Dodge Ram V6 vs V8 Engines: Detailed Comparison

You’re getting a Ram truck, but you’re a bit confused about picking up a V6 engine option or a V8. Well, you’re not the only one who thinks this way. Many die-hard Ram lovers find it challenging to pick the right engine option for their new Ram truck.

But not to worry, this Ram V6 vs V8 engine comparison article would give you clear insights into choosing the right engine for your Ram truck.

However, on a quick note, the Ram V8 engine options give you more horsepower and torque than the V6 options.

Facts About Dodge Ram V6 Engine

If you’re a getting a brand new Ram 1500 truck, the newer years (talking from 2020) have about two (2) V6 engine options for you to choose from.

However, the base engine is a 3.6L Pentastar V6. Both the base 3.6L Pentastar and the optional 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 delivers good power and stability for all kinds of driving.

The eTorque technology used to fine-tune the base V6 engine on Ram 1500s does a good job in delivering more torque power to the engine; thus, the Ram base V6 engine can deliver 90 pound-feet of launch torque.

If you pick the EcoDiesel V6 engine, it’s still a very powerful engine with the highest fuel efficiency in Ram’s engine lineup.

Facts About Dodge Ram V8 Engine

There are about three (3) V8 engine options to choose from when you decide to go with a V8 engine on your Ram truck.

The most basic V8 option is a 5.7L Hemi engine; it is a notable gas-powered engine engineered with MDS and VVT technologies for higher fuel economy and quit throttle response.

Also, there’s a supercharged Hemi V8 engine option, which offers the highest power, delivering up to 702 horsepower and moving from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. The integrated supercharger powers the engine to deliver up to 650 pound-feet of torque at 14,600 rpm.

Dodge Ram V6 vs V8 Engines Comparison

1. Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage

Many people are interested in the gas mileage they’d get from an engine. Well, generally, V6 engines would give you much better gas mileage and fuel economy.

This is because the V6 engine has fewer cylinders and they are pretty lightweight (meaning they have fewer fuel-consuming components).

However, the V8 engine options for Rams offer decent gas mileage too. Among the 5 engine options available for the Ram 1500 newer models, the EcoDiesel option gives you the highest fuel economy – offering 22 mpg for city driving and 32 on highways – while the supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 gives the poorest fuel economy.

2. Towing and Hauling

The main reason a lot of people buy pickup trucks is for towing and hauling. Yeah, trucks do a good job in towing and hauling, but there’s a limit to the amount of load you can tow/haul using your truck.

For Rams, you can haul pretty heavy items with the V6 engines; here’s the maximum capacity for each Ram 1500 engine.

Engine TypeTechnologyTransmission (Automatic)Towing CapacityHauling Capacity
V6 3.0LEcoDieselTorqueFlite 8-speed12,560 lbs2,060 lbs
V6 3.6LPentastar with eTorqueTorqueFlite 8-speed7,700 lbs2,300 lbs
V8 5.0LHEMITorqueFlite 8-speed11,610 lbs1,940 lbs
V8 5.7LHEMI with eTorqueTorqueFlite 8-speed12,750 lbs1,850 lbs
V8 6.2Lsupercharged HEMITorqueFlite 8-speed8,100 lbs1,350 lbs

3. Performance (Horsepower and Torque)

The horsepower and torque provided by an engine can affect the way you drive. Rams remarkably offer decent horsepower and torque for on-road and off-road driving.

As expected, the V8 engine models offer the most horsepower, but the Pentastar V6 option comes a bit close.

 Engine TypeTechnologyHorsepowerTorque
V6 3.0LEcoDiesel260 HP480 Lb-Ft
V6 3.6LPentastar with eTorque305 HP269 Lb-Ft
V8 5.0LHEMI395 HP410 Lb-Ft
V8 5.7LHEMI with eTorque395 HP410 Lb-Ft
V8 6.2Lsupercharged HEMI720 HP650 Lb-Ft

If you’re going with a V6 engine, you’d get more horsepower with the base Pentastar V6 tuned with eTorque, while the optional EcoDiesel V6 gives you more torque. But for heavier-duty applications, the V8 engine options give you more power all-around.

4. Stability and Comfort

Both V6 and V8 engines offer stability and provide you with good comfort while driving. However, when drifting in corners, accelerating, or driving (generally), V6 engines tend to offer more stability and comfort (less noise).

Related Questions

Which Ram Trim Offers The Best Performance?

From the Rebel trim, up to the TRX trim are the highest Ram model to buy; these trims offer the best-in-class, sturdy components for off-roading and regular driving. The Limited trim comes with the V8 Hemin engine as standard, and the TRX trim comes standard with the supercharged V8 engine.

Is a Ram Hemi V8 Better Than Pentastar V6?

The Pentastar V6 engine performs well; outputs decent horsepower and torque for towing and hauling, but the Hemi V8 engine does all those “stuff” better. Yes, the Hemi V8 on Ram trucks is better than the Pentastar and EcoDiesel V6 engines.

Is the Ram 1500 V6 Good For Towing?

For sure it is. Ram 1500s with the base 3.0L Pentastar V6 engine can tow up to 7,700 pounds and haul 2,300 lbs. The EcoDiesel option gives you pretty much more power to tow up to 12,560 pounds and haul 2,060 payloads. That’s pretty much good for an affordable pickup truck.

Which Ram 1500 Engine is Best?

Well, if you wouldn’t mind using a diesel engine on your truck, then the EcoDiesel 3.0L V6 engine is practically the best to buy. It has the highest fuel economy, offers much higher towing capacity, and lets you drive comfortably on/off roads.


This Ram V6 vs V8 comparison clearly shows the different capacities of Ram 1500 engine options – V6 and V8.

Apparently, the Hemi V8 engine models offer higher power and torque, but of course, you’d be paying higher to get the V8 engine installed for you. On the other hand, the base Pentastar V6 engine does go fine all-around.

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