5 Common Range AFM Disabler Problems + Fixes

One of the common range AFM disabler problems is that it could stop your car from starting up or contribute to erratic ECM/ECU functionality. There are still other problems a Range AFM Disabler can cause, which we will discuss below!

The Range AFM Disabler is a “plug n play” device that lets you get the most out of your GM vehicle’s engine. It disables the Active Fuel Management system (on older GM vehicles) or Dynamic Fuel Management system (on newer GM vehicles).

This device activates all 6 or 8 cylinders that come with your vehicle by disabling the fuel management system. However, the Range AFM Disabler doesn’t work with all GM vehicle models and has some common problems.

So, what are the other problems with Range AFM Disabler that you should know?

Let’s quickly find out!

Range AFM Disabler Problems

Explained below are the commonest problems you may encounter after installing a Range AFM Disabler on your vehicle.

1. Check Engine Light Refuses To Go Off

In most cases, the check engine light comes on and stays illuminated after installing the Range AFM Disabler. Although your car may continue to run normally, the appearance of the Check Engine Light (CEL) is quite disturbing to most drivers; it makes you feel there’s a serious problem with your engine, always.

Solution: Troubleshoot your car’s engine to find diagnostics codes and fix them. But if everything else seemed good, remove the AFM disabler; the CEL could just turn off.

2. Unresponsive Engine

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Some drivers have reported that installing the Range AFM Disabler made their engine “unresponsive,” a situation whereby the engine seems not to be responding (fast) to quite different actions, such as braking, throttling, and even starting up.

Notwithstanding, there could be other issues that can cause an engine to be unresponsive.

Solution: Uninstall the Range AFM Disabler and check if the problem still persists; if it doesn’t, then the AFM disabler was the problem.

3. ECM Problems

Although the Range AFM Disabler is advertised as not being able to reprogram the ECU/ECM, it does, to an extent, affect the functionality of these systems.

So, if your car seems to be having ECM-related problems after installing a Range AFM Disabler, you may as well uninstall it to see if the issues would stop occurring.

Solution: Disconnect the Range AFM Disabler and troubleshoot the car for DTCs.

4. Engine Shuts Off Automatically While Driving

This is one of the most dread problems of Range AFM Disabler; it could contribute to causing the engine stop abruptly while you’re driving. This happens because the Range AFM Disabler adds more stress to the engine, and as such, at the peak of it, the engine would shut off automatically (due to high stress).

Solution: Most modern engines would automatically shut off when stressed to the peak. Adding a Range AFM Disabler may add more stress to the engine, so disconnecting it can keep the engine running normally.

5. Causes Engine Overheating

The Range AFM Disabler can contribute to engine overheating because it adds more pressure/stress to the engine, causing the engine to work more than it’s designed to. Thus, while you may be getting more power from installing a Range AFM Disabler, you’d notice that your car’s engine overheats often, and that is a BIG DEAL.

Solution: Try uninstalling the Range AFM Disabler and run the engine for a long time to see if it’s overheating again. If it doesn’t, stop using the “Disabler”; if it does, check what’s the actual problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Removing Range AFM Disabler Improve Engine Performance?

In most cases, that would help. Removing the Range AFM Disabler can significantly improve engine performance because the external stress (exerted by the disabler) is no longer active.

How Do You Fix Range AFM Disabler Problems?

Most problems with Range AFM Disabler can be fixed by simply disconnecting the disabler device from your vehicle. However, in some cases, the “Disabler” may not be the problem but an underlying issue that has remained unfixed for a long time.

Does Range AFM Disabler Drain Battery?

The simple answer is, “Yes, it drains the battery,” however, not that much. If you only drive on weekends, or a few days in a week, and then you’ve got Range AFM Disabler installed on your truck, you’d probably have a dead battery situation, frequently.

What More?

Explained in this article are the five (5) common issues with Range AFM Disabler you may encounter. To fix things up, first, disable the Range AFM Disabler, and then troubleshoot the engine to find out what exactly went wrong.

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