic.

Solution: Pull over to a safe space and park the car; turn off the engine completely and wait for a few minutes before turning it back on.

4. eTorque Won’t Work With AC Turned On

A few Ram owners allege that the eTorque function doesn’t work when the AC or heated seat is turned on. This was commonly reported on the 2020 Ram eTorque model and traced to AC wiring problems. So, fixing this problem simply refers to addressing the issue with your Ram’s AC system.

Solution: Check the AC system for faulty wiring and other likely electrical problems.

What More?

If your vehicle is still under the factory warranty, when these problems occur, take the truck to the dealership to get it fixed for you for free. However, the most common fixes for Ram eTorque problems are battery replacement and turning off the car for a while before continuing driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ram 1500 eTorque Reliable?

The eTorque system is relatively new to the market; it hasn’t been around for so long to determine its reliability. However, many people with the eTorque system in their trucks are positive about its reliability and optimal performance.

Is Ram eTorque Any Good?

To a great extent, it is. As a new technology, one would expect glitches from the early models; notwithstanding, the Ram eTorque does deliver good performance on and off-road.

Can Ram eTorque Be Turned Off?

Interestingly, yes, you can activate and/or deactivate the eTorque functionality on your truck. Any time you feel like the feature isn’t giving you what you want; you can disable it – to reactivate it at a later time when you dim it fit.

How Durable is Ram eTorque?

Practically any part of a car can last for many years with proper maintenance; the eTorque system, however, is predicted to last up to eight years or 80,000 miles, whichever comes first; that’s also the warranty coverage duration.


This article explains the most common Ram eTorque problems and the best ways to solve them. If the truck is still under warranty, your best bet would be to take it back to the dealership for free repairs or troubleshooting.

Ram eTorque is present in newer model years of the truck, and quite many people are getting it installed for them. It’s a welcome advanced development with promising advantages. You can always deactivate eTorque if you don’t need it anymore.

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