Avis Vs Hertz: Which Offers a Better Car Renting Service?

There could be many reasons why you may need to hire a car; tours, business travels, adventure, outings with the family, and many more other reasons.

When it comes to renting a car, Avis and Hertz are among the best companies to choose from. While there are other good car rental companies out there, these two are top of the game. But what’s the difference between Avis and Hertz car renting services?

Before Avis launched, Hertz has been offering car rental services in the US and other close regions. Avis and Hertz offer a wide variety of luxury vehicles and support multiple payment options (if you’d want to pay online). The key difference between these two companies is that Hertz is available in more locations.

Avis Car Rental Overview

The company, Avis, was founded in 1948 by Warren Avis. He started with just three (3) cars and operated from the then-Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States. The current headquarters of AVIS is in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States.

However, today, Avis Car Rental is available in over 5,000 locations across America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. By market cap, Avis Car Rental is the biggest car rental company in the world.

Notwithstanding, it is a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. Avis Car Rental has a large fleet of premium and luxury vehicles, which are suitable for all kinds of cruise/drive. The cost of renting a car with Avis is a bit high but justifiable.

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Hertz Car Hire Overview

Hertz is one of the pioneers of the car rental industry; the company launched in 1918, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, with the current headquarters now located at  Estero, Florida, United States. The founder of Hertz Car Hire is Walter Jacobs.

You’d most likely find Hertz Car Hire in most countries; the company is available in over 10,000 locations across 145 countries and 6 continents. In terms of market cap, Hertz is the second-biggest car rental company – coming right under Avis.

Hertz’s fleet comprises a wide variety of premium and luxury vehicles, and you can pay through different means. With Hertz, you can get a good car, suitable for any need. The parent company of Hertz Car Hire is Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

Avis Vs Hertz: Key Differences

Before proceeding with the Avis vs Hertz comparison, it is important to note that Hertz and Avis are two different car rental companies operating from the US. They are both regarded as “Premium” car hire companies, and they offer a large fleet of cool rides. Now, what are the differences?

1. Fleet

Avis’ fleet comprises compact SUVs, trucks, minivans, sedans, sports cars, hybrid vehicles, buses, utility vehicles, and practically any type of car you’d need for a reason, including luxury/premium models.

Hertz’s fleet comprises the same set of cars as Avis, but with the inclusion of wheelchair vehicles, performance cars, and minivans. It is safe to say that Hertz has more car types and models than Avis.

2. Booking Requirement

Both companies require the same booking details; the driver must be above 21 years and have a valid driving license (held for at least one year).

Also, you do not need a “Deposit” to book a ride with either of these companies, and that’s a great thing!

3. Available Locations

Avis is widespread and available in over 5,000 locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, New Zealand, and the United States.

On the other hand, Hertz is available in over 10,000 locations across Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, New Zealand, and the United States. Apparently, both companies are available in many locations worldwide.

4. Insurance Inclusion

Both Hertz and Avis offer insurance coverage on rentals; however, with Avis’ Standard rentals come with a loss damage waiver. In some locations, you could go with a third-party insurance issuer.

On the other hand, Hertz rentals include accident damage excess; the excess is to reduce your liability for any damage on the rented vehicle. You can also purchase additional insurance coverage if you wish.

5. Mileage Concerns

Neither Avis nor Hertz charges you per mileage; however, some rentals come with limited mileage; if you exceed the capped mileage, you’d be charged for the additional miles you drove.

Notwithstanding, some rentals come with unlimited mileage; it all depends on where you booked the car and the type of car you selected.

6. Premium Services and Add-Ons

You can add another driver with Avis or Hertz. Also, both companies offer a loyalty program that gives you some discounts on your bookings.

Avis’ loyalty program is Avis Preferred and it comes with a ton of benefits. Similarly, Hertz’ Gold Plus Rewards Programme offers a bunch of benefits too.

7. Subsidiaries

The Avis Budget Group, which is the parent organization of Avis Car Rental, also owns Budget Car Hire, Payless, and Zipcar.

On the other hand, Hertz Global Holdings, Inc, the parent organization of Hertz Car Hire, also owns Thrifty Rent-A-Car and Dollar Rent-A-Car.

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This Avis vs Hertz comparison looks into the key differences and similarities between the two top car rental companies.

Actually, there are not many differences between the companies as they offer almost the same fleet, services, and accept the same requirements.

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