Top 3 Common Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems

The Active Grill Shutter (AGS) system in Ford vehicles helps to regulate the engine’s temperature and contributes to fuel economy.

Its failure would contribute to poor fuel economy and, possibly, engine overheating. Hence, it’s important you know the common Ford Active Grill Shutter problems so you can detect and fix them earlier.

To an extent, you can fix Ford AGS system problems, but some of the problems are critical and would require an auto electrician to fix them. A functional AGS system would improve your driving experience and save fuel.

Well, the most common AGS system problem is a blown fuse, which is fixable by replacing the fuse.

How Does The Active Grill Shutter System Work?

Not all Ford vehicles come with this system; however, for the models that support it, the function is to improve fuel efficiency and engine performance.

The Active Grill Shutter system works with the ECM to open up when the engine needs more cool air for optimal performance (usually at lower speed) and shut back when you’re on top speed to improve aerodynamics.

You’d usually find the AGS below the front bumper’s lower opening; it sits between the radiator and the grille and works with signals received from the Engine Control Module (ECM).

Ford Active Grill Shutter Problems

1. Alignment Problems

One of the major problems of the AGS is improper alignment; when the sensor is not correctly installed and calibrated, it will give wrong signals, which would result in inappropriate functioning of the shutter.

The AGS may have gone out of alignment due to a front collision or other possible hard impacts. So, a realignment can get the AGS functioning fine again. To check this out, inspect the housing, wiring harness, and container.

2. Faulty Shutter

Probably, the shutter could have been physically damaged, which is why you’re experiencing the irregularities. The shutter itself is protected in a housing, which can be damaged due to engine overheating, collisions, and other factors.

When the housing is physically damaged, it affects the function of the shutter, which leads to erratic readings – so the shutter won’t function properly as supposed. To fix this, you may need to replace the AGS system entirely or replace the affected parts.

3. Blown fuse

Now, this is one of the most typical problems faced by most Ford car owners that got the AGS system installed. The AGS is an electronic component that works with fuses; if a fuse gets blown for several reasons, the AGS would stop working or become faulty.

The simple fix here would be to look out for the blown fuse and replace it or repair it if it’s still repairable. It costs an average of $150 to fix Active Grill Shutter fuse-related problems. Finding the blown fuse can be pretty difficult, so you have to troubleshoot using a scanner tool to phish it out.

How To Know You’ve Got a Faulty Active Grill Shutter?

Firstly, your engine would start dragging; you’d notice that the engine is struggling to keep up with its optimal performance. One of the functions of the Active Grill Shutter is to minimize/eliminate engine drags, so its failure would likely improve engine dragging.

Also, a faulty Active Grill Shutter can trigger increased fuel consumption. When you start noticing that your car consumes more fuel than it used to, that could be a sign that the AGS is faulty and needs to be worked on; notwithstanding, there are many other things that can lead to high fuel consumption and poor engine performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Active Grill Shutter?

It costs an average of $150 (for parts and labor) to fix most Active Grill Shutter problems. However, there are cases where the repair cost could get to $400 (if there are many affected parts).

Is Active Grill Shutter Important?

Yes, it is important. It is a system designed to reduce aerodynamic drag when you’re drying at top speeds. On the other hand, when driving at lower speeds, the system helps to keep the engine cool – contributing to a better-performing engine.

How Do You Troubleshoot and Fix a Faulty Active Grill Shutter?

Use an OBD II scanner and troubleshoot the engine for error codes. Follow the engine error codes (commonly called DTCs) to figure out what components need to be replaced.


So, explained here are the most common Ford Active Grill Shutter problems you’d experience driving a Ford model. Interestingly, these problems are not a “dead-end” for your Ford car’s engine; you can actually drive with a faulty AGS, but the engine would function poorly.

The AGS is usually situated between the grill and the radiator, just below the front bumper lock. To completely replace the AGS costs an average of $300 for parts and labor – depending on the workshop and your region.

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