Is Shell Gas Good? (Are They Reliable?)

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Some drivers do not care at all; when they’re running low on gas, they’d simply drive into the nearest gas station and refill their tank. But that’s not how it is supposed to be – some gas stations sell “better” gas than others. How about Shell, do they sell good gas? Is Shell gas good?

Yes, Shell gas is highly rated as a Tier 1 gas, and it’s the favorite gas for most drivers and even automakers. Shell gas is infused with premium additives that are poised to help improve engine performance.

It’s worth noting that Shell gas is slightly more expensive because it is marketed as the “Best” gas for modern vehicles, but it’s expected for a gas of its quality.

This article explains the reason(s) why Shell gas is considered a “better” option than most other gases out there.

Where Does Shell Buy Gas?

In some cities and counties, all gas stations (including Shell) buy gas from the same vendor; however, after the gas is being delivered, the gas stations then add different additives to the purchased gas.

It is these additives that determine if the gas sold in a particular gas station qualifies for the Top Tier category.

Is Shell Gas Good?

Shell gas is a Top Tier gas (also called Tier 1 gas), which makes it one of the best gases to use on your car. But, what does it mean to be a “Top Tier” gas brand?  

For a gas station to be included in the “Top Tier” category, it must be sell gas that meets certain specifications set by a consortium of major automakers globally.

A Top Tier gas is typically free of ferrocene, MMT (Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl, and mixed with a premium additive that meets the industry’s standards for gases in the Tier 1 category. However, companies can add further additives to improve the efficiency of the gas they sell in stations.

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The gas sold in Shell gas stations meets the Tier 1 gas specification, which is why many automakers and mechanics suggest you refill at Shell stations.

Typically, Shell gas contains little to zero impurities; this improves the engine’s cleanings, and in turn, improves the engine’s efficiency and performance. In the US, you’d find Shell gas stations in over 14,000 locations. You could even save some bucks on gas refill by signing up for Shell’s reward program.

It is the additives infused into Shell gas that make it a better option over generic, non-tier-1 gas companies. Pretty many people allege that refilling only at Shell helps improve other performance of a vehicle and makes the engine last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Shell Gas Considered a Better Gas?

As a Top Tier gas, Shell gas is purer – contains fewer impurities – than gases that are not ranked in the Top Tier category. Also, due to the additives added to the gas at Shell filling stations, most automakers recommend Shell gas instead of other gases, including other Top Tier gases.

Does Shell Gas Improve Engine Performance?

The additives in Shell gas are poised to increase diesel engine performance; the additives include detergents that keep the engine clean and performance additives to improve the engine’s efficiency.

Why is Shell Gas Expensive?

The answer is “Branding.” Shell gas is been marketed as the “Best gas” for every diesel engine. The company puts a lot of effort into its marketing and branding.

Is Gas From All Shell Gas Stations The Same?

Definitely, they should be the same – since the additives added to the gas are the same across all Shell gas stations. As long as the additives are the same – and applied in the same quantities – you’d get the same “good” gas across Shell refill stations.

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So, is Shell gas good? Yes, it is a good gas for your gasoline car engine. Using Shell gas can help to improve your car engine’s performance, and practically make it last longer too.

However, if you’re running low on gas and there’s no Shell station around, you can drive into any other Tier 1 gas station; you’d definitely be getting the same good gas. Other Top Tier / Tier 1 gas stations include Mobil, Chevron, BP, Sinclair, and Costco.

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