Ford F150 V6 vs V8 Engines: Detailed Comparison

The Ford F150 series is one of the most popular pickup truck series in the US. F150s are remarkable for their distinctive design, sturdiness, and reliability. However, one of the common challenges F150 buyers face is choosing between an F150 with a V6 engine and an F150 with a V8 engine.

Comparing Ford F150 V6 vs V8 engines would take us through the distinctiveness of the various engine options available for Ford’s F150 series. The Ford F150 V6 engine delivers up to 290 HP with 265lb-ft torque; it’s a decent engine, but the Ford F150 V8 engine gives you much more power, up to 395 HP.

Well, F150s have an EcoBoost and Turbocharged engine options; these special engines deliver tremendous power and performance; here’s everything you should know.

Ford F150 V6 Engine Options

The Ford F150 comes with up to 5 different V6 engines to choose from. Each engine is fine-tuned differently; hence, you’re getting different power/torque from each.

The engine options include:

  • 3.3L Ti-VCT V-6 (outputs 290 Hp, 265 Lb-Ft Torque)
  • 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 (outputs 325 Hp, 400 Lb-Ft Torque)
  • 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 (outputs 375 Hp, 470 Lb-Ft Torque)
  • High-Output 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 (outputs 450 Hp, 510 Lb-Ft Torque)
  • 3.0L Power Stroke Turbodiesel V-6 (Outputs 250 Hp, 440 Lb-Ft Torque)

From the list above, apparently, the EcoBoost and Turbo versions are the sturdiest options to have in your F150 if you which to stick with a V6 engine.

Ford F150 V8 Engine Options

Well, unlike the V6 engine options where you get to choose from five different versions, Ford only makes one V8 engine for its F150 trucks. The V8 engine is a 5.0L Ti-VCT engine capable of outputting 395 Hp and 400 Lb-Ft of torque; this is suitable for heavy-duty driving or towing.

For this engine option, you get to choose from the rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Also, the F150 V8 engine is paired with a beasty 10-speed transmission system, and you can actually convert the engine to run on compressed natural gas or propane (not so advisable anyways).

Now, let’s get to the comparison!

Ford F150 V6 vs V8 Engines: The Comparison

1. Sound While Revving

Quite many drivers love the throaty sound V8s make when revving up the engine, and just because of this sound, they’d go for a V8 truck.

However, generally, V8s make a louder noise when driving than V6s. So, if you prefer quieter driving, you would consider one of the V6 options available for F150s.

2. Fuel Economy

 It is no big deal that V8s consume more fuel than V6 engines. In the case of F150s, the EcoBoost V6 engines save even 20% more fuel than the basic V6 engine option.

That said, the Ford F150 V6 engines offer high fuel economy, especially the EcoBoost versions. But this does not imply that the F150 V8 isn’t fuel-efficient; it’s just not as efficient as the F150 V6s.

3. Performance (Towing and Hauling)

One of the major reasons why people buy pickup trucks is for towing and hauling heavy “stuff” – it could be construction equipment, campers, furniture, and other items.

Well, both F150 V6 engines and the V8 engine are perfect for towing and hauling; but, they all have maximum towing and payload capacities, which you should know.

Engine TypeTechnologyTransmissionTowing CapacityHauling Capacity
V6 2.7LEcoBoostAutomatic 10-speed8,500 lbs2,470 lbs
V6 3.3LTi-VCTAutomatic 6-speed7,700 lbs1,900 lbs
V6 3.5LEcoBoostAutomatic 10-speed13,200 lbs3,230 lbs
V6 3.5LHigh-Output EcoBoostAutomatic 10-speed11,000 lbs1,520 lbs
V6 3.0LPower Stroke TurbodieselAutomatic 10-speed11,500 lbs1,940 lbs
V8 5.0LTi-VCTAutomatic 10-speed10,600 lbs3,270 lbs

4. Off-Roading

Ford’s F150 trucks offer very good performance when driven off-road. However, the base V6 engine option won’t match the performance of the V8 model when driven off-road.

If you need an F150 for off-road adventures, you’d either have to choose the higher V6 options (EcoBoost or Turbo versions) or the Ti-VCT V8 engine; these are the F150 engines that would give you the level of power you need for any off-road tour.

5. Power and Speed

Basically, a V8 engine produces more horsepower and torque than a V6 engine. But when modified with certain engine-boosting technologies, V6 engines can go faster than V8s and still maintain optimum stability.

Here’s the amount of power you’d get from the various F150 engines.

Engine TypeTechnologyHorsepowerTorque
V6 2.7LEcoBoost325 HP400 Lb-Ft
V6 3.3L (Base)Ti-VCT290 HP265 Lb-Ft
V6 3.5LEcoBoost375 HP470 Lb-Ft
V6 3.5LHigh-Output EcoBoost450 HP510 Lb-Ft
V6 3.0L (Diesel)Power Stroke Turbodiesel250 HP440 Lb-Ft
V8 5.0LTi-VCT395 HP400 Lb-Ft

Related Questions

Which Engine is Better 5.0 or 3.5 EcoBoost?

The 5.0L is a V8 engine and it is designed to outperform its V6 counterpart. However, with the EcoBoost technology, Ford’s V6 engines are proving to deliver more power than V8s.

In this case, the 5.0L V8 engine gives you more horsepower while the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost offers more torque; your need would determine the one to choose.

Is the F-150 V6 a Good Engine?

Ford’s series of V6 engines for the F150 pickup truck line is amazingly powerful. The F150 V6 engines deliver almost the same horsepower and torque as the V8 model. So, yes, the F-150 V6 engine is a good one – particularly, the EcoBoost versions!

Is 3.5 EcoBoost Reliable?

F150 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine is powerful and reliable; predictably, you shouldn’t have any major issues with this engine for up to 200,000 miles. But, of course, it has to be unfailingly serviced at intervals and maintained properly.


This Ford F150 V6 vs V8 comparison details what to expect from each of the F150’s V6 and V8 engine options, which includes payload capacity, towing capacity, horsepower, and torque.

However, overall, whether V6 or V8, F150s are decent trucks you can drive on-road and off-road. The choice between V6 and V8 engine options comes in when you need the truck for specific activities.

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