Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost (+ Common Problems)

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The Hemi engine is a powerful Chrysler patent featured in several Dodge vehicles. Unlike other engines fitted in trucks, it features hemispherical combustion chambers that guarantee power and torque for all your driving needs.

The Dodge Ram engine replacement cost ranges between $5,600 and $13,000. In this article, you will learn how much you will spend on replacing a Dodge ram engine that is not in good shape.

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How Much Does a Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost?

The replacement cost for Dodge engines ranges between $2,300 and $13,000. The figures vary because of several issues like labor and type of replacement. Remanufactured Hemi engines retail at around $2,900 and $4,000 before finding a professional installer to fit them.

A new Dodge Ram engine will cost you about $8,500 to purchase. After considering professional installation, the total replacement cost will be $10,000 or more. How much you pay for the installation will depend on whether you hire a professional or decide to handle the project yourself.

You can also choose a used Dodge Ram engine to replace the unit under your hood. Used engines are significantly cheaper but might cost you more because of the required modifications and labor. If not careful, you might spend more than you could have spent on a remanufactured engine.

Most vehicle specialists recommend remanufactured engines since they are ready to run and require fewer modifications. It would help to understand that the Hemi engine is complex and costly to produce, making it one of the most expensive engines on the market.

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Which is a More Affordable Option Between New, Remanufactured, and Used Engines?

Used engines create the most affordable and practical opportunity to replace your Dodge Ram engine. However, it would help to prepare yourself for the hassles it takes to get the engine running again.

You can find used engines in junkyards or any used car parts supplier. Some sellers might provide a short warranty that fails to cover the work done to restore the engine to its optimal function.

You are not guaranteed that the used engine bought will run. However, considering a rebuilt engine takes away all the doubt you have about the engine not running.

Most of the remanufactured engines have been refurbished to manufacturer specifications. Although it is not new, the engine guarantees efficient performance since all the worn parts get replaced.

The warranty found in remanufactured engines is more generous, and you are sure it will run after installation. You get to spend less on the structure and fixing it but pay more for the rebuilt engine. A used engine can cost you about $1,000, while remanufactured engine retail from as low as $2,500 to $4,000.

We recommend getting yourself a remanufactured Hemi engine instead of a new one to save money and guarantee a longer service life. New Dodge Ram engines cost twice as much as remanufactured alternatives.

Common Dodge Ram Engine Problems

1. Poor Acceleration Despite Excessive Engine Noise

One problem common to high-mileage Dodge engines is poor acceleration despite the excessive engine noise. In some instances, the issue may be accompanied by sluggish acceleration and poor throttle response.

A leaking exhaust manifold is the main reason you could face this problem.

Fixing the engine issue requires you to remove the old manifold gasket and clean the area. Confirm if all the bolts are present and tight before resulting in other severe measures like replacement.

2. Engine Stalls

A stalling engine is also typical among Dodge Ram engines. You may notice clicking sounds every time you try starting the truck. The problem is mainly associated with the engine plugs, or it could be a mechanical problem.

You should start by confirming if your battery has a problem, and replacing it will correct the issue. It could be an issue with your starter motor or its configuration. Fix it by tightening or replacing the cables running from the car’s battery to its starter motor.

3. Excessive Oil Consumption

If you notice an unusual oil consumption in your car, it could be a symptom that your engine needs a diagnosis. The problem is most common in vehicles with over 120,000 miles.

Simple preventive maintenance is enough to replace the intake manifold gasket and fix the issue.

4. Cam and Lifter Failure

You can identify a cam and lifter failure on your Dodge Ram when you notice your vehicle idling or stopping unexpectedly. It is common for Cams to wear out on all cars eventually.

It would be best to consider camshaft and lifter replacement immediately after you hear knocking or tapping noises when your engine is running.

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What Other Costs Are Associated with Dodge Ram Engine Replacement?

Apart from the money spent on buying your replacement engine, you will still have to pay more for your project. New or rebuilt engine replacement options have a significantly lower installation cost. You might need to buy other items like oil and coolant fluid for optimal functioning, and they will not exceed $100.

Opting for a used engine will have you replace all worn-out parts to ensure it runs smoothly. How much you spend will depend on the nature of the damage and the hourly rates of your mechanic. Be ready to spend more on labor and parts when installing a used engine.


Your Dodge Ram engine replacement in 2022 does not have to be ridiculously expensive. It would help to follow the advice shared in our article to ensure you save a lot and achieve a seamless process.

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